Sunday, March 18, 2018


 Last week I started off the week wearing my new skirt. And As I took this picture I realized my slippers basically matched my skirt. Not planned, and kind of funny!
 The sky was really pretty last week.
 Although I hate DST I am loving it being lighter later! It's wonderful!!
 My Mom made this large H for me awhile ago, but it took me a long time to figure out where I wanted to hang it. I finally decided to hang it on the wall right by the front door. I even got out my mini level to make sure it wasn't crooked!
 I was quite proud of myself!
 I seem to have lost Weds, but Thursday I got up early and headed over to Jboz's house for Baptist Happy Hour! Will it be the last one before KJ arrives? I'm not sure! I was just glad she did not go into labor while I was there. I'm really going to miss living 2 minutes away from her when she moves!

 I sported my hat and my new cozy fleece shirt from DG. And I turned out to be in the 50's that day. I swear everytime I wear my hat it warms up and I about melt to death. Anyways, after Jboz I ran to the grocery store and then stopped at McD's for an emergency Coke. My coffee had petered out and I needed some caffeine to stay away through teaching! I knew I would regret it later and I did, but at least I was awake to teach!!!
 This was the cutest thing. My student had on this adorable old man cardigan, and he brought a "friend" to hear his lesson. So precious!!


I was done at 5:45 pm on Thursday!!!! I usually teach until 8:30ish. but thanks to some of the students being on spring break I was done early. So what did I do? I took my contacts out, makeup off, put my hair in twin buns and put some eye masks on while I did computer work for 4 hours. It wasn't glamorous but it was productive!!

Thursday, March 15, 2018


 Monday started off on a great note! My birthday package from my nephews arrived! I died laughing when I saw the shirt my SIL had got me! #ILoveThe90's
 And I had to smile when I saw my card addressed to Auntie Chee. Lovemuffin can't pronounce my name, but he can say Chee! So that is who I am now!
 My sweet snugglemuffin colored me a snoopy picture. LOVE!! I am going to frame this. Didn't he do a great job!

 I also received pretty paintings from the boys. This one is on a shelf in the piano room.
 And this one is on my gallery wall in the living room!
 Later that night, wearing my new slippers they gave me, and eating leftover birthday ice cream cake. I finally ate enough that I could fit it into a smaller tupperware container. I'm not sure why DQ ice cream cakes have such a TALL lid??! Takes up half the space in my freezer!
 Wednesday morning I was sitting at my desk working and saw the postal worker delivering a package. What could it be? Who could it be from??

A pretty pink purse! From my Other Iowan Family, Auds!! So cute!!! I wasted no time in switching over my purse to this beauty! (Also, it's really hard to pose for a selfie with a purse)

 No Clue what happened to Thursday, (or Friday for that matter) but here we are on Sunday, TIME CHANGE SUNDAY. I was not excited. I hate springing forward, and to make matters worse it was my Sunday to serve and lead at church so I didn't just have to be awake, I had to be perky and coherent. It was a struggle. It was also a two coffee day.
 One at home and the second at church. And I was still yawning.
 After church selfie with my serving shirt and my adorable new purse from Auds!
 After church I ran to Sears, as the addiction with the Win It App, had me with 32.00 in points to spend. I really enjoy shopping when I am not spending real money. It's rather glorious. I walked away with this cute skirt, a christmas gift for Audra and...
 Another new purse! I have been wanting a saddle bag for a long time, and this cute little thing was on clearance. It is much smaller than what I'm used to and I'm still figuring out how to fit everything in it. But I'm a fan. My Chiropractor is going to fall over in shock when I show up with this at my next apt.
 Sunday afternoon after my free shopping I was really industrious at home. I cleaned the house and then made some pancakes to eat for breakfast this week. I love pancakes, but rarely make them. Why? I don't know.
And then I put together my new shoe rack! now, ignore the christmas mats in front of it. I need two for my students to stand on so they aren't walking all over my carpet, and I only have two in christmas theme. I need to make a trip to Ollie's for some spring or more neutral mats but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Anyways, I am loving this shoe rack! My students have been complimenting me on it, and I'm hopeful this will make the entry way a little easier for people to come and go. As there are frequently one family leaving as another is coming in, and it's a small space.

Thursday, March 8, 2018


Last week we kicked off the week with 1!! day until my birthday! It was also my Grandma's birthday, In heaven, and I spent the day thinking about her a lot.
I got several tops from my parents for my birthday so I wore one of them on Monday.
I got a special package in the mail from my former piano teacher, Dr. E. and I was so excited!!!! I love his care packages of piano books!!
I had to snap a picture and send to my friend Cindy. This was one of our favorite songs in college. (Definitely NOT PCC Approved!) She wanted to hear it so I happily obliged and played a little bit of it on a video for her.
 Nothing like sitting by some festive birthday balloons while one teaches!

