Sunday, June 24, 2018


 Monday started off with fan life. With having a wall unit in my kitchen while my central air is broken, I have to have multiple fans in the house to circulate the air.
 Sporting one of my new garage sale shirts. 
 Wednesday I was up super early to go to my ENT for my one month check up for my right ear tube removal. Several days before that my left ear felt weird, and then I heard strange noises, that were pretty close to the noises that happened when my other ear tube came out. Sure enough, the left ear tube was half out. but it was STUCK. and sweet mercy the pain when he pulled it out! He attempted it over 5 times and I was close to crying. Sweet mercy IT HURT.  So much at the end he asked me if I was going to be Ok. HA! I lived, but barely. Thankfully it was just a little sore that day and by the following day I had no pain, and so far no infection! YAY!
 By Thursday I was tired. Story of my life! Comfy clothes for the win, capri leggings and.....
 One of my Northview t shirts, because that is just how I roll!
 It has rained here much of the week. Friday my Mom was coming to town and I was hoping she could mow. I snapped this pic to show her it was sunny and not raining. And just a few minutes before she arrived. It started raining. And rained most of the day. So no mowing for us.

Instead I stood outside holding my umbrella over my Mom, and my central air unit, as we switched out the part that we thought was broken. It took an hour but IT WORKED!! And now my ac works again!!! HURRAY!! We were SO excited!!!!!
My favorite Meme of the week. So true, so very very true.

And last but not least, a picture church picture! Which I'm glad I snapped it before church because I cried more than once during the sermon and then announcement following church. I think I should just start wearing glasses to church so I can quit worrying about my contacts falling out with my tears.

And that was week 25!

Saturday, June 23, 2018


 This week was really light on pictures for some reason. I guess I was just too busy to take any pics!

I painted some frames that I found at garage sales, and hung them in the studio to display past recitals. Yes, one is blank as I'm waiting to get it printed. 
 Anytime I go to the chiropractor I have to snap a selfie with the bird picture. My Mom Hates birds,and hates this picture, so i have to torture her a bit. :)
 That Friday I went yard saling alone, as my Mom couldn't go with me. I missed my partner in crime! I did find several deals, including a really beautiful cranberry lace dress that is going to be my recital dress for this year. Even better I paid 2.00 for it!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday was still hotter than the surface of the Sun here, so I wore a breezy sun dress to church that day. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


 Last week Monday started off with the first day of Summer Schedule!!! I was very excited to start being done teaching at a decent time each day! Monday was a bit crazy because I had 9 students that day, but I lived through it and was done before 8 pm so i call that a win!!
 I never showed pictures of my finished organized little space, so i snapped one on monday. I love how this turned out!
 Wednesday i was feeling good. Loving my schedule and not teaching 5 students back to back at the end of the day. Life was good. Until I got done with my last student and noticed it was warmer than normal in my house. I thought maybe i had bumped the temp up the day before ( it saves it when you change it) my ac was running so i started making dinner and putzing around. until i noticed it was getting really warm inside. check my thermostat, and it's now 77. uh oh. i open my back door, while my heart is sinking into my stomach, and am met with the sound of silence. not. good.  my ac unit was not running and the only thing running was my fan inside. despite it clicking on. ugh. i tried several different fixes, and nothing worked. i finally shut off the ac since it wasn't working and i didn't want to somehow damage it running while not working. this happened about 2 years ago to the day and i thought/hoped/prayed it was the same problem, as the last was very inexpensive and very easy to fix. so we ordered that part and hoped for the best.
 Meanwhile Thursday was spent sweating half of my body weight and feeling miserable while teaching and LIVING.  90's and high humidity outside equals a really hot stifling house with no ac. I would not have made it back in the day. God knew what he was doing when he created me in the 1980's. 
 Let's just say Thursday, thursday night and friday morning were terrible.

I had planned to borrow a wall ac from my mom, but when she pulled it out of storage it wasn't cooling. by that point it was thursday night and storms were rolling in, so I decided to be miserable for a few more hours and then we would pick one up the following am when we met up to go garage saling.

Mom and Sarah met me at my house Friday morning and the three of us installed the ac and let it cool while we went deal hunting!
 Sarah #1 had never been garage saling before so this was a big deal! We hit up a church sale we always go to and it was like a ghost town. And barely anything for sale. It's all on donations so i guess they didn't have much this year? we also hit up a neighborhood wide garage sale, and there were less than 5 homes participating. one of which looked like we would end up on a Dateline Mystery. Needless to say we skipped that house. We went to another one close by and then went across the river to the largest garage sale i have ever been to. i should have taken pictures, I have never seen anything like it. i think they could have had their own store.

