Monday, June 26, 2017

A Day in the Life, Thursday May 11, 2017

( Three cheers to me for FINALLY finishing this post!!)

Whew! I haven't done a Day in the Life post in a long time and now I remember why :) It was hard to remember to write down all of my activities and the time I did them. I tried to take pictures as well, but at some points kind of forgot. Whoops!

I picked a Thursday because right now they are my busiest day and I wanted to full capture the insanity, and remind myself come Fall to not schedule people so closely together. # Teacher needs a break.

My morning starts at 9:01 am when my alarm goes off. I lay in bed and check my email and insta while I try to make myself get up.

I finally get up and take my medicine and hop in the shower at 9:30

9:44, out of the shower, got dressed, combed my hair and put my hair gunk in, made my way to the kitchen to get some life blood in me so i can wake up. aka doctored coffee.

I make a cup of coffee at night and then put it in the fridge so I can have iced coffee in the am. I'm almost out of my powdered chocolate creamer so I made a package of peppermint mocha starbucks but it's too coffee like for my tastes. So I decide to make a fraup with it.

 Coffee in hand I make my way to the couch, to put my makeup on.At some point during the getting dressed and coffee making I put my foundation on in the bathroom. I finish doing the rest of my makeup while I sit on the couch.

10:44- Face is on,, I make my list for the store, put my contacts in, change my leggings as the ones I have on aren't comfortable, I put my contacts in so I can actually see what I'm doing. And then tidy up around the house.

10:55, With contacts in it's finally time to check my emails and the blog world. Except I sit down and change my mind and decide to make my quick run to DG so I can come back and be done with my errand.

11:15, back from DG, take out the trash, and then finally read blogs and email.

While I'm sitting there I hear some loud vehicles, and decide to look out the window and investigate. A firetruck and ambulance were at a neighbor's house two doors down. I was thankful it wasn't my elderly neighbor next door as I worry about him! I said a prayer for whoever was having problems and took a picture because 1. day in the life 2. nephews.

11:39- time to dry my mess of hair and put it into some semblance of a hair do.

11:52, Hair is done, now I need to make some lunch. I usually cook ahead of time for Thursdays or make something in the crock pot, but I didn't this week, which means I need to cook something now before students start arriving.

I opted for two different kinds of baked mac and cheese. I was out of penne so i used spaghetti noodles instead.
12:23 Lunch time!!

12:37 Done with my sandwich and my pasta is still cooking. I move to the kitchen table to set up my laptop and get some work done.

At some point the pasta is done and I eat some while working away on Mturk. 

1:29, My contact is driving me nuts!! I take it out, clean it and put it back in. Several times. UGH.

Time to tidy up and prepare for my first student of the day. I turn on my Mandisa Pandora for some background music, get my water, ect... 

And light my candle. It's a candle in the kitchen type of day!!
2:05, Student arrives and we chat and then head into the studio for her lesson.
2:34, Lesson is over and I make my student take a selfie with me so this entire post isn't pictures of just me! She was happy to oblige :)

2:37, Student is gone, and I"m back at my desk working on Mturk and having some Sour Patch kids as a snack.
3:00, Break time!!! I love wathing girl chat on The Real, it has one of my favorite actresses, Tamera Mowry-Housely, One of the twins from Sister Sister!! I just love her.  I catch up on girl chat while I have some Coca Cola in my Mary Mug.
3:25, right before my Skype student I hear a big train in my backyard, parked. I run outside to get pictures of it for Addie and my nephews.

3:30, Skype Piano Lesson.

4:05, Lesson is done, quick run, to the restroom and a refill of water before my next Skype student.

4:15, Another Skype Piano Lesson.

4:45-5, Skype student is done, I clean a little bit and wrap a present for a student.

5:15, Being the old lady that I am I watch the news AT LEAST once a day. Got to hear the weather!! I watch the news and then have dinner and watch a little bit of an old episode of Grey's on Netflix.

