Monday, March 16, 2015

Hey Shawty, It's my Birthday.. Gonna Party like.. it's my birthday!

 Fun Fact, 50 Cent's In da Club came out exactly a month before my 21'st birthday. I was still at PCC at the time and was go around singing it. It wasn't until the summer when we were all back at home that my friends started messaging me in shock saying THAT WAS REALLY A SONG?! We thought you just made that up! Muahaha, oh no my friends, Cherrybear knew her way around a few rules. We'll just leave it at that! (For those of you who don't know what PCC is, it's a super conservative Christian College. Think skirts, panty hose, no tv, and no outside influences)

Anyways, back to my birthday this year! I had very low expectations after the horror that was my birthday last year. Once you've had someone you love dying on your birthday, nothing is worse than that. I was expecting this year to be pretty hard, and honestly the first part of the week was, but things got easier as it got closer to my birthday. I survived the first birthday without my beloved Grams as my bday buddy, and I was ok!

As a present to myself, I bought myself two new pairs of shoes! yay!
 The only sneakers i have are my lawn mowing ones i.e. hideously dirty. So i was desperately in need of some casual sneaks that i could wear around. My students also LOVED these shoes. #coolteacher
 Part of what helped my birthday be wonderful were my sweet students who brought me surprises! Little Miss. A brought me flowers and a balloon! and the next day more students brought me flowers! They are SO PRETTY!!
 Another gift to myself was using my Birchbox Points to buy a Birchbox sweatshirt! It is soooo comfy!
 Two of my students got me giftcards to Igloo. (they know me well) I am obsessed with their Vanilla Marshmallow Cokes (sounds gross, but is oh so good!)  So i treated myself to one on my birthday!
 Taking time to stop and smell the flowers. My face looks funny because i was fighting a loosing battle to not laugh. :)

Such pretty flowers! A week later they are still alive and well! I love having them in my studio!

 The bouquet was so large i was having issues getting a decent picture with them. not a bad problem to have!

I love that stores give you free stuff for your birthday or coupons. I scored this super cute purse at Gordman's on clearance for some reason, and got it for a steal thanks to the Gordman's cash they sent me!

I think the best part of my day was receiving this picture of my new nephew, Alexander! Yes, I have a new NEPHEW!! and he is the cutest little boy since his big brother was born 4 years ago. I am in love with this little guy! And yes, he IS awesome like his Auntie!

 The day after my birthday I got up bright and early and got ready to host my parents for a post birthday lunch! I was excited to see them! I wore my new shoes in honor of the occasion!
 And entertained myself by taking my picture :)
 After our super yummy Olive Garden take out, we opened some presents. My Mom thought my house was cold, so she cuddled up in the blankie she brought me. Considering they have wood heat and their house is always in the mid 70's or higher, my 68 degrees probably did feel chilly!
 I opened some birthday presents...
 And my Daddy took a snooze. If you're reading this Dad, MOM took the picture, NOT ME!!
 My Sweet Momma and I. Love her!!!
She is the best Momma a girl could ever hope for!

(and yes, my birthday was almost a month ago, better late than never to blog!)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Wednesdays with Addie

 I wasn't kidding when I told Audra "I hope you enjoy spending your maternity leave with me!"! I have turned into an Addison Jane stalker, or as I like to call her "Addie Girl" and I have no plans on giving up stalking that little punkin! She is just too precious!

 So on Wednesday of this week, I made some lunch and brought it over to Addie and her Momma!  After lunch Addie was sleepy, but was fighting sleep. Auds suggested I stand up and hold her, so I stood and did my patented rock and sway and she was out like a light in a matter of minutes! I was cracking up at her sleep position of choice. I had her on my shoulder, and she kept wiggling down until she found where she wanted to be.
 I mean how is this even comfortable? Who knows, babies are flexible little things. My back and neck just hurt looking at her.
 We learned that selfies with baby work better when I am sitting, thanks to the height difference between me and Auds. Lesson learned!
 And now back to the weird sleeping positions. I mean, look at her leg!  I didn't realize how she was kicking it, (she literally feels so light you can barely tell you're holding her) and Audra grabbed my camera and said she had to take a picture so I could see Addie's leg. Apparently she is on her way to becoming a Karate master? A ninja?
 Still out like a light, limbs going everywhere. Silly girl! Despite me thinking it looked painful to my old lady body, she must have been comfy because she slept this way for almost 2 hours.
 I mean just look at that cuteness! The only downside was that she was a hot little inferno! My chest was flaming red after and I was wondering if I was having an early hot flash. Next time, Charity will wear a short sleeved top before snuggling. :) So worth it though!
I finally had to pull myself away from snuggling to leave and go back home to teach several lessons. I go outside and click my keyless entry and nothing... No unlocking. get closer to my truck, do it again, nothing. Sinking feeling. Look in the window of my driver's side and see my light switch ON. I'm still not sure when I left it on, but my battery was deader than a doornail.

I walk back to Audra's front door where she and the "kids" :) are waiting to see me pull away.  Thankfully, this is not my first time to leave my lights on, and because of that my awesome Dad got me a very fancy pair of jumper cables AND taught me how to use them. We'll not discuss how many times i have used them, but let's just say I completely know how to jump a car. (Sidenote, this has came in handy for others as well, one of my student's Mom had a dead battery and Miss Charity saved the day by jump starting her mini van. Oh yes, I am awesome!)

Anywho, Auds was kind enough to back out her car and then hold the hood up while I went to work. I think I can safely say this is the first time she has ever jumped a car. But as she is my friend, it will most likely not be the last! HA!

