Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's Up Wednesday- FIVE Days Until my Birthdaaaayyyy!!!

What I'm eating this week: That's a good question! I need to cook something!!

What I'm Reminiscing about: Past Birthdays with my Grandma. I miss her a lot this time of year.  I already had one big cry over it last week, so hopefully that sadness is over! Grief is a funny thing.. Hits you out of nowhere.

What I'm Loving: THIS WEATHER!!!! Indiana is crazy, it has been in the 60's and 70's and I am loving it!! Windows open, capri's, flip flops, yes, yes and yes!!!!!

What I've been up to: Ugh.. Adulting... It isn't fun!! Last weekend my house flooded.. again.. so I had to deal with that and the on going saga of my sewer system. My computer has been having issues for several weeks which I think I finally solved, but mercy!!

What I'm dreading: Sewer Issues..

What I'm working on: Lots of things!!!! Several involve crafting!

What I'm excited about: I'm excited for my birthday and birthday week, and that I get to see my best and Addie Jane in a few days!!!!!

What I'm watching/reading: I have been binge watching One Tree Hill, and I need to finish the Melissa Tagg book I am half way done with!

What I'm listening to: Right now I'm sitting on my couch typing up this post, and listening to the ladies on The Real. My FAVORITE can't miss talk show!!

What i'm wearing: Well I only seem to have one pair of capri's, so I'm sporting my dark denim capri's for the second time this week. Today I'm wearing my 2016 NV Shirt, along with my fake converse.  Monday I wore the same capri's, along with a pink and white flowered sleeveless shirt, topped with a white cardigan and flip flops.

What I'm doing this weekend: It's my Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Sunday my parents are coming to town and they are going to church with me. I'm excited because this will be the first time they've been to a service at our new church building! I'm excited to see what they think of it!! After that we're having lunch at my place and a birthday party! YAY!!

What I'm looking forward to next month: Um... March is kind of a meh Month. So I'm not sure!

What else is new: I'm working on creating a Gallery Wall in my living room! Ok that was stretching for something new, but oh well!!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Book Review: Delayed Justice by Patricia Bradley

Spoiler Alert- I Loved this book! And you will too!

When I got the email of books to pick from for the month, I saw Patricia Bradley's name and didn't even read the rest of the email. I immediately hopped over to sign up for her newest book and hoped and prayed it wasn't out of stock! Needless to say I was really excited when I found out I was one of the reviewers!

This book centers around Andi Hollister, and Detective Will Kincaide, and the mystery of her sister's death. Is the man in jail, who just happens to be related to Will, really the killer? Or is someone else out there responsible?

This book was really easy to read and follow along. The chapters bounce back and forth between characters but I found it very easy to follow along. One of my friends also read this book and had a different opinion. I think if you have read any of Patricia Bradley's books you will like this and find it easy to follow along, as it really is in her normal style. If you are newer to her books and not familiar with how she goes back and forth between characters it might be harder for you. Personally, I like seeing and hearing what the other characters are thinking. I think it adds another deeper layer to the book.

I really appreciated that Andi wasn't a cookie cutter character. She had struggles and issues, and was by no means perfect. I did wish that there had been more of a conclusion/ends tied up at the end of the book. I didn't feel like it fully gave me an ending to what she had been struggling with through the entire book.

And of course I am always a sucker for the love story of people who have known each other all of their lives and are too dumb to see that the other person is in love with them as well!

I really enjoyed this book and hope that she write further books in the Memphis Cold Case Series!

Thanks to Revell for providing me with this book to review with my honest opinions!


 Oh what a week it was! Here goes the Recap!

Monday I counted down 14 days until my Birthday! In honor of Valentine's Day I wore a cute heart scarf!
 A sibling set of students brought me the cutest chocolate chip cookies!! They had HEART SPRINKLES in them!! SO cute and SO yummy!!!!!!!
 Tuesday I celebrated Valentine's Day by going Grocery shopping and taking a nice long hot shower and pampering myself. And of course, Netflix. I also worked on redecorating my sofa table and made a light up cherry blossom tree to go beside it.

