Wednesday, July 19, 2017


This past week's recap might possibly be the least amount of pictures ever in a recap and as you read it, you'll see why!

Monday was another busy day. Here is a Piano Teacher before teaching 9 students (all but one back to back)
 And here is a VERY tired teacher 9 students later. Mercy. I was exhausted!
 Wednesday I had a massage first thing in the am, per the usual. And ran into a student/friend of mine there, getting her first free massage on her birthday! Whoo Hoo!! 

That morning before I headed to my massage I noticed that my ear felt fluidy. Which is rare since i have ear tubes. My left ear, has a tube that is not in my ear drum anymore. It's moved out, but hasn't pushed out of my ear yet. So I thought it would be safe to put some peroxide in my ear to help with the fluid. 




So very wrong!! It was some of the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. I was ok for the first maybe 60 seconds, and then I breathed or something and the peroxide went down and it was like the burning fires of hell in my ear. (I say that not to curse, or be funny, I say that quite literally. As I was running to the bathroom and frantically trying to flush out my ear, while trying not to pass out from the pain, I kept remembering what Pastor Steve had said about the pain of hell during our Revelation series. As I'm trying not to scream from the pain, his comments about the pain and burning of hell kept flashing through my head, and let me tell you, I got really convicted about witnessing to people! Not even kidding. It's funny what flashes through your mind at times, but that pain was horrendous and I could only think that the pain I was in, had to be nothing compared to what we had learned about in Rev, what Hell would be like for unbelievers.) Anyways, it was beyond terrible. And really only made things worse.

By Weds evening I couldn't hear out of my ear. By Thursday I was straight up miserable.
But a girl's gotta teach. So Teach I did. With one ear. It was not the easiest thing I've done. I posted a side by side on IG, this is what I look like to everyone who see's me...


 This is how I feel inside. Ohhhh the pain!
 Thursday after I was done teaching I headed to my Dr's for a same day sick apt. Left with prescriptions for two antibiotics.

 And I spent the rest of the week, weekend, and MONDAY, like this. Laying on my couch (or bed) with a heating pad on my ear trying to get it to drain. Feeling miserable, and running a fever.

It's now Wednesday, and I have been back at the Dr again, and am SPOILER ALERT, still sick. Blech. Goodbye week 28, I won't miss you!

Monday, July 10, 2017


 Try to ignore the large water stain on my shirt. Apparently I have issues getting my drink to my face. #TheStruggleIsReal Monday I started off the week with some patriotic red white and blue!
 One of my students was twinning with me in the nail dept. So Of course we had to take a patriotic nails on the piano picture. Are you sensing a theme to this week yet?
 Even the chalkboard was decked out!!

 I have ONE picture from the 4'th of July. ONE. And It's bad quality thanks to the window. Sighs. My Parents came to town and helped me with some projects outside and got my fence fixed. After they came in and cleaned up my Dad finally got to open his Birthday and Father's Day gifts! I forgot to give them to him the last time he was here, so I made sure to have them out and sitting by the couch this time!

After they left, I showered and then relaxed for the evening. I watched fireworks in my front yard and got eaten alive by bugs. And was awake way too late thanks to the fireworks that never stopped. I love fireworks but I'm over fireworks season, every night for weeks on end.
 Weds am I knew I was going to regret having to get up early for a massage after being awake half the night, and I was right. SO.TIRED.
 But I was still reppin' the red, white and blue!!
 Decided to fancy up my tired self with a skirt.
 Half awake but still smiling.
 Thursday....... Thursday called for a spoonful *or two* of frozen chocolate icing.
 Thursday evening I realized I had a ton of books ready at the Library so I ran over to pick them up. I have already finished one (I'm writing this on Saturday)
Let's play a little game of count how many bug bites Charity has. Spoiler Alert, it's a lot.

Sunday dawned bright and early, and I was eager to drink my (large) cup of coffee to caffeinate before church! And it was TASTY!!

It was the second Sunday of the month, aka my time to serve, so I rocked the Orange shirt as best I could. I keep hoping one of these days we will get a more attractive shirt.


