Monday, October 16, 2017


Well let me tell you.... Week 40 was not exactly a banner week. It started out bad and ended not the greatest.

 Last Sunday when I got up for church I could tell I was getting sick. As the day went on it was clear I wasn't getting sick, I was already there. Monday I got up and slowwwwwwly got ready, i was determined to teach even if I had to breathe out of my mouth. Well, After taking a shower and putting on the bare minimum of makeup. I was sitting on the couch forcing myself to eat (should have been a sign right there) and I dozed off while eating! What am I, 90? No, just really miserable. I finally reluctantly cancelled all my lessons and laid down on the couch. I was miserable. Just miserable. I really have no words about Monday and Tuesday other than misery, coughing, sneezing, BLECH. My cold moved into a Sinus Infection and Bronchitis  in the blink of an eye. Which was not surprising with my sinuses.
 Wednesday I was back at work, and wearing alll the clothes to combat the fever I still had. Was it quite the weather to wear a sweater? Perhaps not. Was I comfy? yes, yes I was!
 I even had to put on socks, and my sneakers. Which for my sock hating self tells you how cold I was!

Thursday was more of the same, teaching, sneezing, freezing, but I got thru the day and was very VERY happy to make it to my Friday off.
 I rested Friday and Saturday and was still coughing Sunday but feeling a lot better than I had. It was 70 when I woke up but was rainy and the temp was supposed to drop so I busted out my cowboy boots for the first time in our weird fall. I was really glad that I did! By the time I walked out of church it was a very windy and cold 52 degrees. I kind of wished I had a coat/jacket not going to lie.
 These shall be known as the last pictures to take on my beloved Windows Smartphone.

Sunday mornings I like to listen to worship music on my drive to church. It gets me in the mindset and prepares me for worship. I have some favorite songs and recently made a youtube playlist with them, so I could listen to them on the way to church. I got in my truck, turned on Your Love Changes Everything and all was fine for about a minute and a half. And then I noticed my song was getting much quieter. And quieter..and then... then I heard a sound..... 
It was the sound of death.

I had put my phone in my cup holder spot (HA, first time I typed this I put "Cop Holder"hahhahaha) and had put it upside down so the speaker side was up. I had placed it along side an empty, or rather what I thought was an empty Coke can.

Can you see where this is heading??

I'm still not quite sure how it happened. When I looked down the can was upright, but somehow it spilled out enough coca cola to have my phone half submerged in it. 


I was driving through this whole ordeal, so I grabbed it out and tried to wipe it off at red lights and wiped it down when i got to church and left the battery and everything out to dry.

It did not work.

You wouldn't think frying your phone would be quite so stressful but I'm here to tell you it is!! I had errands to run after church and had put my list ON MY PHONE. Yup, left Aldi's without at least one of the items.

I had to go home and email all of my students not to text or call me (many do on a daily basis about different issues). It's Monday and not all of them got that memo. HA! 

Anyways, after much searching online and confirming over email with my Mom. A new phone has been ordered and is headed my way. Except not so much the headed MY way. No, it for some reason is headed to my parents house. Which is super helpful. I'm hoping by the end of the week I will have a working phone.

Living in the 1990's is killing me.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


 Well this week is picture light because I slightly forgot to take pictures a few days. Whoopsie!

So I'll add in these two pictures even though they were last Sunday night. My neighbors finally got done moving and I say finally because it took them two long weeks to move all their stuff out. They left a bunch of trash out, and I had mentioned it to my Mom and said something about a lamp being out there. She was immediately interested as she was DIY'ing some lamps and she and Dad both know how to rewire a lamp so even a broken one would work for her. So I waited until it got dark outside and plundered their trash. The things I do..!

 I had spied something wooden, and I decided to take it as well because we all know I like taking things from trash and repurposing them!! This thing isn't in the best shape, so it's going to need a little work done on it before I can paint it, but I do like a challenge! And you can't beat free, Amen?!

