Friday, July 23, 2010

7 Quick Takes!!

1. My hair is getting SO BUSHY! My college nickname of "Simba" is totally coming back!

2. I'm super excited to see some new blog readers! Y'all need to comment so I can see who you are! Yes, I know that is like the pot calling the kettle black. I have issues commenting on blogs. Mainly because I speed read every morning before I head to work.

3. I get up for work an hour before I have to leave. In that time I shower, do my hair, makeup, contacts and have usually about 20 mins for computer time. People are always shocked at how fast I can get ready? I don't know why. I just don't like spending a lot of time on how I look. What you see is what you get!!

4. And yes, I did whimper just a little bit, ok i moaned and groaned when my alarm went off at 6:40 this am. My roomies from PCC know exactly the sounds I am talking about!!

5. I'm currently waiting on my Mechanic to arrive at my apt. What? Your mechanic doesn't come to your home? Well, mine is my Dad and he happened to be in town and I happen to be having brake issues with the Pimpmobile, so he's coming over to give it some TLC. He's also bringing me cucumbers from his garden. YAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Next Weds is the BIG DAY!! We find out if Auntie Cherrybear is going to be an Aunt to a Niece or Nephew!! I am hoping and praying for a niece!! I just want a little girl to spoil and bond with!! But I will be happy with a boy and allready have tons of experience with Katie's two little boys! Either way I am going to cry!!

7. Speaking of Katie, I drove past her at the stoplight of Brady and Concord today. I saw her van and inched ahead to wave and she was yawning the hugest yawn. I laughed. I think I caught her off guard! The bubbies were THRILLED to see their Charity driving past and Joey waved at me with all he had! I blew kisses at them (which is hard to do while driving FYI) and he just giggled. Poor Sammy was contorting in his car seat trying to see me and have his little hand be seen waving. It was adorable! I love those boys <3

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