It was a busy and COLD, oh so cold, morning of serving. not outside, but in the sanctuary. SWEET MERCY!! I am never cold, and I had goosebumps. I will now be bringing a cardigan with me every week to church. I was frozen.

After church I warmed up in a hurry. I have had my old washing machine sitting in my kitchen for a while, waiting to be fixed. (No Worries, I got a new washing machine, I'm not in stinky clothes over here) and I finally couldn't take it. I sit at my kitchen table and work on my computer and my chair would always hit the washing machine. So after I got home from church I decided it was the time to move it outside, and into my shed. All by myself. And let me tell you, it might not have been pretty, but I got it out there without harming myself or the machine and I was pretty doggone proud of myself!!Sometimes it can be hard to be single and living alone, especially when you need muscles, so I was really pleased with myself for doing this by myself!! GO ME!!!

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Whoo Hooo!! We are Half Way Through 2017! And even thought some posts (cough, like this one) have been a few days late, I have successfully kept with my weekly wrap ups! I'm so proud of myself! I don't really make new years resolutions but I knew this year I wanted to blog more, mainly so I could look back on my life and happenings. And I'm so glad I have been able to do that!

So without further ado, here's last week!

 Monday was freakishly cool for June. We're talking a high of 70 and lows in the 40's. #Brrrrrrr I wore a new outfit I had just scored from Salvation army. Jeans and a 3/4 length shirt. I thought I wouldn't be wearing that until fall!!

 I also had white nails. I bought a white nail polish to do red, white and blue for the 4'th and then wondered what it would look like to do white the week before. And I liked it!
 Wednesday morning I had some free time and decided to run errands and grocery shop before teaching. I lost my Misfit activity tracker and nearly cried. Thankfully they are (finally) sending me a replacement one. One of my stops was Aldi. And once I got home and unpacked I had a hysterical ( to me at least) text conversation with Audra, whom despite being 7.5 hours away had just went to Aldi in her town, and bought the same items as me. We both had a hankering for homemade cherry cheesecake and pizza apparently! When she said she had bought a pizza and was making it for dinner that night, I had to grab the one I had just put in my freezer and send her this picture as a response. I was DYING. Great Minds Think Alike!
 Of my errands was to the Library to pick up some books on hold.I have been a reading FOOL lately trying to get as many hours in for the summer reading program as I can. It was finally my turn to read Becky Wade's newest book and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!! I might die before the next book in the series comes out. I think that one I will have to purchase instead of waiting for my turn at the library! #Torture

 She had tons of hysterical parts in the book that made me literally laugh out loud. Like the above "Professional Researcher". Love.IT!! #ProfessionalResearchersUnite !!

 And this quote about Grandma excusing herself to the restroom when the Holy Spirit handed out the fruit called joy. I about fell off my couch. My Dad has this famous saying "Brains and Trains" When God was handing out Brains, she thought he said Trains, and said No, thanks, I don't want any! If you've ever spent time with my Dad you have heard this quote!
 While I read I had a break to taste my cherry cheesecake. It was yummy!!
 OK, I can't leave out this quote either. I might have to start using it " Looking Approximately as amused as man might look while being briefed on a terrorist threat". Becky Wade.. You are my Spirit Animal.
 The only pictures I have thursday are of my flowers. Which, spoiler alert, are still there! The wild life hasn't eaten them yet!! Although  will say, the ones in the flower box had two blooms and when i went outside today they were gone and TEETH marks were left on the flowers. ARGH.
 Perhaps these are too tall for the nasty critters?

