Monday, October 7, 2019

Book Review: One Final Breath by Lynn H. Blackburn

The short version of my review is this: GO BUY THIS BOOK!

Now for the extended length version. Friends, If Lynn H. Blackburn wrote a user agreement or privacy policy.  I would read the whole dang thing. She is just that brilliant of a writer.  Few writers have me counting down the actual days to their book release, but Lynn makes the cut. I could not wait for the third installment of the Dive Team Investigators series to come out and the only thing disappointing about it was that it ended.

Gabe and Anissa's love story was SO. GOOD.  I love that Anissa is so prickly and Gabe just kept pursuing her and wouldn't give up. There is something to be said for a man who fights for the love of his woman. (In a non creepy, non stalker way of course

The Romance to this book was everything I wanted it to be and more and she didn't make me wait until the very end of the book for them to get together which is my biggest pet peeve when I read any sort of a romance. I stick with you through the entire book, I do NOT want the characters to get together on the last page, or tell me they did in the epilogue! Its cruel!

So the romance was on point, and the mystery was such that I didn't actually figure it out. Which is a huge win in my book, because I usually figure these things out. I love that she always has more than one mystery and they frequently intertwine in ways you never see coming.

Shout out to Revell for providing me with a free copy in exchange for my honest review.

If anyone needs me I'll just be over here waiting on the next Lynn H. Blackburn book to drop...

*taps fingers impatiently*

Monday, September 23, 2019

Book Review: You Belong with Me by Tari Faris

It has been a minute since I have done a book review. Or Blogged for that matter. But I am BACK!!

Today we are going to talk about one of the latest published books by Revell. They house some of my favorite authors and when I saw this book by a new author on the reviewing email I was interested and excited to try her out!

This is Book 1, in the "Restoring Heritage" series by Tari Faris.
Heritage is the town that the characters live in.
The first book focuses on two couples, or rather two not couples, at least for a majority of the book.
Hannah and Luke are childhood best friends that somehow don't realize that both of them are in love with the other person. 
The book also focuses on Hannah's Brother Thomas, and her other bestie Janie. I found it a little confusing to have to go back and forth between FOUR characters points of view. Much like a TV show that gets interesting and goes to the commercial break, things would get interesting in a chapter with a particular character and then I would have to wait for their POV to come back around again.

That being said I thought this was a really cute, enjoyable book and I will definitely be reading the next books Ms. Faris comes out with. Hopefully focusing on less characters :)

Shoutout to Revell for providing me with a free book in exchange for my honest opinions!

Monday, December 31, 2018


Whew! Look at me all caught up! Just in time for the New Year!

When we last left off,  I was at the Farm with my nephews.

Christmas Eve I got up bright and early again to get ready to head back to town to serve at my churches Christmas Eve Services. I was in charge of leading guest services for both services. I also had to run to both of our local police depts before church to drop off the cards my students had decorated for them and the treats i had made. That is possibly my favorite Christmas eve tradition! I love surprising them and how excited they get. Doing something nice for someone, when they don't expect it, is just really fun!

 I made my deliveries and then arrived early at church. I waited by the fireplace chatting and got congratulated on my recent engagement by Pastor Dave. Except i'm not engaged. Or even dating. HA! We were both confused, but it became the joke of the evening. Bless his heart, he was excited for me. I would be too! HA HA HA!
 It was controlled chaos. Or maybe just chaos. But in a fun way! By the time the second service rolled around I had hit my groove and felt like I knew somewhat what I was doing. It helped the second service had 100 less people than the first :) My friend Laura came to serve for that second service so of course we had to take a selfie.
 Families were getting their pictures taken by the tree. Me? Selfie alone.  Hashtag Single. Hashtag Too bad I'm not engaged. HA!

I popped my contacts out, and put my glasses on, loaded up my cup of apple cider and hit the road back home to the farm!
 The one picture I took of myself on Christmas Day. Y'all I was tired. And later that evening I found out why I was tired when I realized I was getting a cold. Ugh. My Mom woke up Christmas morning getting her own cold, and I followed in her footsteps hours later.
 Dad read Luke 2 again, although he left out poor Simeon, we prayed and then opened gifts!

 I made my way back to Lafayette the next day and was very happy I had already taken my Christmas stuff down since all I wanted to do was lay on the couch and be miserable!

Later that week I made my way over to UC to discover that I had the trifecta of germs and an ear infection to go along with everything. 

I spent the rest of Christmas week on the couch and in bed. I had to cancel my plans to celebrate with Audra, which really made me sad. No bueno to being sick.

 After days of being sick and miserable I really wanted to go to church on Sunday but wasn't sure if I would feel well enough to go and didn't want to spread germs. But I woke up a half hour before my alarm was set to go off, bright eyed and bushy tailed! The medicine was finally kicking in!!! YAY!!

