Monday, May 15, 2017


 Another week down and it seems to be Officially Summer around here. I had to turn my a/c on today because I was HOT!! but let's back up to last week shall we? Monday evening I got done with lessons and after going to the library I came back home and walked some laps in my backyard. I am too chicken to walk alone around my neighborhood. (Someone might kidnap me!!) And I have a large back yard, so I put my ear buds in and walked away!!
 It was beautiful and I forgot about how hilly my backyard is, so my legs got a workout!
 After I walked a few songs I did my own version of yoga? pilates? I don't know. I can just tell you my legs were burning!
 Monday was a happy mail day because one of my VERY FAVORITE authors, has a new book in her series and it arrived for me to review! Not going to lie I finished it in less than 24 hours and it was 400 some pages long. Stay tuned for a review!!
 Weds my eyes were super itchy, and I just had to go with glasses all day. Nerdy, but comfortable.
 By the end of the day I was feeling cranky, so I heated up an already made cupcake, added some ice cream, and suddenly life was worth living yet again.

 Thursday I did a day in the life blog post, stay tuned for that as well! And the morning started off with a fire truck and ambulance at my neighbors house two doors down. And since I have nephews I would have taken pictures even if I wasn't doing a day in the life post!
 The contacts were back in and it was cooler again. Crazy weather! Here I am right before teaching two Skype lessons back to back.
 Thursdays are really busy and long. and after I got done teaching, I was tired, and kind of cranky again. I hadn't been outside all day and I just wanted some fresh air!! So once again I headed out to my backyard to listen to some music and walk some laps.
 Friday it was GORGEOUS!! Windows open, shorts and flip flops on gorgeous!! I had to add some color my outfit for the day.
 All day Friday I was counting down the hours until I was done with work and could go outside! Last Summer I started going out to my backyard on Friday nights, reading magazines, listening to music, or silence, and just un plugging and relaxing. I have really missed it since last summer so I was super excited for my first Friday night of relaxation for the year!!

 Alas I was not even half way through people magazine when someone started mowing. #Why !!

For those who don't know I am VERY Allergic to Grass. So at the sound of a mower if I am outside, I need to go inside immediately, and make sure my windows are closed so I don't breathe it in. Epi Pens are Expensive and I would prefer to not have to use mine any time soon!
 So I went inside and read and puttered about. Around 7:30 I decided I couldn't LIVE without Sour Patch kids. I got some free at Payless a few weeks ago and ever since I am all about the sour patch kids. I grabbed my purse and phone to make a quick run to DG and what do I find in my backyard? A Duck.
 I don't have water in my backyard. There is no water in my neighborhood. No water anywhere. First time seeing a Duck in my backyard but given that my backyard seems to be the wild kingdom not a huge shock.
 After my ever so important trip for SPK, I came home and was shocked at the growth of my hostas! They are growing like crazy!! And I never have to water them so this is great!!!

 Sunday was the Second Sunday of the month and that means #ServingSunday for me! I LOVE Serving Sundays! I always have so much fun!
 Church was great as usual, and then afterwards I got a workout on my legs. They had a Mother's Day Photo Area Set Up, and I thought we needed a Photographer for all the families so I volunteered. For 35 mins straight I did squats. I would stand up and take pictures of the families, and then I would squat down and take more, stand up, rinse and repeat. It was a LOT of fun!! I even played Peek a Boo with several babies to get them to smile. #AuntieSkills I thought afterwards if I ever need a change in my profession, I should take pictures of kids :) Anyways, I had a blast and was really glad I wore my maxi skirt for my squats. HA! When I got done, and started walking away my legs felt like Jello. Which maybe means I should do more squats??!
 As I was leaving for church, I happened to exit my house through the back door and squealed in glee to find out my Peony had bloomed!! I had to stop and take several pictures because with my wild kingdow backyard, you never know how long a flower/plant will be there before an animal eats it. Grrr...
 This was my Grandma's Peony Bush so it was sweet that it bloomed on Mother's Day.

 After church I took my jello legs to Walmart, which I don't even remember the last time i was in a walmart, but boy did they have some cute clothes!! I always find stuff when it's not in the budget to buy it on that trip. Sadness. So I snapped some pics to remind myself of what I wanted!
 I need a new bathing suit and i thought this was so pretty and colorful!!
And this little skirt do-dad for the bottom!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I am straggling in on a Weds with my week wrap up, but doggone it I am determined not to miss a week!!

 Last week was cold and rainy basically all week long. All I wanted to do was take a nap for 7 straight days! Monday it was so cold that I had to put on sock and my slipper booties.
 One of my students had to cancel their lessons that day so I took that free time and baked cupcakes. they were delicious! And the student I shared them with really appreciated them. 

 Wednesday it was guess what, cold and rainy. I was sitting at my desk getting work done before teaching.

 And Thursday was more of the same! My idiot across the street neighbors keep leaving their truck in front of my house. It's the law in my town a vehicle can't be parked on the road without moving for more than 5 days. So at 6 days I called the non emergency police line and turned them in. a Police Officer came out and knocked on their door that afternoon but both of them were gone. Considering the truck sat there for another two days I am guessing they didn't get a ticket which irks me.
 Slippers and leggings . Basically my week.
 Friday I got creative with my lunch and made home made nachos. I.e. I ran out of tortillas :)

 This was my ONE MORE LESSON and it's the weekend face.
My weekend was uneventful but I did see my favorite greys episode of all time. The famous Dr Avery with his shirt off episode that Jboz and I watched in the Hospital waiting room while Emboz was giving birth to Madi!! Ahhhh that episode brings back good memories!!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


So for some reason when I uploaded these pics they inserted backwards into the blog, and I am too lazy to fix every single picture so we're going to do a backwards week wrap up, starting with Sunday!

