Monday, February 12, 2018

5/52 & 6/52

This is what happens when you're a week late on your week recaps. You have ONE picture from week 5 and can't remember anything else from it! Whoopsie.

I guess we can sum up week 5 with, I came, I saw, I taught, Barbie and Ken got married.

One of my students was learning to wedding processional and recessional, so I decided that  we should make it extra special, and she brought her dolls in and we had a wedding in her piano lesson. It was cute and hilarious. The Alter was my side table. Ken wasn't so great on standing up so he is posed on my water. HA!

 OH, and I finally got a new watch! It looks basically identical to my old watch and that makes me very happy. I'm loving being able to look down and see the time without having to press a button and read the dots. (Misfit Flash)
 Last week started off with the Superbowl, which I could care less about, and the halftime show featuring my boy JT!! I danced my booty off and was glad there was no one there to see it.

I also stayed up way too late in order to watch This is Us. Man I love that show.
 I made a little heart banner for my sofa table.
 Tuesday it snowed and I was looking more legit with my face mask.
 I love my borrowed snowblower. My back REALLY loves it!
Wednesday I was up painfully early for a routine Dr apt in the morning. 

After which I ran ALLLLLL the errands

Which included a stop at Sears for this cutie.

My SIL got me hooked on the Sears Win It App. I've been faithfully playing each day, and am racking up the points. I finally figured out I could use my points in store for free clothes HOLLA!! So i got this cute shirt and a dress, which i need to return as it fit strangely and was kind of itchy. But Yay for free clothes!!

The week ended with me waking up at 1:30 am on Saturday with a bad, bad feeling.

It didn't end well.

Happy to be back in the land of the living today!

Friday, February 2, 2018


 Well I can't remember a whole lot of last week, so here's a tiny recap!

Monday I celebrated back to life from the sinus junk, and treated myself to a Mocha Frozen Dunkin Coffee. My FAVORITE!!
 First time wearing makeup and contacts in days. It felt good!
 That evening my last student's Mom brought me tulips she had found at Kroger. they were tulip bulbs and I was so excited! Tulips (and peonies) are my favorite flowers!
 So pretty!
 I scored some clearance items and bought AND WRAPPED my first Christmas Presents for 2018. Now to not lose them in the next 11 months......
 Wednesday... Um..... I remember nothing except that I taught!
 Thursday I had several errands to run before teaching. I went to Target in hopes of finding this adorable 3.00 gold heart hanging mirror. I saw it after Christmas and stupidly didn't buy it. And of course, it was gone! :( I was so sad. I consoled myself with these Valentine's Decorations.
 And this cute little banner for my front door! Target Dollar Spot for the win!!
 And then I headed to my happy place. AKA my Chiropractor's office. ahhhhhhhhh!
After all of that I was really tired from being all over town and I hadn't even taught yet! So I made a pit stop at Target for an Ice Cold Coke to keep me awake thru lessons.

And it did.

It also kept me awake much later, but I digress.

The weekend included taking a shower, realizing the shower wasn't draining, looking outside the curtain to see a flooded floor.


Tree roots in the sewer line strike again.


Thankfully by late Sunday afternoon the roots were gone and water was back to draining in my home. Good times!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

What's up Wednesday

What I'm eating this week:

Well I can't remember Monday, but I've been eating on a Pizza Pasta Casserole I made, Tuesday I made sloppy joes, and Wednesday for lunch I had fish and waffle fries! Yum!! Thursday I had more of fish and fries, and for dinner I made chicken tacos!

What I'm reminiscing about:

I officially started the birthday countdown on my living room chalkboard! Now I am thinking of birthdays past, which always makes me think about, and miss my Grandma. Her birthday was the day before mine, so for my entire life we celebrated together. Until she went to Heaven a few years ago. It's still bittersweet and I miss her alot at this time of year.

What I'm Loving:

Wednesday I tried out Walmart's grocery pick up for the first time! Unlike Kroger they don't have a fee for the service, which I loved. They were bringing the cart out before I had put my truck in park! I am a big fan of not walking around the store when it's super cold outside.

What I've been up to:

Finally getting some energy back after being sick! I'm on my second round of antibiotics, and while I still have some sniffles, I am feeling a ton better than I was, and am not wanting to fall asleep at 6:30 every night. Which Is helpful since I'm usually teaching at that time!

What I'm dreading:

I have an early morning Dr's apt next week. Not so much dreading the apt as I am having to get up really early to be there at 8:30.