I went to church and got to hear Pastor Dave preach, which was exciting since it's usually Pastor Steve on the big screen. Then I came home and proceeded to start cleaning my extremely messy house. It was terrible.  But I made a huge dent on cleaning and organizing. Even though my knee was killing me at the end of the day, it was worth it!
Also, My Dad loves NCIS and we watched it pretty much everytime he had the TV on at the farm. So what did I watch on Netflix while I was having lunch Sunday? Yup, NCIS!

51/52- Last week of work and the Nephews come to IN!

 Wahooo! This was a GOOD week! It was my last week of work for the year, and Christmas party in your lesson week. It was a happy stress free week!

Tuesday I had concert #4 of 4, and my last one for the year!!!!!

 My neighbors daughters have been cleaning out his house, and putting stuff outside in a free pile. I was outside chatting with them and saw storage containers in the free pile. So I asked if I could have them, and they said yes, So I got a TON of containers. This picture is actually the second time I got containers. I don't even know how many I got but it was double digits.I am going to be SO organized!

 There was lots of washing containers, and then after some dried I decided to use some of them for my Christmas decorations. I took my tree ect down before I left for home this year and it was a brilliant idea. I will totally be doing this every year now. It was so nice to come back to  a clean house and not to have to spend my vacation taking down christmas decorations!
 On Thursday, my last work day of the year, I celebrated by getting an eye exam. #Adult
 Friday it was finally time to head home to the farm and guess who was there! Lovemuffin and Snugglemuffin!!
 4 hours in and i tripped on a long wooden train that my nephew had been playing with. It hurt SO bad. And still hurts a week later. Thankfully it's better, but not healed yet. And it was my bad knee, the one I had surgery on, because of course...
 Dad read from Luke 2 and then we opened presents!
 I just wanted a nice picture.....
 Fake smile and blurry...
 Lovemuffin got a ride from Nana in the fancy convertible high chair that I found at my neighbors.
 Sunday morning post church at Nana and Grandpa's!

 This is basically the best we got. 

 Proof that my SIL was in fact there! We are both sporting new Christmas shirts!
 Lovemuffin is such a sweet little snuggler. And patient! Not most almost 4 year olds will sit quietly with someone to listen to adults. But he will!


 Mom and I after church on Sunday. Apparently standing by windows wasn't a great plan for her glasses in the picture..

 Saturday night I was beat, and knew I had to get up early for church, so I headed to bed BEFORE the nephews did. I was in the kitchen telling Lovemuffin goodnight and I picked him up to hug and kiss him and he actually laid his head on my shoulder and stayed there for several minutes! Now what you need to understand is that he is an awkward hugger. You hug him and his body goes stiff as a board and he moves his face away from you. It's not that he doesn't like it, it's just somehow that is how he hugs. So when he laid his head on my shoulder I was shocked!
 We stood like that snuggling for several minutes and i realized sneaky Nana was taking our picture. Also please ignore the hair situation, I had been laying down on the recliner.
Such a sweet little Lovemuffin!!


 This week started off with me very excited that I had ONE more Monday to teach ! 
 I had enough points to get my free Dunkin Donuts drink, and what better way to start off a Monday?!
 That Sunday, the 9'th. I was in the shower getting ready for church and heard loud noises and Men's voices. After I realized no one was in my house trying to kill me and my heart started beating properly again. I saw that they were working on the railroad behind my house. They proceeded to do this for almost two weeks. Starting at 7 am every day. Even. On. Weekends. I am up at 7 several days of the week, but I was not a happy camper to hear them on days I didn't have to be awake that early.

This was a busy week of teaching, and prepping for Christmas party in your lesson week. I made a double batch of my PB fudge and barely had enough for everyone's boxes!

I also had my last Thursday of Bible study and showed up matching my friend Jocelyn. We took a picture but it was blurry. Boo!! But we looked cute!


 Week 49 started off with church on Sunday!
 Monday the neighbor's trash bin got picked up, and It was really interesting to watch how they attached it and pulled it right up! I am easily entertained.

 One of my Bible study friends is super craft and had made us each a cute little tree! I put mine in the studio! It's so pretty!
 Tuesday brought Concert #3 of 4. I played for a Christmas dinner and it was so cozy! I play for this dinner every year and it's one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

 The piano is on a riser, so when you are pedaling for an hour and a half straight it can really make you foot, leg and hip sore. So I brought books to prop up my pedaling foot with and it worked quite nicely!
 And look who showed up at the end of the dinner? SANTA!!

 And his wife!!
 Thursday morning was my turn to bring treats to bible study, so I made my Apple Cinnamon Pull apart bread, with cream cheese icing. I might have gotten a little carried away with the icing, but I heard no complaints!
 That evening the making of 900 million treats for Christmas party in your lesson week commenced!

The week ended with Serving Sunday!