 After all of our shopping and sweating, it was back in the 90s again, we came back to my house and i quickly changed and wiped myself down with some wet wipes because i had BIG PLANS. My first massage of the summer!! YAY!!!!! Our local school has a free clinic in the summer and it's my favorite part of summer! the massage was great, the lady two beds down who talked in an OUTSIDE voice THE ENTIRE TIME was not so great. That's all I'll say about that.
 Saturday the part came in for the ac, and Dad came to town to fix it. Sadly it wasn't the problem. But after seeing and hearing it in person he did some research and thinks he has figured it out so part #2 is on the way! I'm still nice and cool inside with my wall unit so all is well in that dept.

Sunday was a super rainy day and my sunday to Serve!
 And while I'm standing at the Info desk who do I see but the Choutka family!! Pastor Dave is our former Pastor and when Dawn walked thru the doors I got REAAALLY excited! It was so fun to see both of them and get to hug on Dawn!
 If Sunday wasn't exciting enough by this point, I went to Aldi after church and who do I see getting a cart but my favorite little tow headed boy and his Momma! He looks thrilled here, don't you think? Jboz and Ro were shopping and Brandon and Kohen were in the van. Well Ko has a deep and abiding hatred for his car seat, and staying stationary is like adding oil to the fire. So they headed on a quick errand. So that left us to grocery shop and then wander the aisles of Aldi and try to prevent Jboz from murdering anyone with the tomato cages that were poking out of her cart.
Roman looks thrilled here, but I promise you he smiled! Only, when Roman takes a picture and says Cheese, it is for aprox. 0.000000000009 seconds. And most photo taking devices do not have a shutter speed that adequately does the job on taking a picture of his blink and you miss it cheese. That kid. He is so funny. Jboz had to go get something on a different aisle and we were like a large train with our carts. so we parked out of the way and I stayed with Roman. He somehow missed her telling him she'd be back and to stay with Auntie Cherry, so I'm standing there with him and he gets all confused and wants to know where Mama went. So I tell him where she went and we count how many aisles away that that item is. She starts to come back and he's asking me again where Mama went. And I say see, here she comes! do you see her? I'm pointing to her, 4 aisles away, but she is clearly the ONLY person walking, he is still confused. I finally move his head to the direction of her and he sees her. Right as she makes it to the cart. HAHAHA. Bless his heart. He cracks me up.

Oh! I should add that even though I have zero pictures of it, this weekend was my Dad's birthday!! Happy Birthday Dad! Even though you don't read my blog :) I still love you!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


 Last week started off with a day off on Memorial Day. I took zero pictures and stayed inside in the a/c. It was HOT. I read and relaxed and thought about the people who were missing those they had lost. I'm always extremely thankful for our soldiers sacrifice to keep us safe. We really do live in the best country in the world!

Tuesday I taught the majority of my Monday students, and again managed not to take a single picture. I was very confused all day long and thought it was wednesday. 

I snapped this picture Weds during a lesson. Does anyone see anything odd about her music?! HA!

 Wednesday dawned and I was still confused. At least i think this picture was taken weds. who knows.

I got this Becky Wade novel and a Patricia Bradley pre release in the mail so it was a reaaalllllyyyy exciting mail day!! 

The Summer Book club at the library is in full swing and I am sailing through my hours!!
 Thursday night I was done early with students. WAHOO! So i went out and ran some errands. I needed to pick up a birthday present for Roman's birthday party that weekend so i headed over to Ollies. I don't know how long i was in that store, but it was awhile. I LOVE Ollie's! I stumbled across this Fraup mix, and bought a bag. I almost got more than one bag but I was afraid I wouldn't like it and then be stuck with it. I made a fraup Friday morning and it. was. delicious!!!!
 Saturday I was up bright and early to get ready for Roman's birthday party! And this is pretty much the best shot I got of him all day! He was having a great time running around with his cousins and playing hard!
 I got to see my other family which is always great! It had been awhile since Bunny and I had caught up!
 Emboz and I were just there for Grandma Lisa's famous ice cream cake. Which Jboz made and did an EXCELLENT job recreating!!!! Also I'm basically on my knees here trying to be short enough to have both of our heads in the frame. Hashtag tall people with short friends problems
 At the very end of the party I got to snuggle and feed my little snugglebunny Koko. He's just SO DELICIOUS! And addictive! I love that little guy!! I was impressed with my Aunting skills, hand free feeding!
 Had to get Momma in on the shot. I love how he's looking at her! So sweet!!
 After the party and snuggling was over, i went back to Ollie's for another bag of the Fraup mix. And then ran to sears to buy some more things with my free points. Our Sears is closing, SOB, and apparently they have decided that June is a great time to turn off the AC. Note- they are not closing until Sept. It was so hot in there sweat was running down my legs.  Those poor employees!