5:42, Breaktime is over. I'm ready for my next round of students and do a few more hits on Mturk in my spare time.

5:52. Student is 8 mins early. grrrrr....... No one likes an early student!! It's my pet peeve, especially when students say things like "Oh my Mom wanted to run some errands so she dropped me off early" I make her wait 8 mins because I am a mean teacher. And I was finishing up timed things on Mturk.

6-7:40, Three students taught back to back! Feelin like a boss! A tired one, but whatever.

After teaching I remember that I need to drop off my water bill payment. They like to send me my bill less than  a week from it being due, which means I almost always have to pay in person, via the drop box, since their online payment takes DAYS to process. So I run out and go downtown to drop it off.

I mean we're really getting to scintillating pictures here aren't we?
Clearly I was running out of things to take pictures of, so I took pictures of the road while I was at a stoplight that was RED thank you very much. Actually at this point, I had a handy phone holder on my dashboard, and all i had to do was press the button. It was lovely! (And then came off a few weeks later when it got home and the adhesive melted, and now I can't find the holder after switching purses, but that is a whole nother story!)
Errand done, I return home and am annoyed again at my neighbors that love to park in front of my house despite NO ONE IN THEIR DRIVEWAY!!!!!

That's all I will say about that.

On my way inside I check my rain gauge. I told you I was an old lady.
I decide that after being cooped up all day I will do some laps in my backyard to get some steps in. So I put pandora on my phone, my earbuds in and get to walking.

My Backyard Paradise! All I need is a pool!

Walking and listening to some tunes. I always have to fight the urge to sing out loud while I'm in my backyard. HA!

Annnnnd walking is done. I sit down on my porch swing and put my feet up for a few mins to relax before I head inside.
8:24 pm, Back inside, I open the windows because it's nice outside. Take my annoying contacts out. HALLELUJAH!! I start some dishwater to wash my dishes, and put my hair in pig tails to get it off my neck. I grab some more sour patch kids to snack on. I'm down to the colors I don't like, but I eat them anyway.

8:31, I remember that I need to do the daily survey for a specific Mturk hit, so I hop onto my email for the link and fill it out.

8:55, Dishes are done, I'm in my Pj's and I remember I need to make my coffee for the next morning.
(I like it cold/iced, so I make instant coffee the night before, and then flavor it and put it in the fridge over night and voila!!)

9:22, I move the laptop to the couch so I can be comfortable while I peruse the interwebs.

9:59, Snack time, No clue what I ate as I didn't write it down and I'm finishing this post a month later. Whooopsie!! Whatever I ate, I ate it while I watched some more of Greys.

10:41, A Piano teacher's work is never done, I get a message on my studio's facebook page, so I read it, and respond to the parent in question.
I want to get better at doing a daily devotional so I decide to re-read one of my favorite Bible Study books from years ago. Having a Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver. I read one chapter.

11:00, I head to my bedroom to take off my makeup and get ready for bed.

11:08, I crawl in bed, turn off the lights and grab my tablet to check social media and read whatever Library book I'm currently in to. I'm not sure when I turned off my lights, because I'm writing this post over a month later, but it was most likely around 11:45/12:00 am.

Phew! If you made is this far without falling asleep, snaps to you!

These days are always a lot of work to document but I appreciate looking back at them and seeing what my daily life was like! Who knows what it will be like next May 11!

Monday, June 19, 2017


Apparently I missed the memo on picture taking this week. Not quite sure what my problem was, but here's hoping I can remember the past week without much documentation!!

Monday it was Hot. Oh was it HOT! Hot doesn't even seem like a strong enough word for it. I was inside teaching all day with the ac on blast and I swear it was still humid, sticky and sweaty. Blech. I spent my day in this chair with said clipboard teaching away.