 Monday afternoon despite it still being warm outside, I was in need of some comfort food. So I whipped up a small batch of Apple Bread. And cream cheese icing. You can see I went sparingly with the icing... not.
 I just felt heavy all day, I watched the news reports of Vegas, and cried several times for the families and friends, and for those who were hurt. It reminded me somewhat of 9/11. I felt like I was in a daze, but I had to pull myself together to teach. And when you teach kids, things like this aren't really appropriate. So I had to perk myself up, put on a happy face, and do my job. I decided that Monday of all days, needed some happy music. So I put on my Piano Guys Christmas Pandora Station on my tv. It didn't cover the sadness, but it was like a warm hug. And let's be real, I have been listening to Christmas music since the end of August. # The Christmas Recital is coming soon!

Thursday it was a bit cooler so I broke out one of my new long sleeved garage sale finds! Love having new to me clothes!
One of my students showed up to her lesson wearing a crown. Which was awesome. And then at the end she said she had an extra one for me!! SO sweet!!

 Sunday rolled around and it was my Team's week to serve. I busted out a maxi skirt and sandals to go along with my ugly orange serving shirt, and had to add a cardigan to that when i was at church. brrrr..... Part of the brrrr was because I was getting sick. I woke up Sunday morning and thought crud. I am getting sinus stuff. As the morning and day went on I wasn't just getting it, I had it. My throat hurt so bad.
 Thankfully Makeup covers a multitude of issues, and I didn't look as terrible as I felt! All of our volunteers showed up this month and we didn't have any special offerings so things were SO much smoother than last month! I was quite thankful for that! Last month was my first month as the Team Leader and it was stressful. 

We had an extra long sermon, so I hung out in the Info Desk area, in one of the comfy chairs for awhile. 

Sunday afternoon I ran some errands and then went home and tried to get some cleaning done quickly as I was really not feeling well by then, and I knew it was only going to get worse. Spoiler alert, it did. But that's for next week's recap!!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


I had planned to get this post up on Monday during my Administrative Hours, and well, we all know what was going on Monday. (or rather Sunday night) I still am horrified and somewhat speechless about the senseless murder of innocent people who just wanted to see their favorite music artist. I have been in Las Vegas and have walked in the same area that this attack occurred in.  I can't. I just can't come up with words. I feel for those who lost their loved ones, and I feel for the people who were injured, and those who maybe weren't injured physically. But guys, they are going to have to live with living through this event for the rest of their lives. I was watching The Real Monday afternoon and Jeannie was sharing about her friend that was at the concert. She said there was a girl on a guys shoulders, right next to her friend. And as her friend was standing there, she saw the girl get shot and die. I can't even comprehend what that would be like. There were over 22,000 people at that event, and they all will have scars from it. Not all physical. I hurt for them.

There is no good segway from that into last week's recap, but I just couldn't NOT say something.

Sigh... On to last week's recap.

 Monday started off with nerd glasses and my fall lights and leaves on my counter.
 I teach until 8:30 on Monday nights. By 8:45 I am in my jammies, with the lights off, sitting on the couch. Never underestimate the speed of which a piano teacher can get comfy after a long day.
 Tuesday was still hotter than hot outside. And it was my day to go play for my friends at the Alzheimer's wing! I was smart and brought my fan and an extension cord for the fan. I still sweated like the dickens as it was 87 degrees inside, but I didn't die. Oh, and I had an ice pack under my no pedaling leg. :)
 Piano Selfie!
 Wednesday I was really digging my outside. It was finally a little cooler outside so I celebrated with a maxi skirt.
 Thursday it got even cooler so the jeggings came out!