 Dressed in a red white and blue!
 Thursday evening I went to Ollies. OH how I love walking around that store!I had no idea they had candles and wax melts! I got these two and they smell so good!! The one on the left is definitely more strong and longer lasting.
 Friday morning I would typically be sleeping in. (Hurray for Fridays off in the Summer!) but this particular day I had a massage, since my normal Weds time was taken. So i got up early, chugged some coffee, and put on a festive outfit since I had lunch plans!
 AREN'T MY SUNGLASSES AWESOME??!! You know they are!!
 After my amazing massage I woke myself up and went to meet Emboz and Madi at Spagheddi's. I had only been there once before years ago, but with my free time I figured we should taken advantage and eat somewhere on the opposite end of town that I never get around to. And I was glad we did! I don't know what I had but it was some sort of large tube pasta stuffed with chicken and allllllll the white cheese.  It was glorious. And I could go for a plate of it right this second. Madi was feeling a little on the tired side.

 Her little toothless grin kills me. How did she get so big?! I swear it was just yesterday she was sitting in a baby carrier beside us.
 So we took a cute picture inside, and then I showed Emboz my awesome Sunglasses ( to which she groaned) and said we have to take a picture outside so we can get these in our pics!
 So we all got sunglasses, Madi hopped up on the bench behind us so she could be in the pic, and I just snapped a ton of pics because none of us could see the screen. I got home and looked at this and about died laughing. Madi, with the eyes, drinking, so funny!! #ThatKid
Despite the sunniness then, by the time I ran the rest of my errands and was making my way home it looked like this. And then it stormed and rained most of the afternoon and I spent it on my couch relaxing and it was fabulous!!

The rest of the weekend was not so fabulous with the excessive fireworks until 2 am from the neighbors who were SHOOTING THEM OFF INTO MY BACKYARD. But I will stop myself...

That was 26/52!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What's Up Wednesday!

What I'm Eating this week: Monday I ate some of the Pulled Pork that I made in my crock pot on Sunday. It wasn't quite up to snuff but not horrible for my first time!I made chocolate cupcakes that evening since it was cool outside and tried my hand at making Jboz's famous chocolate icing. Tuesday, more of the BBQ, some pasta and a sandwich. Wednesday, I made Mix and Match Mama's Crock Pot Chicken Mushroom Ranch, which I put over mashed potatoes, vs her rice. I also made a cherry cheesecake!

What I'm reminiscing about:

What I'm loving: Summer!! I love not teaching super late every evening. Being able to get out and about in daylight, fabulous!! Summer is just a much more relaxed time for me, and even though it gets warm outside I would rather have it hot than cold!

What I've been up to:

I feel like I've been really active lately. Not necessarily busy, but just active doing things. Every Thursday I've been trying to get out and about and walk around a store or something of the like. Last week I went to a Farmer's Market for the first and last time.  At least for that one!

What I'm Dreading:

Summer being over and Fall schedule starting. School starts even earlier this year, August 15, so my last month of freedom is upon me. HA. I say Freedom, but I still teach during the summer. I'm just loving a more flexible schedule!

What I'm Working On:

I have started loosely working on my fall schedule. I am determined not to over schedule days like last year and stress myself out like last year's Thursdays. I've also been doing little projects around the house, trying to get organized and spic and span clean!

What I'm Excited about:

I have some fun activities and meeting up with some Friends in July, and my Summer Bucket list, which I am slowly working through!

What I'm Watching/Reading:

I have been reading like a fiend!! I am in the Summer Book Club at the Library again and trying to beat my 220 hours of last summer. So I am reading a ton!! Gayle Roper and Karen Witemeyer are new to me authors who I just discovered this past week. I picked up several more of their books at the library this morning!!

As for watching I started watching Madame Secretary over from the beginning. Greys got too boring once McDreamy was gone.

What I'm Listening to:

I was listening to Major Crimes, but that just ended and now all I hear is the a/c.

What I'm Wearing:

Today I have on denim shorts, and my Every Name has a Story/NV shirt, and my studded Walmart Sandals.  Monday I wore jeans, yes I said jeans! It was cold here! And a new green shirt from Salvation Army. 

What I'm Doing this Weekend:

Friday morning I have a massage bright and early and then I'm meeting Emboz and the Madster for Ladies who Lunch!! Trying out a different restaurant that I haven't been to in years, over on Em's side of town because it's the Summer and I actually have time!! WAHOOOOO!! Saturday will probably consist of me being a bum and then going to see Fireworks that night. Sunday is church of course!