 I walked by my wall and did a double take. My littlest nephew looks SO much like me as a child! Our baby pictures are almost identical, and I think we really look alike as toddlers as well. I sent this pic to my Mom to compare, and she said we looked a lot alike, minus the look of terror on Lovemuffin's face. HA!

 Weds was the day I had been looking forward to since July 31, 2016, other wise known as my last free massage. A place in town does free massages during the summer so students can get in their clinical hours. And you had better believe I hopped on that wagon!! My first massage was AMAZING and I so excited to get to have a weekly massage! Oh Summer, How I love thee!!

 I've been trying to take more time to practice and play for fun. It can be hard since I teach all day, sometimes when I'm done I just want silence! But I'm trying to carve out some time here and there to play, and learn some new songs. I actually snapped a pic of the wrong sheet music, but I'm learning All of my by John Legend and I basically hum it

 By the time my next to last student arrives on Thursdays this teacher is Tired!! I've found myself the past two weeks putting my feet up on my spare Piano Stool, and it's super comfy. 
 Friday was my day off. YAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAY!!!! Have I mentioned how much I'm loving having Fridays off in the Summer???! BECAUSE I AM!!! IT'S GLORIOUS!!!!!! On this particular Friday my Mom came by and did some planting of veggies, and then weeded, because she's awesome and I was sneezing just thinking about it. The back half of my yard is no joke in the allergy dept.  While she was finishing up I hopped in the shower to wash the dirt and pollen off, and then I had a phone date/Duggar Wedding Viewing with Auds! When she lived here we would always have a dinner date and then viewing party to watch any Duggar Weddings that were on tv. And we knew when she moved we wanted to continue that, so we just got creative! I have to say the show was MUCH more entertaining with our witty commentary.  Girl talk and reality tv viewing with a sweet friend is so good for the soul!!!!!

After that it was raining and storming, and I curled up on my couch and watched tv and read on Friday evening. So relaxing!

Saturday, I have no pictures from. Imagine a Lazy Bum who slept in after not falling asleep until almost 2 am.
 Sunday I was up early. WAY early. Like I could have almost went to the early service early. I don't know why, or how to stop it, but I keep waking up an hour to almost two hours earlier than I need to. My alarm goes off at 7 am on Sundays, and this morning I was awake before 5:30. WHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.... I was putting my makeup on at the time I would have normally been crawling out of bed. #Painful  I was ready for church an entire hour early, and needless to say I made a second cup of coffee and took it with me.  

Also, this is hilarious to me. Look at my face in the above picture. See how white and pale I am? I put on SELF TANNER Saturday night. And this is the "Tan" I got. One shade above Casper.

After a great church service, where I cried more than once, I  decided to make a quick run to Aldi's before heading home. I'm standing in the check out line behind someone, and they finally finish checking out. I get up to the register and the guy says to me " Hello Ma'am! So you shop at this Aldi as well??!!"  Apparently I am either really memorable or I shop at Aldi way toooo much. I'm not sure which one I am hoping for.

Monday, June 12, 2017


 Monday morning was the first day of Summer Schedule on a Monday, so I was up bright and early to get ready for a ton of students. I spent an inordinate amount of time staring out my window at this HUGE bird. It was picking away at roadkill, so I spared you from that #YoureWelcome, But I couldn't take my eyes off it. It was HUGE!! Also #EasilyEntertained #TurningIntoMyDad

 I put on my new favorite comfiest shirt that I got on clearance at Walmart and prepared to teach a whopping 9 students. It was a marathon!! Days with only a 30 min break for dinner are not ideal, but it is worth it to have Fridays off during the summer!
 Finally, at 7:30 when I was done teaching, I was tired of being cooped up inside all day, so I poured myself a nice cold glass of Faygo Red Pop and went outside to get some fresh air.