 The nerd glasses made an appearance as well as one of my church t shirts because they are just COMFY.
 After I finished teaching that evening I read one of the best books I have ever read. I was crying at the end of it. Like Blow your nose crying. It was powerful.
 I was getting ready to turn off the light and head to bed that evening when I saw the abundance of post it notes reminders of stuff i needed to do. If it's not written down it doesn't happen!
 Friday morning there was still no rest for the weary. I had an Internet Installer, a Dr Apt, Groceries to get, and a BMV trip. ugh. Anyday with the words BMV in it deserve something special, so I showered and then took my non makeup face over to Dunkin Donuts for a Mocha something or the other. Like a frappucino only WAY better and WAY cheaper. I always forget their larges are basically the size of a big gulp. I was well caffeinated.
 As I was at a stop light on my way home the Dukes of Hazard appeared next to me...
 Got home, got myself ready, and the Internet guy came. He was very nice, which is good as he was there for awhile and then had to come back later after my apts as he had a dr's apt as well and was having an issue with my set up. It worked out great! I went to my apt and the bmv and came home and called him and he came over and got it fixed! Such AWESOME Customer service!!
 Apparently the BMV now gives out fancy ticket numbers. Thankfully I was only there for about 20 mins, and almost paid one dollar per minute. Why are licenses so expensive??! I had to update my address on mine, and it was within 6 months of expiring, so I took care of it all at once. Sadly they took a new picture which will NOT be shared. ever. I look like a serial killer who just smelled something nasty. I wish I was exaggerating. It's bad.
 After all that I came home and hit up a garage sale in my neighborhood. I'm definitely turning into my Mom as i bought tupperware. I have two large containers like the one pictured above. They were my grandma's and my mom has matching ones as well. they are PERFECT for flour and sugar! I think this one is going to be the brown sugar holder.
 I got my internet up and running, watched the 6 pm news, and then headed over to Aldi to go grocery shopping. I finally got home and carried everything in and put it away and made a homemade pizza. and it was delicious! It was 8:30 pm when I finally sat down to have dinner and I was BEAT.
 On a whim I picked up a bag of dried mangoes at Aldi. Sweet Mercy. They are DELICIOUS!!  A perfect snack between students, or for when I want something sweet and fruity. I don't keep a lot of fruit on hand because it tens to go bad before I can eat all of it. So this is perfect for me!
 Saturday I finally had a day of relaxation. I read pretty much all day long, finally slept in, and put my orange lights and leaves on my tree in my living room.
 Sunday I woke up for church and it was 44 degrees. I wore a knee length skirt with bare legs and almost froze. But my shoes were cute and went well with my new cardigan. so there's that.
See! Pretty new cardigan!

After a great church service I ran some errands, picked up the last of what I needed to make a new recipe and finally headed home. I made a fabulous stuffed shells recipe for the first time and it is a keeper!! I cleaned Sunday afternoon and probably read more, I don't remember! And that was week 38!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Book Review: Justice Buried by Patricia Bradley


I LOVE me some Patricia Bradley! If I know a book of hers is coming out soon I obsessively stalk my email around the time that Revell sends out their monthly book review sign up. Lest I miss the chance to get her next book! 

This is another book in her Memphis Cold Case Series, which I am really enjoying! I feel like the series has really hit a good groove. In her typical fashion she does have many characters, and the perspectives go back and forth. But I fee like it's gotten to a place where I can remember the old characters that make cameos and what their stories were/are. I appreciate that she brings them back, as many of them have on going stories that didn't finish in their particular book and I want to know what happened!!

My friend Bekah, over at has two podcasts, one being the Conversation Cafe and recently she interviewed Ms. Bradley on her podcast! It was really interesting and made me love her even more! She has a funny sense of humor, and it was fascinating to learn about her writing and research process. For Example, this book is largely set at the Pink Palace, which is a REAL place in Memphis! And Ms. Bradley got to take a tour behind the scenes, so her action packed pages of  Kelsey Allen climbing up the outside of the building (No really, this books heroine CLIMBS BUILDINGS Y'ALL! And no, she is not Spiderman.) or the spot about a certain someone getting murdered, where and how I won't say ;) are all legit!

Once again this was a homerun book for me by one of my favorite authors! And I was happy to hear in the podcast that she has several more planned for this series! YESSSSSSS!!

Now off to stalk my email to sign up for her next book!!


Thanks to Revell for providing me with a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion!

