Friday, December 7, 2012

Vegas in Cell Phone Pictures

What happens in Vegas... goes on Charity's blog, So aptly said my Katie Marie!! Haven't had time, or energy to sit down and write a post, so to tide you through until I do, here are the few cell shots I snapped, in no paticular order.

 Above we have the Melinator, in her normal position, on the iphone, bags in tow!!!

This is me around roughly 5:30 am the morning the day we came back home. I was going on 2.5 hours of sleep at this point, hence the very puffy eyes!!
A sample of some of what we went thru in the conference. I'm pretty sure I tabbed almost every page of each manual.
Entertaining myself one morning before heading to class. I was thrilled to have nametags!!!
We went to Fremont St one night and checked out a popular casino, that I can't remember the name to! Apparently you aren't supposed to take pics in Casinos. I did anyway! And never got in trouble??!
On the first day of class lunch wasn't provided so the Melinator and I went to the Paradise Cafe, located inside of our hotel. It was the quintessential roadside looking cafe! I was cracking up! The food was SOOOO good, and HUGE portions for the price! This was the one thing that wasn't over priced in Vegas. We had taco salads, which were more like shredded beef salads and oh man, were they ever good!!

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