Tuesday.... Oh Tuesday... there are no pictures of Tuesday or Wednesday because Tuesday afternoon I went from Fine, to REALLY not fine. Out of nowhere I got terrible stomach pain and started throwing up. Thankfully I quit throwing up in the late evening, but I was out of commission on Weds. Still not sure whether I ate something that didn't agree with me, or one of my Monday students gave me the Flu. You'd better believe I will be interrogating every one of them today to find out if they were sick last week!!

 Thursday I was more than happy to be up early at my new Thursday time of 8:15 am, in order to get ready to teach. Thankfully I was feeling much better, albeit not that hungry (Which days later I am still not that hungry
I snuck in a little bit of practice time between students.
By the last lesson of the day I was ready to put my feet up, so I did just that on my extra piano stool. I got a kick out of my student's outfit, she looked like Minnie Mouse! So cute!!!!
After I was done teaching, it was actually still late afternoon, HURRAY for Summer Schedule!! So I went out and ran some errands, like going to my favorite place, The Library, to pick up some books on hold, and get my hours stamped for the summer reading program. Then I was in the longest line at the pharmacy. 
I got home and remembered I needed to do some laundry, and upon entering my laundry room, found my attic area disturbed. I told my Mom I was worried a Person or Wild Animal was coming to kill me. I about killed my finger pulling it shut, so I don't think anyone/thing got in.
Friday I had OFF!! And it was wonderful not to have to set an alarm! I want to do some Fun Friday things this summer, but after being sick I was beat and just had a nice relaxing weekend. By Sunday morning I was ready to see people and go serve at church! My normal coffee turned into a Fraup and it was tasty! Sidenote: Does anyone else have the issue of drinking coffee early in the am and then by the time church comes around you're tired? I keep thinking I should bring more coffee with me to church! We have a little coffee shop there but it's hot coffee and I don't really care for warm drinks, and I also like to flavor my coffee within an inch of it's life.
It was supposed to be crazy hot outside so I decided to wear a long skirt with my Serving Shirt, and cute sandals.
YAY for Team 2!!! My Team was CRACKING me up that morning!!! I feel like I'm finally getting to know several of them, And we are developing our own inside jokes, and it's just so much fun! Serving Sundays are my favorite because as a single girl, going to church alone, I usually sit alone and I'll talk to people I see and know, but Serving Sundays are GREAT because I get to talk to tons of people, and make them feel welcome, and I just feel really connected. I love it! We took up two offerings, well the second was sign up sheets, and I took the shift of standing at the Info Desk during the service, so by the time I finally got home from church I was more than halfway done with my steps for the day. HURRAY!! I found myself doing laps in my hallway right before bed so I could get the final 9 points I needed to get to 10,000 steps. HA!

The rest of Sunday was filled with cleaning, more reading, and piano practice, and some soul filling conversation with a dear friend. So thankful for friends that will speak truth to me, and encourage me with God's word!

And that's a wrap for Week 23!!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

22/52- Visit with Audra & Addie and Roman's 2'nd Birthday Party!!!

 Whew!! What a Week!! I had virtually no pictures for Monday- Wednesday, but I made up for that in the latter part of the week. :) Monday and Tuesday I had off work, a 4 day weekend. And my only plans were church on Sunday. And it was WONDERFUL!!! I can't tell you how much I needed several days off with no plans, nothing to do, nowhere to be, no one to see! It was wonderful, and rest full and just SO much needed.

 Thursday was the first day of my studio's Summer Schedule, which meant I actually got done in the afternoon vs late in the evening. Which was nice! I had an apt with a new prospective dr. My wonderful Dr, moved late last year, and after trying a different Dr, whom I was not pleased with. I did some research and found one that was close to my house and looked promising. I asked for one of my Specialist's opinion and she highly recommended them, so I went into the apt feeling hopeful! And wearing my new sandals which must makes everything better.
 Waiting.. and waiting.. BUT the wait was worth it!! I really liked the Dr I met with, he laughed at my jokes, and was just very easy to talk to. I think I found a winner!!