After church I made a pit stop at home, and DG, and then met Emboz to help load a bike into her vehicle that she was buying for her knee therapy. It was much lighter than I expected, and went in easily! YAY! Of course we had to take a picture afterwards. #IDoItForThePhotoOp

While I was out and about Sunday I ran to the Library to pick up *1* Book on hold. And then somehow the rest of these came home with me.
Friday started off early with a trip to the Chiro. Oh it felt so good! My back was severely out after the whole debacle of being sick and laying on the floor several weeks ago.
Despite having coffee Friday morning I was SO Tired. I had to chug this energy drink inbetween lessons and it was really good! It was a V-8 Drink, and was orange and pineapple. YUMMY!

Oh Look! It's Sunday again!!! It was my Team's Month to serve on the bonus Sunday. And since I had just served a few weeks ago, I forgot to wash my Official Orange serving shirt. So I wore our 2016 NV Shirt instead.

And a cardigan that I kept taking off and then putting on. The weather is so strange right now!

Magically now it is Weds.  I had taught a skype lesson at my desk, and then walked into the piano room for the next lesson and felt like my shoes were weird on my feet so I kicked them off and sat down to teach. I realized later that I had on two different flip flops. No wonder my feet felt weird! It was a struggling day. Clearly.

The bright spot of Weds was a new pizza casserole recipe I tried out, thanks to it was SO good!!!!!!!
Tuesday was beautiful weather, and so warm outside! I made sure to get outside and enjoy some of the weather, which I was glad I did since it rained the rest of the week and got rather chilly.
Monday night I snapped a pic of my Hostas, my Mom planted the ones closest to my house over Easter and they are all taking off like crazy!
Apparently on Monday evenings I like to go to Dollar General......

One of my plants from my Grams house is growing and even has a bud on it! I believe this is a Peony bush?plant? And I'm really hoping my wildlife doesn't eat the flowers off.
More snaps from Tuesday's gorgeous afternoon!
I love my peaceful backyard!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What's Up Wednesday... Wait for it....

I live for April 25'th, the Perfect Day (Miss Congeniality!) and the end of April when my FB is flooded with JT. #NYSNCFOREVER

What I'm Eating this week: Monday I cooked two chicken breasts in the crock pot and then had chicken tacos for lunch. For dinner I used some of the shredded up chicken and put it on a salad and it was DELICIOUS!!! Tuesday night I made Momfessionals Bubble Up Pizza Casserole and Oh my goodness!! It was SOOOOOO YUMMY!!!!!!! Wednesday was leftovers and grilled ham tomato swiss sandwiches for dinner.

What I'm Reminiscing about: Nothing that I can think of.

What I'm Loving: Almay's Two In One Foundation and Self Tanner!! I received two bottles of it from Crowdtap for a sample mission and fell in love with it! It doesn't smell, and it's really the best long lasting foundation I have ever used! And that includes high end! The fact that it gives my pale face a tan, while keeping me safe from the rays of the sun is just an added bonus.

What I've been up to: Work, Work, More work, and trying to Spring Clean my house and yard.

What I'm dreading: At this point( Weds night) the rest of the week. It has been a rough one!  Lord, let it be Friday!!

What I'm working on: Figuring out my Summer Schedule! And figuring out where each student will go. I have made woefully little progress on this for it being the end of April. I'm hoping within the next week, or two at the most, I can get people nailed down for time slots.

What I'm excited about: I decided that I'm going to take Fridays off in the summer! It will be worth it to squish everyone earlier in the week. I have already started a fun things to do in the summer list!

What I'm Watching/Reading: I'm still working my way though Greys Anatomy from start to finish. George is going to die soon, and I'm already sad about it! As for reading I received two new books to review so I am working on them, BUT I downloaded "The Dressmaker" not sure of the author, from my library and it's about a girl who goes on the Titanic and survives. Y'all. I'm OBSESSED with the titanic. I have been probably since high school. I did college speeches on the titanic, I watch documentaries on the titanic, I love audio books on the titanic (Check out a Night to Remember!) I'm all about the titanic!

What I'm Listening to: Right now, the sounds of a fan, and Greys Anatomy.

What I'm Wearing: I haven't changed into my pj's yet, so I'm still sporting the sundress that I wore Weds. It was HOT today!!

What I'm doing this weekend: It's My Team's month to serve on the extra Sunday, so I am serving at church this weekend as well! I really like serving at church, it's fun! So I'm excited for that, and I'm excited for a rainy saturday of rest.

What I'm looking forward to next month: ALLLLLL the Garage Sales!! My Mom and I have several that we go to together each Summer, and May has the first, and the best one! I cannot wait! It's so fun and we always find a lot of steals and things we can't live without. Watch for me to buy pillows. Decorative Pillows at Garage Sales are my Kryptonite. My Mom's? Baskets.

What else is new: Well I am waiting for my Misfit Fitness tracker replacement to arrive. Last week at this time it got water in the back of it and died. Thankfully the people at Misfit are amazing with their customer service! SO I am anxiously awaiting my new one to arrive!