Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Favorites: It's Finally April!!

 It's FINALLY FRIDAY!!! Can I get an Amen?! It has been a long and busy week, I'm linking up with Andrea and the rest of the gang for Friday Favorites.

My First favorite is the awesome pictures my new phone takes! Expect more blogging now that i've got this fancy gadget!

Wednesday night I started reading Melissa Tagg's new book Like Never Before. I"m on her street team and got an advanced copy. I feel so special! I'm sure I will have finished it by the time you're reading this, but it is just as good as all of her other books! Full review coming soon!
 For Easter I went with some neutral nails. Gold on the fingers and a white accent nail.
 Another favorite is laying on my couch with the windows open, under my comfy Dollar General Throw.
 For Easter our Main dish was Mix and Match Mama's Chicken Ranch Mushroom, over mashed potatoes. SO good! I loved having left overs this week!
 And let's just be real. I have Ranched everything this week with my Hotbox ranch courtesy of Sarah!
 Apparently I was hungry this week... Wednesday I got a free bagel from Big Apple Bagels who is now under new ownership in our area. I didn't care who owned it, I just wanted my yummy swiss melt with veggie! SOoo good!!
This was my view earlier in the week. Sitting at my kitchen table, working on my computer, flowers and sunshine. And yes that is a baby gate to keep my nosey students out of my kitchen.
Still working on my selfie's with my new camera!
A Snapshot of my afternoon.
Propping my feet up inbetween students while I check my email.

I can't help it, flowers just add such cheerfulness to my kitchen and work area!!
I have been stopping to smell the flowers, literally :)
At least these tulips won't fall prey to the jerk rabbits outside who ate my tulips I planted last year! Grrrrr..
 Watching Catfish on Hulu while I bike on my stationary bike. I didn't last the whole episode, partially because I was dying, and partially because the bike was making this super annoying sound and I just couldn't take it anymore!
 A windy, and rainy Thursday called for a comfy outfit and my hair pulled back with a headband and bobby pins. If I didn't have to leave my house I could have worn it down but Wind and Rain are not a curly girls friend.
 Seriously this outfit is soooo comfy!! It's a new top from Od Navy and I started ordering shirts from the Tall Section so they would be comfortably long. I hate having to adjust and tug at my clothes. This shirt was nice and long, to the point that I could wear it with leggings. Whoo hooo! Comfy for the win!
 My first errand of the day it was crazy sunny. I put on my sunglasses and was instantly hit with a crazy dizzy spell. My vision was all wonky and my head was spinning! I whipped the glasses off and i was fine. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me until I looked in the rear view mirror and discovered I was missing a lens. #IStuggleGreatly
 The next errand of the day it was pouring buckets of rain. Oh Indiana weather!! I headed to my Chiro for a MUCH needed adjustment. My back and hips felt so good after I could have laid there and taken a nap had I not needed to go back home to teach! My lower back has been in PAIN, but it feels great now!!
I ordered a new phone case for my phone and it came today! I was SO excited! It is a Mint Green Chevron, it is lighter than it appears in this picture. I also ordered a pink circle monogram from Etsy to put on the back of it. I am a Southern Girl at Heart!

The only bad thing is that the case is still as slippery as the phone, so my butterfingers dropping my phone on my face issues have not decreased. Again. I struggle.

Happy Friday!!

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