 Wednesday I attempted to go Valentine's day 50% shopping, but kind of struck out. At least my hair looked good!

 I did find these cute felt, glitter hearts at DG.
 So Cute!!
 And while Dollar Tree had NOTHING Valentine's Day, I am ready for St Patricks day! How cute are those scarves??!!!
 I might have also got myself a pair of huge sunglasses there as well. Dollar Tree is a great place for cheap sunglasses! I always end up breaking mine somehow, so cheap is best!

 Thursday we were down to 11 days on the Birthday countdown..
 And I was on Day 2 of fancy hair. It really is SOOOOO much quicker to get ready in the morning when you don't have to wash, air dry, and then blowdry your hair!!
 In honor of #TBT I posted these gems in IG.

 And my Birthday Sephora Gift Arrived!!! YAY!!
 Thursday I was wearing my slipper booties.....
 And getting in a work out Teaching on Skype with my stand up "table"
 I found these old pictures of my brother and I as children, when I was randomly going through a memory book.
 I mean, we were cute kids!!
 Friday dawned bright,early, and warm! And despite having my morning cup of coffee I was STRUGGLING. I took myself to Igloo for the largest Vanilla Marshmallow Coke they had. And apparently I wasn't the only one who thought that was a good idea.
 I drank all of this.. And I was STILL tired!!
 Last day of double digits!!
 It majorly warmed up on Friday and I had bare feet....

 And the windows open to teach!! I LOVE it when I can teach with the windows open!!
 This is my, I love teaching with the windows open, but how many times will I have to tell my students to focus and quit looking out the window- face. Spoiler alert, it was a LOT.
 Saturday. Oh Saturday. It was lovely. Until a certain point. I was outside sunning my legs and arms and reading in the near record breaking heat for two glorious hours. then I came inside and took a shower. I started a load of laundry, and baked some chicken nuggets. and in the time it took me to eat said nuggets and watch some netflix, my house FLOODED. ..... AGAIN!! I seriously, looked over to the kitchen and saw standing water and I nearly wept. I was sitting on the opposite side of my couch, right next to the window, or I would have probably noticed it sooner.

Anyways, it was a nightmare. It took me over an hour to clear up the standing water with my carpet cleaner. I quit counting how many times I dumped it after 40... I can't tell you how bad my back and shoulders hurt now!! It's Now Monday afternoon and I am still waiting for the sewer line to have the tree roots dug out.....

After being up a few times over night checking to see if I had any new floods, Church did not happen on Sunday. I needed some things at the store, which I had planned to do after church. So I threw on some non pj's, and put my hair in pig tails and threw a hat over that and hoped I didn't run into anyone I knew. Thankfully, I did not!!

Not a great end to the week. Praying this one is better!!

Monday, February 13, 2017


I DOMINATED this week!!  I often have busy weeks, but this week I felt like I was accomplishing things, more than just being busy. It was a wonderful feeling! And a nice change of pace.. hahahahah

I had several errands to run on Monday so I got up a few hours earlier than normal so I could get them all done before lessons without feeling rushed.
The Errand I was MOST excited about was getting my free gigi's cupcake for my birthday! I chose the Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip and oh was it so good!!
Gigi's cupcakes have so much icing on them it can be a bit too much. So I figured out the best way to get the correct ratio of icing to cake. Yes, I take my cupcake eating seriously!!
Early in the week the latest Duggar girl to give birth, did. And had a boy. I thought it was a girl. Which should have told me it was a boy because I'm always wrong. Audra and I had to text back and forth that day about the baby and what it's unfortunate name might be.

Edited to Add: Right as I was finishing this blog, they finally announces his name (Sidenote, you knew the gender and you had nine months. It doesn't build interest when you wait an entire week to announce. It's just weird. And annoying)

And they named him.... Henry.... Wilberforce......................................................