What I'm working on:

Lots o stuff! Lesson Plans for students. Students Valentines. I have the cards, just no gifts yet. Still working on decluttering and cleaning my house. After christmas and then getting sick my house has taken a hit. We won't discuss the mountain of clean laundry in my bedroom waiting to be folded and put away.

What I'm Excited about:

February! My Birthday month! Let the birthday freebies begin!!

I'm also excited and yet not excited for THE Episode of This is Us. You know the one I'm talking about. It's airing right after the superbowl, and It's kind of like I want to see it to get the bawling and hysterical sobbing over!

What I'm Watching/Reading:

Right now I've been reading Allison Brennan's Lucy Kincaid FBI Series. I'm on book 4. And as for watching, Hulu added a ton of 90's television so that's what I've been watching!

What I'm listening to:

Right now I'm listening to the furnace running, and in a few minutes I'll be listening to the chatter of a student.

What I'm Wearing:

Thursday, Leggings and slipper booties with a dark burgundy top, Wednesday, a black short sleeve cowl neck tunic, with leggings and a blue cardigan, Monday, umm....had to look at my phone! Jeggings, a burgundy drapey mock turtle neck with a black cardigan. Basically, comfy.  All week.

What I'm doing this weekend:

Church! Well, unless we get a snowstorm. but hopefully church! And hopefully finally folding and putting away all my laundry. Why do I hate it SO much??!

What I'm looking forward to next month:

My Birthday is in February!! We'll call this next month since i was supposed to write this the last Weds of the month. Minor detail.

What else is new:

umm... nothing that I can think of!

Monday, January 22, 2018


 The words to describe last week would be Snow & Snot.

Sunday I started feeling like I was getting a cold. Monday when I got up it was clear I had one. It had snowed over night, so I got to use my new to me borrowed snowblower for the first time! Despite not feeling well I was pretty jazzed to try it out!
 Don't ask me about the weird gloves I'm wearing.  I have no clue.

After a slight technical difficulty with the extension cord not fitting the plug in, I got it going, and managed to clear my driveway and sidewalks and my neighbors sidewalk. My cord didn't get me to his driveway. Which I felt bad about until I was teaching later and heard a snowblower. Someone had come to do his driveway!
 Wednesday. Oh Wednesday. There were numerous times that day when I wanted to sit down and bawl

I was super sick by Weds, and realized I needed to see my Dr. So I made a same day sick apt for later that afternoon. I got ready in the hopes I could teach but I was in no shape to teach so I cancelled lessons. I had just used the last of my cold medicine and thought I would go buy more and go get my allergy shot in hopes that would somewhat help with the snot.


My truck wouldn't start.

So I had to put in a call for Triple AAA, and finally hours later they showed up.

I met my good buddy Mr. J, and he got my truck going, after I diagnosed it to be the battery. (I was right) He told me it needed to run for a good 40 mins, and that was fine with me. So I took the key fob off, locked my door and went inside to call my Mom and update her. 

Finally about 25 mins later I decide to drive it to get my meds, ect. I go outside and THANKFULLY had the presence of mind to not lock my house door (my house keys are on my key ring that was inside the truck) and I try to unlock my truck door with the key fob. IT DID NOT WORK! We found out later if the truck is running and locked the key fob will not work. That would have been good information to know on Wednesday afternoon.

At that point I just wanted to sit down in the snow and cry.

Which I seriously thought about.

Instead I went back inside, and called back my good buddy Mr. J. Whom was kind enough to not make fun of me for locking my keys inside a running vehicle.

He came back and was able to get it unlocked easily. 

Thank goodness for Triple AAA and Mr. J!!

 I was a little concerned about whether I would be able to make it to the Dr that evening but I did. And was thankfully clear of the Respiratory Flu, which I was concerned that I had, despite my flu shot. Thankfully it was just a bad Sinus Infection. I left with a prescription for two antibiotics. Sigh.
 Which took a sweet forever to fill. 

The next several days were filled with snot, sneezing and feeling miserable. 

I don't know what it is about getting a cold before a sinus infection but it just flattens me. I felt like I could barely think, my brain was going in slow motion, and I was just so miserable. It took me until Sunday to finally start feeling better. I'm still running an off and on fever at this point, which is annoying, but I am much better than I was! I spent days on the couch with Hulu. 
 Saturday Mom came to town to replace my truck battery. Even though my truck was running, the battery was old and on it's last leg. So to keep me from getting stuck somewhere in winter weather we decided to replace it before something terrible happened.

Book Review: Troubled Waters by Susan May Warren

Just when you think everything has been wrapped up nice and tidy, Susan May Warren throws something else at you!