After we got it started, and we quit cheering, she asked "So what do we do now?"  I said, well first, we take a picture to commemorate this moment! And she posed and smiled like a champ. #thatswhywerefriends

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Meeting Addison Jane

 Last week something happened that I have been waiting, hoping and praying for, for a very long time! My dear friend Audra had her first baby girl, Addison Jane, and I got to meet her and hold her for the first time!!!! I was BEYOND excited!!!!
 I can't come up with words to adequately describe what it was like to hold her for the first time! She is such a little cutie, and she was so light! and so tiny! She dressed in a special festive outfit for our first girls lunch and my birthday lunch! This might be my favorite new picture :)
 Or maybe this is! A self portrait with the three of us!!!!! So exciting!! And yes, I have mad Auntie Skillz, I can hold a baby and take a picture at the same time. 4 years of practice with Snugglemuffin :)
 After lunch we went to the living room and snuggled and sweet little Addie Girl just slept and slept in my arms.
 Cub Cubs Wasn't too happy about his snuggle buddy snuggling someone else!
 You just can't take enough pictures of babies sleeping. They are so precious!
 Sleeping Beauty.
 It cracked me up how Addie liked sleeping with her arms up. Doesn't she look like a doll? I kept staring at her, she was just so perfect that she almost didn't look real!
And then, right before I left, she was thinking about waking up and grabbed onto my finger. She was holding my hand! erm, well finger. It was so sweet, I just about cried! Sweet little Addie Jane! I am so excited you are finally here! I can't wait to get to know her and her personality and watch this precious little girl grow!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ladies who Lunch- Em's belated Birthday!

 Better late than never! Emboz and Madi and I finally had a much awaited Ladies who Lunch at O'Charleys a few weeks ago. I had been CRAVING and DYING for their chicken fingers. So, so SO YUMMY. And oh yeah, I missed Em and Madi as well :) Since Em's birthday was earlier in January we celebrated!
 Me and the Kitty..
 Oh wait, there's a Madi! I can't believe how big she is getting! Still looks exactly like her Momma and big Sister! #stronggenes
 We count it as a win when 2 out of 3 of us are looking good. (especially when the 2 are the adults :) )
 Mads was using her roll as a camera, taking pictures of me. She's clicking here..
 And lining me up in her sights here!
 Funny story, she was slightly sad? for the first half of the lunch. possibly because her momma poked her n the eye.. Anyways, as we're sitting here eating and chatting, some random server guy came by, and was apparently feeling bad about her sad face, so he whipped out a DOLLAR BILL and told her she could have it if she would smile. Girl knows how to work it!
What a goober!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The week in Phone Pics

 It's Valentine's Day week! I can't remember if I posted this before, but I made a quick little Valentine craft for the studio. Little hearts with all of my students names!
 Technically this was last week, but whatever. On Friday afternoon I went to a new Dermatologist, it had been several years since I had last saw one and knew I needed to get checked out. Thankfully my skin is ok, but while I was there I was mentioning to him how much I HATED the sun spot on my face. Years of trying to be a different color than what God made me, not great for the skin! He mentioned that he had a lightening/bleach spray that he could do. And he would do a trial of it there and if i liked the results I could make an apt to come back for another one. Sure why not!

SWEET.MERCY. It HURT! He sprayed it on my face and it felt like he was cutting out the spot with the world's biggest knife. Pain. Serious pain.

I get home and realized that my face and the spot is starting to puff up.

By the next day, the left side of my face was so swollen I looked like the elephant man. It was TERRIBLE. I went thru a drive thru that afternoon and the girl who helped me kept staring at me in horror. It was then I knew I would NOT be going to church the next day! ha!

By Monday it had gone from bad to worse and gotten infected. Glorious. Let this be my words of wisdom, STAY OUT OF THE SUN! WEAR SPF! You do NOT want this stuff sprayed on your face!

Because of it's nastiness I was instructed to clean it multiple times a day and keep it covered. A bandaid on the face. I feel like Nelly circa 2001. I decided that everyone was going to be staring at me anyway and asking why i had a bandaid on my face so i might as well wear a colorful one. 

Did I mention it's still puffy and struggling with being swollen on the spot? So in addition to my hottness I have to ice my face a few times a day to help reduce the swelling.

Again I say, WEAR SUNSCREEN. Being tan is cute when you're in your teen years but the repercussions when you are only in your early 30s are not fun, not cute and very painful. End PSA.
 Saturday when I woke up all Elephanty like I swore I heard someone in my back yard. I looked through the blinds and saw a man climbing out of the tree. No clue who he was. I am guessing with the phone or power company.

 He strung new cables in my back yard and my front yard. And I kept my blinds closed so I did not horrify him with my elephant face.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The last Dinner for Three

 #tbt to when Audra and I had our last Dinner for Three! She is due with Baby B THIS WEEKEND PEOPLE!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! So we made sure that we planned on last dinner with just the three of us before we added a new edition to our dinner date nights!

 Cubbie does such a good job of posing for the camera! the impressive thing is that my camera was on my bookshelf with the self timer, and Audra put a treat right by the camera and voila!! He is trained I tell ya!
 Will we be as excellent at self portraits when there is a little wee one involved? Time will tell! We are on the glasses and slipped squad that evening, got to be comfy!
 Cubbie was too busy eating his camera treat to be bothered to pose with Mom and his new little sibling. 
I got in LOTS of good Cub Cubs snuggles that evening! He likes to use my legs are a pillow/head rest. Poor thing wanted my couch to be wider, he kept wanting to stretch and there was no more couch left. Bless his heart. Love my little curly haired twin!

Can't wait for our next Dinner for FOUR!!!!!!!!! EEEEEKSSS!!