I don't like surprises. I have to have everything planned out. My outlook calendar is my lifeline. I am early to almost everything. As anal as that sounds I am very easy going. Unless I am driving. I admit I have a *minor* case of road rage. And a lead foot. I am completely convinced that birthdays should be celebrated EVERY YEAR no matter what. And of course, balloons should be included. I can be very random and get distracted when I am shopping (especially in target) while talking on my cell. I am probably one of the very few women on earth who don't like taking alot of time to shop. Get in, get your stuff, and get out is my motto. I think I'm quite hilarious at times and can find humor in almost every situation. I have a freakish fear of spiders, mice and bunnies. Yes, I said bunnies.I wear my heart on my sleeve, am very sensitive despite my attempts to be a tough girl. and yes, there is a reason why I am called "Crazy Cherrybear" and "The Loveable Pimp". If you know me, you know why, and if you don't know me that well, spend a little time with me and it will become obvious. :)