Monday, December 4, 2017


 Last Monday dawned with Terror in my heart. We were ONE DAY AWAY from the Christmas Recital!! ACK!!!! I went out and got Shot #1 of my new batch of Allergy shots. When your vials run out they mix up a new batch and apparently since it is fresher it is stronger. So they bump you down a bit on the dosage so as to not send you into anaphylactic shock, so you have three shots in about a week's time frame to get back up to your normal dosage.
 Tuesday they day was finally FINALLY here!!!!! I put on my new dress and new vest and wished to high heavens that it wasn't so warm outside. Nursing Homes are toasty y'all. even more so when it's warm outside.
 I'm happy to say we all survived the Christmas recital. hahahah although nervous Miss Charity did almost fall of her chair a few times. I was sitting on the edge of my seat and "playing" the song right along with my students, (in my head of course, i'm not that crazy) but they all did great and recovered from any mistakes they made. And most importantly the residents LOVED it. I think we brought a large dose of Christmas cheer to them! Jboz was my assistant for the 2'nd year in a row. I don't know how I did it before her! She is such a help, and really makes it run smoother,and takes the stress off from me.
 Can't forget this year. The one and only great Bethanne at Bethanne Lawson Photography was our Photographer again this year. I have lost count of how many years she has been doing our recital but it's been several, and her pictures only get better and better each year. Even when I think there is no way she can top the previous year she always blows 
 And my personal favorite. Our Pizza party on the way home! We always eat in the vehicle while I drive home, and this year Jboz and I both brought paper plates, and she brought napkins that I forgot. I told her this is why we are friends. hahahahah My poor tummy is too nervous to eat beforehands so by the end of it I am STARVING.

 The day after the recital I slept in two hours instead of going to bible study, and dressed in comfy clothes because this teacher was TIRED.
 My view from my teaching chair.
 Thursday night after students were gone, I turned on Charlie Brown's Christmas and sat in the beauty of the lights. Ever since the day after Thanksgiving I had been fighting a migraine every single day. That Thursday, over a week later it was really bad. Thankfully I got an apt at my chiro for Friday morning and I was never so happy to get up early on my day off. It helped, but Saturday my migraine was returning. ugh.
 Mom came to town Saturday so we could go to two Craft Shows. And she brought me some more of my Grams christmas decorations. I decided my mailbox needed some festivity.
 As well as my windchime holder. Why not!
So the craft shows were kind of a bust. they were light on crafts, and heavy on lularoe, scentsy, nail wrap people, ect. BUT I managed to get a lot of Audra's Christmas presents, I thanked Mom for going with me to basically buy Audra presents. HA! The one thing I was REALLY excited about was this necklace! Last year for the recital I borrowed a necklace from Emboz that I LOVED, and found it online but never ordered it because of shipping. I hate paying shipping. The people who sell the jewelry were at the first craft fair and they had the EXACT COLOR of necklace that I borrowed and loved! I squealed and grabbed it up! That alone to me was worth going!

Sunday, November 26, 2017


6 Weeks from the end of the year!

And I am NOT done with my Christmas shopping yet which has me a tad stressed. December is super busy for a Musician, so the need to get things done early is real! 

Annnyyyways, onward to the week's wrap up!
 Somehow the only picture I took Monday, was of the double batch of PB Fudge I made. I started the making ahead and freezing for the treats I will need for Christmas Party in your lesson week.  1 treat down. 4 or 5 more to go!
 Tuesday was a busy day. It was the first of 3 concerts I have, in 3 weeks. First concert went well and I loved being able to bust out the Christmas music! When I went into the facility it was 50 some degrees. When I left an hour or so later it was 39 degrees. When I got out of my vehicle to pump gas 10 mins later it was 36 and raining. BRRRRRRRR. I had to run into Sears to pick up something for my Mom, which they lost and then finally found. And then I made my way over to my chiropractor. My back was in bad shape. For over a week anytime I would even slightly bend down my back would spasm in pain, to the point where I was making noise when it happened because it hurt so much. Dr R had his work cut out for him, and let me just say that part of it was painful. And I was sore for several days after. But it did help! I used my time waiting for him wisely and got caught up on my bible study homework for the following morning.