Monday, September 25, 2017


 This week's wrap up will be short and not so sweet, because I came down with a bug in the middle of the week :( I should be thankful that I have made it this far into the school year without catching something! Although a lady sat beside me and hacked her lungs out during the entire church service today so I have a feeling that is coming my way.  ANYWAYS, Last week started out on a VERY happy note, because my (annoying) neighbors were moving!!!! I cannot tell you how excited I was! 
 I had some free time before teaching so I made a quick run to Aldi's and found this butternut squash sauce that I should have picked up for my Parents and Sarah #1. They have an addiction to Squash.

 Friday (yes we skipped a few days) I was feeling better, and after running some errands and hanging out with my Mom while she was in town. I picked up Jboz and we headed to a fun event for a little girls night! A friend of mine WROTE A BOOK. Yes, that deserves to be in all capital letters! And she was having a Book Release party at a local bookstore. I had never been to a book release party OR this bookstore. And I am happy to report I quite liked both!  She read a chapter from her book, which was neat, and some parts had me wanting my pillow to hide behind. haha #Scared And then there was some delicious cake, which sadly met an unfortunate end in the front seat of my truck. No, I did not take a piece of cake and leave. Well Kinda. No, I was eating the cake and it had quite tasty icing, and when the icing is so good and rich, I like to eat a little. Drink some water, eat a little more. Basically it takes me an hour to eat a slice of cake.  I had maybe 1/3 of my cake slice eaten and Jboz was done with hers and ready to get home to her little.

What I liked the most about the event (other than the cake ;) ) was at the end of her reading they opened it up to questions, and it was really fascinating to hear how she created the book. Where she gets her ideas, and how stories come to fruition. I can barely get a blog post out a week, so I am in awe of anyone that can write a book! I just though it was really interesting! She owns a writing studio as well, so several of the people asking questions were fellow writers, and they had some really good questions. Questions that I, as NOT a writer, wouldn't even think of or know to ask. So I really enjoyed the question and answer time, I felt like I learned about the writing process!
Jboz and I had to take a selfie at the end, notice her empty cake plate. Mine was sitting on the stool beside us. #RIPCake #YouWereDelicious It was really fun to get out of the house, spend some time with a friend, and do something that neither of us had done before!

After I dropped Jboz off at her house I decided to run to Ollie's, because where else would I like to spend my Friday night? Books and Ollie's are basically my idea of a perfect day. Well, apparently ollie's closes at 9 pm. So I ran around the store trying to find what I needed in 20 mins.

 It's officially Fall here but it is still BLAZING hot. 90's and high humidity. Because of that I have been slowly decorating for fall. It just doesn't feel like fall when you're sweating in AC. I decided this weekend to switch things up a bit and instead of putting lights and leaves on my sofa table, to put them on my long kitchen counter instead. I've never done that before, but I loved the way it turned out!
 I can see the counter from my couch, and when I'm working on my laptop I'm always at the kitchen table, so It's nice to have some festive decorations in there.
 And look how pretty it is at night!!! I'm not a fan of having tons of lamps on, unless i'm reading, or something. But I love to have little strings of lights in places to give the room some glow without it being overly bright.

I might have to try some Christmas lights/decorations in this area this year!

And we wind up with today, Sunday. Whooo hoo to me for finishing a week wrap up on a Sunday!! It's still crazy hot outside, and i'm tucked inside with the ac blasting and a fan on. I wore a cardigan with my skirt and shirt to church as sometimes our sanctuary can be kind of chilly. Needless to say that thing came off when I got to my truck after church!!

Here's to another week!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Book Review: A Name Unknown by Roseanna M. White

I'll be honest, I have not finished this book. I have picked it up, started reading, read a few chapters, put it down, said to myself I will read more later, more times than I care to admit! I don't know why I couldn't get into this book. If it was the sheer length of it, 426 pages!, Or just the writer's style. I'm not sure! The premise of the book sounds like something I would love. It starts out in 1914, before the war has started. (A topic I have recently become very interested in) And it follows a lady by the name of Rosemary Gresham, who is woman without a family who has grown up on the streets, but is very refined and able to adapt to any circumstance. Surprisingly, the book only spans a few months. With it being so long, you would assume that it would go at least year, but it goes from May to August of 1914.  The book goes back and forth between Rosemary's perspective and her Interest Peter's perspective. I'm not sure if that's what made it so long, or the fact that the author seemed to be very descriptive. Even on the parts where it was a character thinking in their head. 