What I'm looking forward to next month:

Seeing some friends I haven't seen in awhile and just enjoying summer!!

What else is new:

I actually have flowers growing in my backyard. Ones that I planted months ago. Granted not all that I planted came up, I think the squirrels dug up the seeds. grrrr... BUT I grew flowers! And some of them are blooming and said squirrels and rabbits haven't eaten them yet, so YAY!

Book Review: Threads of Suspicion by Dee Henderson

Dee Henderson is by far one of my all time favorite authors. Whenever she has a new book out it is always a MUST READ for me. Earlier this year I went way back to the 90's and re read her O'Malley Series. Despite them mentioning things like beepers, :) the books were still SO good and their stories still ran true today. And that I think, is a mark of a truly great author.

Each month as part of the blogger review program, an email goes out with the books available for that month, and it's always first come first serve. I just so happened to get the email a minute after It was sent and I hopped on to request Ms. Henderson's newest book as fast as I could! Superbowl Tickets? Or Dee Henderson's newest book? I'll take the latter. Needless to say I was BEYOND thrilled when I got the email that I was one of the few that got chosen to review it! I was even more thrilled when the book arrived right before my day off. Y'all.. this book is 428 pages long, and I finished it in 24 hours. #Single #NoLife

But really, that is the thing about her books. They are so good that you can't wait to finish them and find out what happens, but you're also kind of sad that the book is ending and you have to say goodbye to your friends.

Threads of suspicion is the second book in her newest series featuring Evie Blackwell. Evie is an investigator that gets tasked with leading the cold case task force. I feel like I don't read a lot of mysteries about cold cases, so I really appreciate that she is diving into something new that isn't really popular with the mystery genre.

Having read the first Evie Blackwell Book, I was excited to find out what she was up to this time!  The first book was dark. Like, really dark. So I was surprised that this book was lighter. Don't get me wrong we're still dealing with dead and missing people, but the stories of this book were easier to stomach than the first.

We meet Evie's new partner, David Marshal, who like all of Ms. Henderson's characters, is very likeable. David is dating a woman who is a musician and being a musician myself (on a MUCH smaller level) I thought that was really cool! It dives into what is involved with a famous performer, and there were security things that I had never thought about! That part of the book was really fascinating to me!

We also get to see some of Ms. Henderson's familiar characters, like the ever awesome superwoman Ann Silver. Whom I want to be like some day when I grow up. Seriously. One thing that I love about Ms. Henderson's books is that the characters speak to eachother with such respect. Ann especially, but really everyone does. I love that Ann keeps things to herself. If it isn't her information to share, even if it would help Evie, and even if it isn't something that would hurt the person whose information Ann knows, she still keeps it to herself. She is so discreet but also a very warm, loving person who takes care of her friends.  That thread really goes along with  all of the characters in this series. They are respectful and kind, and make me want to talk the same way they do!

Another familiar face pops in. Evie's boyfriend. Whom I'll be honest. I was not a fan of him in book one. But we got to see more of his character and actually learn that he had some. HA! And while I wasn't IN LOVE with him, I liked him by the books end.

I loved this book and can't wait for the next one in Evie Blackwell's Cold Case Series to come out!!!

Thanks to Bethany House for providing me this book free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion!


 Last Monday, and really any Monday, can be summed up with the first two pictures. 1. Me in my Teaching Chair.
 And 2. A Student at the Piano. (Please ignore her terrible posture :) )

 And after I got done Monday, where did I head? Dollar General of course! I have no idea what I so desperately needed, but I'm sure it was life or death.