Tuesday, oh Tuesday. I took down an old broken blind in my bedroom, and installed a new, larger blind. It was a hot mess. I didn't know what I was doing but I finally figured it out. And needed a shower after because I was pouring sweat! I was proud of myself though for getting it done all by myself!
And as Paul Harvey would say. Here's the other side of the story. My nightstand was littered with tools!
Wednesday the coffee I had made the night before ( I like Iced Coffee) was in the perfect mug for what it did all day long! I made a quick trip to DG for some snacks and chocolate because I'd been craving a smore and didn't have any chocolate.
I came home and immediately tried to roast a marshmallow on my gas stove. Let's just say I burnt some. And the smores made in the following days were made in the microwave. (And still tasted just as good!)
After my Smore Break I got back to work and worked ALL afternoon on my Taxes. You can imagine about how much fun that was.
While I was working, it was still coming down!
I only had a few students on Weds, and one by one they cancelled, down to the very last one, when I was looking out the door wondering where she was. So I finally got my wish for a snow day, even if I spent it working and doing taxes.

It was really pretty!!!! Mostly because I didn't have to go anywhere!

Thursday dawned bright and sunny. Thursdays are always a really long day, so I wore one of my favorite comfy outfits.
That afternoon, I happened to have three skype students in a row. Last time I did that, after sitting at my kitchen table for two hours my back was KILLING me. So I decided I had to do something different this time. I thought making a stand up desk might be a good idea. So I rigged it up, thinking I would stand for the first lesson, sit for the next and so on.

Well the first lesson went so well and it was SO NICE to stand up, when I'm sitting for so much of my day, that I ended up standing up for all three lessons. My legs were feeling the burn afterwards but in a good way! It also made sitting for the next three students of the evening much easier!

I sat down to scarf down some dinner, and realized it was bright outside! At 5:30! HALLELUJAH!!!! I love that it's not pitch black when my day is still going strong.

I had a few minutes before my student arrived and I decided to reward myself with 10 mins of reading. I was reading Clint Hill's Five Presidents, and it, like all of his books, was SO good!!
Friday I decided that my chalkboard needed some Valentine's Decorations. I kind of fell down on the Valentine's train this year. It snuck up on me! I really didn't decorate for it and also kind of forgot to do anything for my students. Whooopsie!!
These flowers and my love candle was it for the decorations in my living room.

My Living Room Chalkboard usually sports a bible verse i'm trying to memorize, but it's in full Birthday Countdown mode right now!!!

All that snow we got on Weds? Was quickly melting on Friday when the temps were in the 40's.
And the sunset Friday night? It was AMAZING!!
I clearly couldn't choose which was my favorite picture
So I'm giving you several!!

Ok So I gave you a lot, but they are so pretty!!

Sunday, SOMEHOW, I woke up at 6 am... When my Alarm was set for 7..... Thankfully I had made an extra large cup of coffee the night before, so I guzzle that down while I got ready for church. It was my Sunday to Serve, and while Orange isn't my favorite color ;), I do love serving! I'm happy I have found my place and something I enjoy doing!

For the first time I got to man the Info Desk while the sermon was going on. I had never done that before and I enjoyed it! I think I may volunteer for it next time as well. It was nice to stand up. (Are you sensing a theme here? Standing up is my new work out.. hahahah but seriously!) It was kind of fun to see what goes on "behind the scenes" so to speak.
After church I ran to DG, because what is a Sunday without a stop there? And I came home and was trying to take my picture outside in the sun because it was once again sunny and beautiful. Well I kept getting my toilet paper in the picture and then the neighbor across the street let his dogs out to use the facilities in their front yard (anyone else think that is GROSS??!!) and his dogs were barking at me. So I gave up and went inside.

Sunday afternoon was spent doing some chores, redecorating a bit, painting ALLLLLLLLL the picture frames. Ok not really but I did paint 4 of them. And reading Melissa Tagg's latest book.

14 Days until my Birthday!!!!!! ;)