 I was tired the next day and struggling a bit at bible study. My brain and mouth weren't quite syncing up. I had suspected that maybe I had a sinus infection. I had been really tired for over a week, running a slight fever, ect. So Tuesday I had called my ENT for some antibiotics. Well I went to go pick them up Weds after bible study and they weren't there. And thus started a seriously annoying afternoon and evening of calls back and forth with the ENT, and two stops at two different urgent cares.  I have had issues with my ENT always being out of the office, and the country...? and this was the final straw. It makes me sad because I like him as a Dr, but their policies and what he tells me don't seem to match up. Add to the fact that you can never get an apt with him without waiting one week if you are lucky, but usually 2-4 weeks.  So now I have to find another ENT. Hopefully it will turn out to be a good thing!

Anyways, Inbetween this sinus infection ent saga, I taught piano lessons, made icing for the texas sheet cake I was taking home for thanksgiving, packed up my truck, taught more lessons, and then went to two different urgent cares, and thankfully was able to be seen at the second one immediately after walking in. I was in and out within mins and never had to sit in the waiting room or the exam room! Add to that, the Pharmacy was still open and had filled my antibiotic by the time i got out to the parking lot and googled their phone number! So the frustrating day did have a good ending.

Finally around 8 pm, I left the West side and headed home!
 The next day was Thanksgiving, or Friendsgiving if you will. Sarah #1 and her BF Dan, and Brady came to the farm to celebrate with us! Brady got to meet the cows. He loved them and wanted to be friends. They did not share the sentiment.
 Four little piggies having their Thanksgiving Feast of Apple peels and fruit!

 The two big cows and Midnight stared at Brady like they were Mafia Hitmen. The babies just ran away :(
 Brady Bartholomew and his bestie. Although I think my Dad might have taken the Bestie spot. He played several rousing games of Fetch with Brady and pretty much made his day. While one of those games was going on, Sarah #1 and I were practicing our duet for the recital. She very graciously brought her digital piano to the farm, and set it up so we could practice.   
 We realized right as they were leaving we didn't get a picture of eachother!
 Friday was a low key day at the farm. Mom went black friday shopping and my sick self slept in. Then later in the day I got very stressed out as the Christmas Tree I had ordered on eBay TWO WEEKS AGO, changed it's delivery date and was now being delivered Saturday. While I'm not there. Our neighborhood has had thefts lately and it's just not safe to leave packages out on your door step when you're not there. Thankfully my lovely friend Jboz was in town and was able to go put it inside my house for me. I stressed and didn't sleep well Friday worrying that something would happen. I got up early Saturday to take a shower and get ready so I could head back to town. And went downstairs to discover there was no water because my Dad was replacing the water softener. I mean...... It was all kinds of a struggle. As this is going on I get an email that my tree was delivered. Early. After I tell Jboz that the mail never goes before such and such time. Of course they deliver it early when it's not in her free time window. OF COURSE! Thankfully she was able to go and get it. and I breathed much easier when I got her text that it was safe!  I gave up on the shower and grabbed the bottle of water in the bathroom and used half of it to wet my hair and try to make myself not look as bad as I did. HA!
 Finally made it back home after running errands and got my tree out and slowly figured out how to put it together despite their abysmal instruction sheet. We won't discuss how much time I have spent in the past 24 hours fluffing and moving all 1500 tips multiple times......
 Me before church. Still not awake.
This afternoon I got my breakable and favorite ornaments on and the tree is ready for my students to decorate the rest!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


 BOY HOWDY!! This past week was a Humdinger! And it all started on Monday.