 Tuesday some storms rolled through and I thought the sky was so pretty!!
 Annnnd my pictures are all out of order again. ARGH!! Thursday I ended my work week with a lovely adjustment at the chiropractor. Which I promptly threw my back out again after heading to Salvation army and digging through the racks for an hour afterwards. not great planning on my part!!
 Thursday I also had the surprise of a Trio at the Piano!! I love those kinds of Surprises!!
 Wednesday evening I moved some furniture around in my living room. I had a tall bookshelf in the corner, but I found myself frequently sitting on that side of the couch stretched out reading, and there not being enough light. So I moved the bookshelf out, got a side table out of my shed, cleaned it off, and put my Grandma's fancy light in the corner. And I love it!! I also sit on the edge of that couch to take all my selfie's with the natural light, and I"m still getting used to there being a large lamp there now!
 I received this new to me author's book in the mail last week to review and finished it within two days! It was SO good!!! I may or may not have already read several more of her books and gotten some from the Library the same day I'm typing up this blog post...
On Wednesdays..... We get free massages at Ivy's Summer Massage Clinic!!!

 OH look! Suddenly it's Rainy Tuesday again! ;)
 As I mentioned, I went to Salvation Army Thursday evening. Since Thursday is really the only day I get done early, in the afternoon. I've been trying to take advantage of my freedom and get out and do something, and get my steps in for the day! This week it was Salvation Army. And I found some good stuff! Like these Lane Bryant Jeans for 5.99!!!! They were basically brand new. I almost didn't buy them since it's June and hotter than the dickens, but days later I was glad I did since we had a weird cold spell and I actually wore them!!
 Thursday night I treated myself to some pampering, a face mask! I love face masks. Although I was laughing at this one, apparently my nose didn't need whatever benefit it was giving my skin???
 Friday it rained most of the day, and then the sun came out, just in time for my Dad to drop my Mom off. She graciously mowed for me, since my lawn girl was on vacation. As I have mentioned here before, I have terrible Allergies, and grass is something I am highly allergic to. Even with my allergy shots, I still cannot mow my own lawn. Or even be outside after someone has mowed. 
 I made the mistake of opening the door to try and get this picture as my Mom had made a cross in the grass! Later it turned into an H and then a Hashtag! I thought she was SUPER FANCY. When she came inside later I was all like, wow! I didn't know you liked to make all those designs in the grass! And then she was like what? I was just mowing squares. It made it so much easier! HA! We had a good laugh over that one! Anyways, I made the mistake of opening the door just for a minute or two to try and get a picture of her Cross, and I breathed in the grass allergens (and almost gagged, gross!!) and found myself as a Snuffleupagus for the rest of the weekend. That night I woke up with a terrible coughing fit, that stayed with me the entire weekend. To the point where I had to leave the sanctuary during singing at church to go out and hack up a lung. Finally with two cough drops in m I managed to re join the service. All that to say, just breathing it in for a minute or two had that effect on me. 
 I originally went to Salvation Army in search of a basket either for my coffee table, or to put books in on the bottom shelf of my end table. I have children's books for my students and waiting siblings to read, that were on the bookshelves, I had to pick and choose what to put on the end table since i had significantly less room. I ended up using the basket I had on my coffee table with magazines for the Mom's, to put books in, and then I got this basket, painted it, and put it on my coffee table with magazines in it. I loved the way it turned out!
 I rarely watch movies. I can binge watch an entire season almost without moving from the couch but I get squirmy during a movie. Well not last weekend. I watched 4 Movies! Two Weeks Notice, While you were Sleeping ( I was on a Sandra Bullock kick apparently )  Doris, and Gone with the Wind. It was the first time I've seen Gone with the Wind in Color!
 Sunday dawned bright and cool! I don't think it got above 70 degrees all day. Itw as 64!! when I headed to church! Coughing fit not withstanding it was a great church service! Afterwards I ran some errands on the West Side and then came home to clean and have lunch.
 New basket filled and ready to go!
 I also cleaned and organized my silverware drawer and then was so pleased with it I took pictures, emailed them to my Mom, and am now posting them on my blog. Clearly my life is non stop thrills!!
I got a lot done Sunday afternoon and also managed to read this entire book! It was my second book by this author and I loved it!!!!!!! I love discovering new to me authors, especially when they have written a lot of books already. Just like binge watching, I binge read :)