I got home and strange things began to happen. First Mary Lou Doughnuts pulled up outside my house and my heart began to beat faster! Sadly after about 7 minutes they left and never delivered any doughnuts to me.

Then a few minutes after that I heard a weird sound, and the Boilermaker Special drove by. Filled with people.??????? It drove by several more times and I managed to get a small video of it for my nephews. I'm guessing someone hired them for a party??? Not sure. I don't live in a bad neighborhood but it's not a particularly scenic one. And they just kept driving past in both directions. A little odd...

Sunday, June 3, 2018


At one of our garage sales Mom found this large C, and scooped it up. She painted it white and I hung it above the very large H she had made me some time ago. Now I just need a tiny B to add to it!
Sporting one of my new to me garage sale shirts!!
View from my desk of my CH
Tuesday was my day to head to the nursing home I frequent. It was such a wonderful time! I made the assistant and a husband of a patient cry with one of my songs, I don't think that has ever happened before!
Tuesday night I went to bed a little later than planned, thanks to a good book. I was laying in bed and about to sleep when I heard a noise. I ignored it, and then I heard two more noises. Sigh. I knew I had to investigate. So I put on my closed toed shoes that were thankfully in my bedroom! Pulled my hair back in a pony tail, and put my glasses on. I creeped into the hallway and stood there for a minute trying to decide where to look first. Something told me to look in my furnace room, so I opened the door and turned on the light, and creamed bloody murder. Yall.. there was a MOUSE in a trap and the trap was upside down. I couldn't tell if it was dead or not, it wasn't moving, so I ran around trying to figure out what to get it with and what i was going to do. i finally found a dustpan in the kitchen and went back to look at it and IT WAS MOVING!! IT WASN"T DEAD!

I screamed again.

And again for good measure.

At that point I realized I needed to kill it, and fast, so it didn't escape and I had a new roommate.

So what did I do?

I grabbed my hammer out of my toolbox, and forced myself to open my eyes while i gingerly smacked the trap. It did the trick. the mouse was dead.

I screamed some more.

And then I scooped it up with my dustpan, and held the dustpan out as far as my arm would allow, ran to the front door, unlocked it, and opened the door enough to fling the trap/mouse situation as far as I could.

Screaming all the way.

It's a miracle no one called the police.

After that I had to put away all my food or anything a mouse could potentially eat/gnaw on, in the kitchen. And then I had to go in my laundry room and get out some tin foil and patch up the place where mice get in behind my washer. I was praying LOUDLY the entire time, and telling myself I was ok, and fine, and I could do this and PLEASE GOD DON'T LET THERE BE ANOTHER MOUSE BACK HERE!

I finally got into bed again sometime after 1:30.

With a cleaned hammer. (Technically it didn't get dirty as I was hitting the mouse trap, but one cannot be too safe)

I hardly got any sleep that night thinking every small sound was a mouse.

And I will admit that I showered with the hammer as well. (it sat on the back of the toilet) You may laugh, but no  one wants to be naked and attacked by a mouse!)

It was a traumatizing time.

I am LOVING my new sandals, that yes, I got at a garage sale. they are so sparkly!!
We went from Winter to Summer here in Indiana. It has been HOT! And I am still pasty white because it's just been too hot to be outside.
My flowers were blooming!!
And so was my peony! I LOVE peonies!!
Brace yourself for baby cuteness. I went and visited Jboz and the boys Thursday morning and got lots of good snuggle time in with Kohen.
Stretching after a short nap in Auntie Cherry's arms.
Still stretching. Also, his onesie!!!!!!!
We went outside and sat on Jboz's shaded front porch swing. It was so relaxing! And quiet!

Thursday evening I didn't have any late students so I had free time! Which never happens during fall schedule. So after I got done teaching I decided to run some errands and go shopping just because I could. I had a lovely time wandering around the garden center at Menards and also got some mouse traps. Sigh....
Friday evening after it cooled down I planted all of my flowers.

I love geraniums. 
And so far, all of my flowers are alive and none have been eaten by the wildlife! HURRAY!!

 Sunday morning I was decked out in my Red, White and Blue for Memorial Day.
I went to church and then ran some errands in my blazingly hot vehicle since my a/c was waiting on freon. I came home and had the most delicious roast i've ever made! Thanks to the Campbell's Sauce mix. It was tavern style pot roast, and it was sooo good!!