I was taking my sweet time getting ready that morning, and got out of the shower to find two missed calls from my Mom. Since I had already exchanged emails with her that morning and everything was fine then I knew something was wrong, probably with Dad. So I immediately called her back and long story short my Dad was in a Semi versus Tractor accident. And by the grace of God and his protection he was unharmed. He was hit by a Semi trying to pass him, when he was turning onto a side road. It's still crazy to even type that. He was hit by a semi and walked away without a scratch. Only God!!! I was relieved to say the least, and it really didn't hit me what had happened and what really should have happened, until several hours later. Then I got emotional! It didn't help that my Dad sent me a picture of some of the aftermath of the wreck and I could see the tire marks from where the semi had rammed into him and the tractor had been pushed down the road and then off the road. That got me teary eyed. But I am so thankful that God saw fit to protect him and give us more time with my Dad!
 I had a cancelled lesson right in the middle of my teaching, so not a whole lot of time to do much. So I decided to put the ornaments on my music tree. I pulled out this violin ornament that my Grams had given me. 
 And then seeing her hand writing on the back, and how she beautifully wrote my name, got me all teary eyed again. I miss seeing my name in that hand writing...
 Finished music tree!
 I'm loving sitting next to this while teaching!
 This day was either Wednesday or Thursday. I'm not really sure. By that point I was exhausted and days were running together. I was super tired all of last week (which I now know is from a sinus infection starting) so I was struggling a bit. 

 The weather for this past weekend was forecasted to be really nasty. Lots of rain, winds, and dropping temps. So I ran out Friday night to get some gas so I wouldn't have to stop on the way to church Sunday, and then I picked up some groceries via click list.
 Oh wait, here's Thursday! Can you tell I was tired?! I am excited it is scarf weather again though!

 I have been putting up more Christmas decorations, although I am going a  little lighter this year. I hung up my special Stocking that has taken me through 2 different offices, and now my home. I had to snap a picture and send to April to see if she still had hers, and she does!! Long Live the Dream Team!!

Wednesday again, after Bible study, because I can see my nametag. HA! Side note, do any contact wearers HATE the feel of daily contacts? I ran out of my Air Optix, and have been waiting on sale. I got some dailies from Hubble Contacts to try them out and ugh. I only do it when I can't deal with my glasses for another day. And I never last the entire day with them in. they are so flimsy! And i feel like they dry out almost from the moment i put them in. Is this just me?

Saturday, November 18, 2017


Well I am sliding in with a super late recap of last week, but better late than never!

I put out some of my decorations, and I love sitting at my kitchen table and seeing this pretty nativity!

My favorite nativity went up in the piano room. It's very breakable so I have to put it somewhere little piano hands cannot reach. This was my Grandma's and my Mom has a matching set.
Last week's big project was moving this armoire out of the piano room. It sat behind my chair and housed a lot of my music. Everytime I wanted a book I would have to move my chair and table to get ti it. My Mom is building me a shelf that will be tall and skinny and go on the wall of the closet. So I had to clean this bad boy out, figure out where to temporarily house all the music and stuff that was inside, move this out of the studio, and find a place for it.
I finally found the dice that rolled under the armoire 3 years ago.........
I managed to get the music in the closet but hten I was left with this..........................
Wednesday morning Bible Study has been so much fun! Definitely worth getting up early and rushing around to get there. I have learned a lot and made some new friends! We only have a few weeks left and I am already sad.
An Emoji showed up for a piano lesson.
I love the coziness of christmas lights!
Thursday was chilly and wintery, so I was all bundled up.
Thursday between lessons I got the brilliant idea to put my old tree in the piano room and use it for my music tree. I was using a smaller tree in there but I have accumulated a good amount of musical ornaments, and our yearly studio ornaments that I was needing a bigger tree. 
After I put the tree up my little table didn't fit, so I had to figure out something to hold my pens, clock, ect.. Thankfully this reindeer fit perfectly and it's so cute!!
Sunday was cold, we skipped right over fall into winter.  I needed taller socks to hold down my leggings since I was wearing boots. So I grabbed these non matching socks and thought how proud my students would be. Pretty much all of my students that wear socks, never wear matching ones.
It was also my Sunday to serve! We had a few minor kabobbles, like accidentally opening the doors before Pastor Dave was done talking at the end. Whooops! Sorry Pastor Dave! But we made it through without any major disasters so I call that a win!
After church I ran to Ollies, one of my very favorite stores! I swear you can find anything and everything there, and for a cheap price! I needed some lighted garland for my sofa table, so I could put out my Glass Angels. And I found way more than that, of course!
Like CHARLIE BROWN WRAPPING PAPER!!!!!!! I had to control myself and only buy two tubes. It was hard. Love me some Charlie Brown!!!!
And I ended the night like this... ahhhh peaceful!!