That is basically the theme of this series of books, for me at least!

I'll admit I really do like it when books tie up all loose ends at the end of the book. It drive me a little crazy when they don't, kind of like a TV show that has something crazy in the last minute and you have to wait until the next week to find out what happened. (I'm looking at YOU Shonda Rhimes!)

Troubled Waters is the 4'th book in the Montana Rescue Series by Ms. Warren, and it follows the same thread as the other books in this series. The Mystery of what happened to Ian Shaw's niece is FINALLY and I do mean FINALLY revealed (it only took 4 books....) And of course along side the mystery comes rescue missions, because, hello, it's Montana Rescue. I get that they are in the business of saving people, but it's kind of funny to me that whatever can go wrong, will happen. Somewhat like the Tv Show Hawaii 5-0. Like only Detective Danny Williams would be shot in isolation after being exposed to a deadly agent on a boat in the middle of nowhere. 

It's hard to say much more about this book without giving the plot away, which is my struggle in writing reviews for suspenseful books, BUT I will say if you can handle the having to wait for the next book to figure out certain things, than you should absolutely go get this book!

Thanks to Revell for providing me a copy free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Book Review: Missing Isaac by Valerie Fraser Luesse

This book draws you in from the first chapter.

I had put off reading this book, and then got an email reminder that my review was almost due. So I opened it up Sunday afternoon and was immediately swept into the story. I really didn't expect to love it, yes I said LOVE IT as much as I did! I read half of the book Sunday night, and the rest on Monday!

And I will say, for a book dealing with heavy topics, Race and Racism in the 1960's, the divide between rich and poor, this book was surprisingly funny. Now just to be clear, they don't joke about those topics, those topics are met with much respect and not taken lightly. But the characters do have some funny moments and funny thoughts in their heads throughout the book. I was actually laughing out loud at several parts, which again, given the subject matter, not something you expect to be doing.

This book was just beautiful. It spoke of the love, affection and friendship between Isaac and Pete and his family, and then it followed Pete through the rest of his childhood and adolescence, where Isaac's influence was clear in Pete's behaviour. It was just beautiful! I will admit several parts made me want to cry. The ending had resolution, but of course it wasn't the resolution that I wanted!

I can't wait to read more of this author's books!

Thanks to Revell for giving me a copy for free in exchange for my honest opinion!

Sunday, January 14, 2018


I made it through the first week of teaching!!!!!!!



The struggle was real and I was yawning through, well we'll just not mention how many lessons I yawned through.  But in the end I made it and I was happy to see my students again!

 Open for Business!!!
 The pink clipboard and I were ready to go!

What you can't see in this picture is how terrible I felt. Sunday as I was getting ready for church I started not to feel well. It continued all of Sunday, and all of Monday. My chronic illness was flaring up and I felt miserable. Pain, pain, nausea and more pain. But I made it thru the day, and thankfully by  Wednesday I was feeling a lot better. But it was a rough start to the week!
 Tuesday was my day off and boy was I happy for it! After feeling so bad, I still didn't feel well on Tuesday but I was starting to get better. Some rest and laying on the couch watching Sister Wives helped greatly!
 Wednesday was a super busy day, I added another student to my rooster that day, so it started earlier than last semester. I treated myself to a Frozen Mocha from Dunkin Donuts. My very favorite! #SoGood 

Inbetween and then after lessons I went here there and everywhere. That night I went to Aldi and got groceries as it was supposed to snow a lot on Friday so I wanted to be sure and stock up. I ran into several people I knew and chatted so it took a little longer than normal. But by the time I checked out it was so quiet in there, and i think there was only one other couple shopping. Quietest it has ever been! it was kind of weird!

Thursday I took zero pictures? Not sure how that happened. I didn't have to teach until later so I ran some more errands and then picked up some McFlurries for Baptist Happy Hour! Jboz and I hadn't seen eachother since the recital, and last semester's schedule wasn't great for Baptist Happy Hour. So i was excited to visit with her and catch up! I played with Roman a bit as he was skipping out on his nap. And when Jboz told him to tell me goodbye when I left he ran up, unprompted! and hugged my legs! SO SWEET!!! Made my day!

Friday we didn't get the snow that was forecasted, but we did get ice over night. I had put out salt Thursday night but I think the rain washed it all away. Argh!! It was a cold, blustery day that I was happy to spend inside!!!