 There are no pictures of me on my birthday because I did not shower or put makeup on. and it was kind of wonderful! It was really nice outside so I had the windows open all day long. I got to have a special birthday phone date with Audra and talk to Addie bear! It was wonderful!!

The next day I added a new countdown to my chalkboard.

 My selfie game as a 36 year old is strong.

 It was still somewhat warm outside, I ran errands and got my allergy shot in the morning and had to come back home and put on a lighter top and sandals. Love the warm burst of weather!

Wednesday also marked 4 years since my Grandma went to Heaven. I spent the day thinking about her, and thanking God that she is healed from the cancer. I played the song I played at her memorial service (It is well) several times that day.

 Sporting another new birthday top!

 One of my students brought me two cookies, unbaked. It was a genius idea. They put the info on how to bake them on the baggie and I could make them then, or put them in the freezer for later. Saturday afternoon I was needing some chocolate so I made them and SWEET MERCY THEY WERE DELICIOUS!! I am still dreaming about those cookies.
 Sunday I was looking like a pirate in another new top. It had really funky sleeves that I never got a great picture of. But it was cute! I also have funky eye liner because I was doing my makeup and my hand slipped and I did an accidental cat eye on one eye. Well. then I had to decide if i should wipe it off or try to do a matching one on the other eye. Y'all. I thought I was possibly going to be late to church fixing my stupid eye. I never fully got it and that's just fine. I was on time to church!
 Sunday afternoon I was getting stuff DONE!! I worked on painting my new shelf I got for my birthday. Its Wednesday night as i'm writing this post and I finally finished the last coat!
Painting is relaxing.

Monday, February 26, 2018

8/52- The Start of my Birthday Week!!!!

Last week's weather can be summed up in two words. Wind and Rain. And my hair forecasted the weather QUITE well. it was huge and massively curly all week long.
Wednesday the countdown to my birthday got serious! Less than a week!
I posted this on IG, but I have to laugh when I see this picture. All I can see is my pianist fingers and the space between my pinky and ring fingers. # I like big chords and I cannot lie!

So Thursdays I don't teach until later in the afternoon. I Always think I will get a ton of work done at home and on the computer. And I usually end up running errands. That day I had a chiro apt, and then had to run to Aldi for groceries to make my special Sunday lunch for my birthday party with my parents.And I went somewhere else, but I can't remember where.......
I failed at taking pictures Friday and Saturday, but nothing exciting happened.

Sunday I was super excited for the day and really thankful to be feeling well. Last year my chronic illness flared up on the day my parents came and I was in pain and felt like hurling the entire time. I was really thankful that wasn't the case this year. Also, I'm sporting another new FREE Sears top!


I got to church way early, even after stopping at McD's for a Coke for myself and a sweet tea for my Dad. I had purchased a new coffee creamer at Aldi. Italian Sweet Cream. I usually am a Mocha or Peppermint Mocha creamer but they were out, so I grabbed this. I did not see Coconut on the ingredients list but y'all. It was coconutty. And I DO NOT LIKE coconut. I couldn't even finish my coffee Sunday morning it was so bad. Luckily my Dad loves coconut so I sent it home with him!

I met my parents and stayed with them through the singing and then during the actual sermon I had to step out and attend a meeting for Team Leaders for the role I serve in at church. 

After church was over, and my meeting wrapped up I met my parents and we headed out!

So I got this ring light for my cell phone, so you don't have to walk around holding your phone up to find decent light. Mom said it blinded her. That is the price we pay for a good picture Mom!!!!
I made some crockpot chicken taco soup and it was delish! And my Parents brought a DQ Ice Cream cake! So yummy!!
I'm trying to pose with my cake since for the second year in a row people ignore me when it's cake time.........
And this is the face you make right after your Dad STICKS HIS FINGER IN THE ICING!!!!!

I told him he was cutting that piece and eating it since his finger had been in it.

# Turning into a Parent

# Frightening
It's really hard to get a picture with all three of us in it, lined up and looking good. Especially when the ring light is on and I can't see half of the screen. So I tried for a picture with just my Dad and this is the face I get.  At least he looks happy!!!!
My Mom made me the neatest pillow case! Its made out of one of our Northview shirts! I gave my Dad one that didn't fit me two Christmases ago. Apparently he never wore it, so my Mom fashioned it into a pillow care for me! It's perfect and matches my living room to a T!!

Happy Birthday week to me!!!!