Will I finish reading this book? Right now it's not looking likely since it really didn't grab and hold my attention. But regardless of that fact I am thankful to Bethany House for providing me with a free copy in exchange for my honest (if not super helpful) review.

Friday, September 22, 2017


We started off last week with a heavy morning. It was the anniversary of 9/11 and as I was getting ready my thoughts were on the events 16 years ago. In some ways I can't believe it was that long ago. I was watching the Today show and they were showing different services and I was crying my little eyes out. After 16 years, it still hits me in the heart. The people who lost their loved ones were constantly on my mind, and in my prayers the entire day.

Because it was 9/11 I always dress very patriotically that day, in respect for our Country and the people who lost their lives. I have a special 9/11 pin with the Twin Towers on it, that I put on my scarf.
9/11/01 Never Forget
This 9/11 afternoon was very different than the terrifying 9/11 16 years ago. It was John Deere Day, and my nephews were in town, so I met up with them to tour the event and see my Snugglemuffin and Lovemuffin!
Funnily enough we ran into eachother in the parking garage as we were both trying to find spaces. We finally did find two spaces together, I thought we were going to have to park on the roof! But I was glad we found eachother there, it made it easier!
I'm also glad that I don't live near Snugglemuffin, so I will not be on the roads when he learns how to drive.
I think I'll start praying for the safety of his county.
This little guy had SO.MUCH.FUN "Driving" all of the equipment! He was just grinning away! 
I mean, come on! That little smile!!
Auntie Charity "Drove" the Gator as well. And Snugglemuffin and I took a selfie. We're hoping he gets a personality sometime......
Selfie with Auntie Charity Take ONE!
And two! Look at that little smile!! Our first selfie where he has smiled!! YAY Lovemuffin! He is coming out of his shell and liking his Auntie more and more!
Sarah #1 heard we would be at JD Day and happened to be close to it, and was dying to meet the boys, so I texted her and she came over and got to hear several stories from Snugglemuffin.
After lots of fun at JD Day, we went to McD's. I for one was starving! We had a yummy lunch, and Lovemuffin waved and said Hi and Bye to the Firetruck who kept driving by. So basically his day was made. I bought the boys ice cream, Did you know you can get a vanilla cone in a cup? without the cone? and it's like double the amount of ice cream? We did that and then shared. You know I love my nephews when I share food with them. Willingly. We took this picture to send to Grandpa, as he LOVES ice cream. We did not get a response. HA HA HA

After the excitement of the morning and early afternoon I came home, promptly took out my contacts and made a second cup of coffee to keep me awake for my evening students.
Wednesday I got up early to run errands, one being to pick up my new glasses! I like them even if I didn't spring for the 129.00 anti glare.
It was a rainy, stormy day, which I could have predicted since I was wearing glasses. It always rains when I wear glasses or straighten my hair.

That afternoon I got a care package in the mail from my former teacher, with lots of piano books! I was beyond excited!!

Thursday I was feeling the sleepiness of the end of the week and tons of students in one day. 
I don't remember what day I made this, but when I was home at my parents over Labor Day Mom and I went to Save A Lot after church. I was browsing around and found a 69 cent package of dry pizza mix. I thought it sounded interesting and for 69 cents why not give it a try! I made it and I REALLY liked it!! Granted I should have let it rise a bit more as it kind of didn't rise........ then maybe it would have been big enough to fit in my pizza pan but I digress! I added some Sauce from Aldi's, and sprinkled a little parmesan cheese on top of the sauce, then added with Aldi's Italian Blend cheese and some pepperoni. It was quite delicious! Just enough crust!