Thursday, December 15, 2011

This and That.......

Wednesday was Holly's last class and last time to visit us after class for this semester so we celebrated by going out to lunch! I needed a Coke in a bad, bad way so we went to McDonald's for lunch! I love spending time with Holly we just laugh and laugh and laugh! It was rainy yesterday as you can tell by my frizz ball of a head and hair do.

Seems like I have been busy lately with many different things. Holly and Sherita are coming to my apt for dinner Friday night so I have been trying to white glove clean my apt and organize, along with getting things ready for Christmas.

My poor Mom still has NO Christmas gifts. I had found something I thought she would like, but didn't buy it, went back a few hours later and it was gone. :( So back to the drawing board we go!

I'm looking forward to Christmas, even though I don't know if I will get to see my brother and his family.

I've been trying to be crafty lately, thanks to Pinterest. I attempted to make one thing and it's still not done, just needs some ribbon to hang it up with but it really doesn't look like the pictures! I fear that I may never be a crafty girl. Sighs...

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