After I got done at the Dr's office, I had some errands to run, including finding a present for a toddler's birthday party I was going to on Saturday. I spent a delightful hour, ok possibly a little more than an hour, walking around Ollie's. I feel like if I had a dating profile I could put on there "I like long walks around Ollie's, looking at virtually every product they sell" sad..but true!!!!!
 I stopped by the Library to pick up some books on hold, and later that night couldn't decide which book i wanted to read first. #NerdProblems I picked the Kennedy book and it was SOOOOOOO good!!
 Friday I got up and got myself and my house ready for my Framily to visit. Audra and Addie were coming through town and I got to see them! I was super excited!! I was so excited in fact that I sat outside, in front of my house on my bench, reading so I could watch and wait for them.
 Seriously, this book was interesting!!
 Or Teenager??!
 Addie found my sunglasses, and she was a fan. I might have to go back to Dollar Tree and get her a pair, she thought she was big stuff!!
 I mean, I can't!

 I just love these two SO MUCH!!!!! Addie didn't need any time to warm up to me, she was so excited to see me, had me get her out of her car seat and was chattering away about the choo choo train she got to see for 20 mins while they were stuck by my house, and the doughnuts they had brought for me. She was such a little love bug, which I didn't hate at all :)

 Love that girl and so thankful for our friendship!!
 Addie where is your tongue?
 Addie where is your smile??!
 I had found a Cabbage Patch Doll at a yard sale a few weeks ago and bought it to give to Addie. She wasn't too sure about her hair. HA! I put some braids in and pulled it back, and little straight haired Addie wasn't quite sure what curly haired Miss Charity had done to her baby. 
 I think she still liked the doll though!
 Cubbie needed to go outside before they left, and enjoyed rolling through the grass.
 Addie and I sat down on my porch swing and much to her delight, the train behind my house started to move. She is pointing it out to me and saying lots of things about the "choo choo's" Half of which I could understand :)
 Still watching the choo choo's!!

 After A&A left, I ate some dinner and then headed back outside to sit on my swing and read. So relaxing!! I love Friday nights on my porch swing!!
 Sunday I was up bright and early to get ready for Roman's 2nd Birthday party! He was not quite sure about everyone singing to him. He got a little embarrassed!  I love the look he is giving me. Like, Why??!!
 Roman's Mommy and her family are basically my second family, so I enjoyed getting to see everyone! Aunt Bunny and Auntie Cherrybear
 Ro Ro Opening his gift from me. I'm not sure who was more excited in these pics? Ro or his Mommy?
 It's a CAT truck! Or Digger, or something of the like.

 It was good to catch up with Emboz!! Although we missed Betharooski! She was at a church event. Boo :(
 "Get your Motor Runnin........."
 Auntie Cherrybear with Jboz, now the Momma of a TWO YEAR OLD! WHHHAAATT???!! She's also the maker of the best dang chocolate cupcakes and chocolate icing I have had outside of Gigis. Sweet Nibblets. SO GOOD!!
Saturday morning I started having coughing fits, overnight really. When I got up for Ro's Party I didn't feel so great. As the day went on, I started coughing more, sneezing and having that dreaded gross taste in my mouth. Ugh. The Taste of Death! Or an incoming cold. Well by Sunday morning I was REALLY feeling crummy. But, I had told someone that I would Sub for them on the Welcome Team at church Sunday morning, so I took some cold medicine, shoved some cough drops in my cheeks, and headed out. Let me tell you I look 900% better than I felt. I was a hot mess. Thankfully they didn't need me for after the service, so as soon as I was done with my duties, and the sermon started I left and went home. Which I think is the first time I have ever done that, but I was miserable. By the time church was out, I was home, in my pj's with my makeup off, and laying in my bed.  Thankfully after lots of fluids, vitamins, and a sunday of laying around I was feeling much better by Monday, which was a good thing because I had a crazy full day! But you will hear all about that next week!!