Thursday, March 8, 2012


I've been in a Blogging Slump lately as you can tell. I don't really know what my problem is, except that I've been in rather an over all slump a dump funky mood. Nothing horrible has happened, but I've been dealing with a lot of stress and unpleasant things, and people, on a daily basis. Combine that with my health issues and I've been struggling. 

Sometimes I wonder if it's just me that has to deal with unpleasant people and situations. I talk to my BFF Kim, and Audie and I feel bad because I'm always complaining about the same problem. I wonder if I'm the only one that struggles with that, or do other people as well, they just hide it better than me? 

Maybe I'm an overly emotional person, but I'm a feeler. ESFJ! God made me to be someone who feels things very deeply, good, or bad. Sometimes I am grateful for that and sometimes not so much. 

I guess I just feel stuck right now. Stuck dealing with something that shows no signs of ever improving. Stuck. Stuck dealing with Chronic Health Issues that not many understand. Stuck. Stuck in this period of waiting where God is saying "Be Still. Be Still and know that I am God" I try to remind myself of that but it's so hard sometimes. When you are caught up in the moment and the emotions and upset-ed-ness of it all.

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