Saturday my parents stopped by very briefly to drop off some things I had left at home over Christmas, and to drop off a surprise loaner of a snowblower!! Apparently My Mom found one on a great sale and bought it for their house, but didn't realize you couldn't use it on gravel. Which all of their driveway is gravel. So she decided to loan it to me for the winter, since she can't use it that much, and I have lower back issues. Everytime I shovel I wind up in pain. When I came back from Christmas, I was bringing my luggage inside, and it had snowed while i was gone, and I realized that pulling a suitcase does a fantastic job of getting snow out of the way! Soooooo I might have possibly used one to do my sidewalks. And told my Mom about it. And she made fun of me. For days. But I'm telling you IT WORKED and my back did not hurt! So I think she thought I was a nutcase with my suitcase snow removal. I say, whatever works! It's supposed to snow more tonight and tomorrow and I am weirdly excited to try out this snowblower! Stay Tuned!

Today is my Team's week to serve at church so I put my ever so attractive orange shirt on and layered up. It was -1 when I got out of the shower and 1 when I left for church. My truck did not want to start. Which I knew it wouldn't. Anything under 10 degrees and I have issues. Thankfully it finally started. And by the time I got to church my driver side had thawed out enough for me to get out of the truck like a normal person. The door was frozen shut when I tried to leave so once again I had to enter through the passenger's side. First time I have done that THIS winter. And I know it won't be the last! If only I had a garage......

Monday, January 8, 2018


Let's see if I can keep up with a weekly recap for the second year in a row! I rather like this, as it helps me remember what I did, or didn't do. HA! And it's less work than having to blog about single events. 

 By Tuesday my tree was down and my living room was back to being clean and roomy! I couldn't say the same for the rest of the house, but baby steps! Thankfully before I left for the farm, i.e. before the snow and negative temps, I carried all of my tubs that hold my trees and decorations inside, and put them in the piano studio. That was a really wise decision! Next year I am going to start taking down decorations before I go home. Just because it is a lot of work, and when I came back I wanted to relax, and have a clean and christmas free house.
 I revelled in being able to drink a glass of coca cola at 5:30 pm and not have to worry about falling asleep! That week of no alarm was GLORIOUS.
 I finally got both trees down, and things packed up. But then it was still crazy cold outside, and there was no way I was carrying tubs out to the shed in -30 wind chills. Finally on Wednesday it warmed up to above negative. ugh. And I carried them out and put them away as quickly as possible. The piano still looked messy but at least I could get to it at this point Also, I still haven't found the picture frames that go on my long shelf above the piano.... #Mystery
 Wednesday was the first day since the previous Friday that I had put any makeup on or tried to look decent. And If I hadn't had to see people, I wouldn't have! I was due for my allergy shot, so I braved the weather and got my shot and loaded up on books at the library. #Priorities
 The rest of the week looked like this! It was hard to keep my house warm, so I was huddled under 2 blankets for the majority of the week. It was so cold I just didn't want to move.
 Sunday morning it was back to reality. The weather was warmer than the previous Sunday, so I knew my truck would start. And thankfully it did. You know it's been cold when you see that it's 15 degrees at almost 8 am and you get excited because that's over 30 degrees warmer than it's been and it can only go up from there!
 Yes, it is January and I'm still rocking the buffalo plaid vest. It is comfy and cozy! Church was good and the worship was excellent! Fed my soul! I came home and did some cleaning and preparation for the upcoming work week. 

 And then I ended the night with another book by my newest favorite Author. Robert Whitlow. I read three of his books since Jan 1. and have started this book and another one on my kindle. SO good!!
My Poor hands. My skin is really dry, and with the cold weather and hand washing my hands get even drier and rashy. I have been slathering on the lotion, but after lots of cleaning yesterday my skin was hurting. If you had told me as a young girl/teen that I would have dry hands and have them so bad in the winter that they crack and bleed.. I would have laughed in your face. I suffer from Hyperhidrosis, which is a whole other story, but I had surgery for it in 2000, and my hands haven't sweated since. Sometimes it's hard to remember those painful days of my youth. I sure wouldn't expect my skin would be so dry now. I think I will take dry, cracked and bleeding skin over hands that drip sweat like a faucet is on. All. day. and.night.  God is gracious!


WHOOO HOOO!!! Made it to the last of 2017 and managed to do a weekly recap each week! I am proud of myself! Never mind that it's 2018 when I'm writing this. I didn't say they were all timely :)

 Christmas Day I woke up in my own house. Coffee and foodless. It was a rough start! I packed up my carry on, and hit the road for attempt #2 to go home. But first! I had a special stop to make. The day before I dropped off Christmas Cards my students had decorated and a big batch of my homemade fudge to our Police Dept. I wasn't able to do our other Police Dept (On the West Side) so I stopped there on the way home Christmas morning! I have to say it was really fun to do it on Christmas morning! I met a really nice Officer and he was super sweet and so appreciative of the gift. Made my day! After that I stopped at the gas station for a little gas and got a drink and a mini bag of chips for breakfast. 
 I finally made it home, carried all my stuff inside and it was FINALLY, can I say finally anymore? FINALLY time for Christmas dinner. Y'all I was starved. STARVED.  I could have just ate the 7 layer salad and been happy but everything else was good also!
 Then it was time for Luke 2, which I took a video, no picture. And presents!

 How cute is my Mom in her new boots?!

We had a lovely time opening presents and taking our time. And I have no idea what we did in the evening. Actually I think that was the one time I read!
 Because the next day this looney toons arrived!
 His reindeer reenactment.
 I like this face better though!

Little brother in the background was too busy finding every single toy and making sure it was on the ground for all to trip on.
 And lusting over Grandpa's Tractors.
 While we were waiting for Grandpa to get home from work, Snugglemuffin and I played a round of Christmas Who Am I. He is as Savage as his Auntie is!
 Then it was present time! I gave Lovemuffin a ton of books, and he really liked them. He was reading away!
 Sweet boy.
 After their wrestling match. I can't even handle how tall Snugglemuffin is getting. Those darn on this day pop up on facebook and they kill me every time.
 He sat beside me on the loveseat for the first year, and we had such a nice time! I told him funny stories from teaching and he understood them! We hung out while opening presents and I marveled over when and how he got this big?!
 Lovemuffin likes to help people open presents. (When his are gone. HA!)
 After the boys presents were opened it was time for a late dinner. Someone was feeling a little Hangry. I asked him, Alexander, do you get Hangry when you need to eat? And he replies by GROWLING at me! HAHAHAHA He might not talk your ear off but that kid is smart! And hilarious! I think it was the next day? Or the day after? I was reading a Berenstein Bears book to him, and we came across a page with a shark on it, and he fake screamed. HAHAHAHAHAH I said is that Scary? Lots of head nodding and UH HUH. I about died. He is SO funny!!

He also has started calling me Chee. Just like his big brother did. And largely because he has a name for everyone else but Auntie Charity is a handful, so we went with a tried and true. I love hearing that sweet little voice say Chee! I have him on video saying it and I won't tell you how many times I've watched it since we said goodbye.
 The next day it was more playing...
 Helping Nana in the kitchen...
 Basically your typical Wednesday.
 Thursday was more cooking. Sidenote. I went into the kitchen and saw all these white marks on the back of his shirt and pants. I had to sneak back out and go tell his Mommy to just talk a quiet walk into the kitchen. hahahah

 All Auntie wanted for Christmas was a good tree picture with her boys. I talked it up and kept telling them, ok, tomorrow we're going to look nice and sit in front of the tree and take pictures.

I had sat down in front of the tree to test the lighting and a certain little short someone came over and plopped himself into my lap without me even asking! My heart pretty much exploded at that moment. A year ago he wouldn't have done that! But now he has finally decided we are not serial killers and that he loves his Auntie Chee. Of course my third nephew Wolfie had to be in all the pictures as well.
 It was basically a Christmas miracle! I miss those two little stinkers already!

 The one who made me an Auntie. And his tooth that is half in, half out. :)
 Let me preface this by saying, if I ever have children I am stopping my Mom at the door when she comes to my house to make sure she doesn't have anything with batteries. She loves anything that makes sound. And therefore has several decorations that are not silent. Like the dog and snowman above, and the bear behind Lovemuffin who reads the night before Christmas. He was completely enamoured with both of them, and frequently had both going at the same time. It was loud.
 Mom and I in our matching plaid on Friday morning. Friday was the day we all left, I headed back to town, and the Iowan's back to their home state. It was an early morning but snow was moving in so we all needed to hit the road.
 I got back into town by 11 am. Unloaded, half unpacked, watched the news, went to Target, then went across town to a chiro apt and came back home in a snowstorm. I had to pick up some medicine at the pharmacy and saw DQ as I was driving by, and despite it being 17 degrees an oreo blizzard sounded delightful. And it was!
And then I hunkered down for several days. We had insanely cold temps, think -21. Yes I said negative. So I didn't go anywhere until the next weds when it got up in the teens. Even then my truck still did not want to start! The one good thing about the insane cold weather? I barely heard any fireworks on new years eve.