Tuesday, August 15, 2017


 I don't know what is up with Blogger and my pictures today, but brace yourself for some sideways pictures that I can't fix!

So last week. I have no idea what happened Monday-Wednesday besides teaching because I have ZERO pictures from those days. Thursday when I was looking at my phone I realized I hadn't taken any pictures of my week so I tried to snap some, but of course this was at the end of my day.

So let's just picture me teaching, and working hard Monday thru Early Thursday!!

Thursday I enjoyed my last day of getting done early in the afternoon, and celebrated by running some errands and getting Igloo. I had been craving a frozen hot chocolate and it was yummy! It is very rich and flavorful though, so I need to remember to get the smallest size possible because after drinking maybe half of it, I'm done with the chocolate.

I came back home and settled into my couch with my laptop to get some work done.

 As you can see the contacts were out and the hair was starting to look suspect.

Friday I had been looking forward to for awhile! I found out there was a neighborhood garage sale close to mine, so I invited my Mom to come to town and go garage saleing with me! It was gloomy and kind of rainy that morning and I was praying we didn't have a repeat of the sales in May, but thankfully it cleared up and the sun came out! I decided it's a tradition for us to have Mary Lou's doughnuts on garage sale days. Yes, I have tons of sprinkle ones because I wasn't ready to order and was trying to figure out what I wanted when the lady came at me to take my order and I felt pressured!!

So I have zero pictures of Mom with me, but I did remember to snap one with our loot in the background while we were stopped at Sam's getting gas. We got some great deals!! I am hoping to do a garage sale haul post soon. (If I remember!)

Here's one of my finds, this super cute pearl and gold knot necklace! I wore it with my ugly orange serving shirt to church on Sunday!

After we hit all the sales, we decided to do some more shopping. Mom needed some Calf Pellets for our new calves so she stopped at Rural King and I spotted the DG nearby and remembered I needed to run in there for a few items, so I did! It was funny, I was bent down looking at something on the bottom shelf, when I heard an employee talking to me asking if they could help with anything. I didn't need help so I thanked them, and she walked away without me seeing her face. About 20 seconds after she walked away I said WAIT!! I KNOW that voice!! You're at the WRONG DG!! It was one of the ladies that works the DG by my house that I frequent (way too often). She said, I wondered when it was going to hit you! HA! Is it bad they recognize me too? #DGForLife

Anywho after that hilarity I found some body wash that I haven't found in a DG for awhile. This pink lemonade stuff is SO good! I also found this knock off of a Britney Spears fragrence in body wash form and it smelled doggone good too so I grabbed it. It's funny, Bath and Body Works makes me itch like crazy. Not sure what they use in their products but I am allergic to whatever it is. But I have never had any allergy issues with my DG 1.00 body washes, so I will take it!!

I stumbled upon this soap as well and OH MY GOODNESS IT SMELLS SO DELICIOUS!! Also, only 1.00. AND DID I MENTION HOW GOOD IT SMELLS??!!! You need to get some ASAP.

 Pictures are out of order but I scored this adorable lamp for 1.00!!!! I was so excited!! I hate the lampshade and I've already painted it a bright blue to help with it's ugliness while I search for a better looking shade. I have been looking for a medium tall lamp for the piano room and I was beyond excited to find this!

Ok now our pictures are taking us to Sam's. Where I convinced my Mom to buy me a gallon jar of Kosher Dill Pickles because they were under 5.00 and this summer I cannot get enough of a pickle wrapped in lunch meat. Seriously such a yummy snack inbetween lessons. The only picture I have from Sam's is this bag of Wasabi Doritos that we did not purchase, but I sent a picture of it to my Dad to tease him that we were going to buy it for him. He did not respond. HA!

We also had lunch at Dog N Suds, well we got it to go, and that was yummy although apparently My Mom hates hot dogs, so the coney dog I got for her was not her favorite, but she was too polite not to eat it. I told her she was crazy to eat something she didn't like! Oh my Mom..... Thankfully I had bought the aforementioned Doughnuts and sent her home with a few so I somewhat redeemed myself. 
Sunday. Oh Sunday!! So a little back story. I serve at the Second Service on the second week of the month on our guest services team. And I LOVE it.; It's my favorite Sunday of the month, I love getting to see and talk to a lot of people and meet people I wouldn't normally get to talk to. It's just my favorite! Seeing people that I helped show around on their first visit to church, and then seeing them weeks and months later still be coming is really cool!

My friend was the team lead and stepped down a few months ago. Since then we had a lady step in since no one had stepped up to lead, and she has been our Interim team lead. Last month we were standing at the Info Desk serving and she asks me how long I've been coming to NV. I sensed she was leading into something but I wasn't sure what and walked right into it. HA!!

She told me she though I would be a great team lead and asked me if I would consider it. Well, as some of you might know I have health issues. I (somewhat) manage them with medications, and have to take two different sets of meds in the morning before I can go anywhere. And I can't take them at the same time. To give you an idea, I get up at 7 am, to be at the 11 am service.

So I did the math in my head and realized 1. I couldn't get up at 4 am to be at church at 8:15 am. And I just wasn't sure If I could do 5 am, if I would have enough time. So I told her I didn't think I could do it. And then I went and handed out Bulletins and started to feel bad that I had said no so quickly. A recent sermon that Pastor Steve had admonished people to quit saying they would pray about it, as God tells us to serve rushed through my head. And I decided I could at least try one Sunday. I explained my medication issues, and she was so nice and understanding.  But I really felt like I should try. Sooooooo.... that leads us to this past Sunday. It was our day to serve and I was set to be at church before 8:30 am for our Prayer Circle, and would stay for both services as I shadowed our lead.

I dreaded setting my alarm for 5 am the entire week. But Saturday night at 9 pm I crawled into bed and whimpering, sat my alarm to 5 am.

4 am rolls around, and I wake up to use the facliites and pray I can get back to sleep for a little bit. Since my ear is STILL giving me problems, I decide it would be wise to put my ear drops in now, and hopefully snooze for a little bit, so I can save time not having to do them in the next hour when I wake up. So I put my ear drops in, and eventually fall back asleep.

I wake up awhile later, and roll over thinking I bet my alarm goes off soon. Right as I think that it goes off. Perfect timing! I turn it off and grab my phone so I can check my email and such for a few minutes while I wake up.

My phone says 6:13 am.


I grab my alarm clock.

6:13 am.

I jump out of bed, run to the bathroom and flip on the light, the bathroom wall clock says 6:13 am.

My heart is racing at this moment. I have less than two hours to get ready and was already going to be pushing it for time, having 3 hours if my alarm had went off when it was supposed to!

I run back to my bedroom, get my first wave of medicine out, gulp it down, run back into the bathroom and hop in the shower.

Halfway through my shower as I'm waking up I realize I accidentally took one of my nighttime medications. The one I ONLY take at night because it makes you very drowsy. Not to mention I have taken it a mere 9 hours before. Oh this is not good! I wanted to google adverse side effects from my medication BUT I DIDN'T HAVE TIME!!

I rush through getting ready and barely make it out the door in time. I wind up at church with too dark face power on, and coffee on my NOSE which no one told me about and was on my nose until I used the facilities between services. thanks friends!

We're standing in the prayer circle at 8:30 am when suddenly I realize I'm having an Adverse Effect from my accidental second dose of medicine. I proceed to be rather dizzy and weird in the head feeling for the next three hours. But I push through it. #LikeABoss

All I could think of the whole time was Lord, I think you're giving me my answer, I don't think I can handle this!

But then the Lord gives me another answer. (And I'll make this part short since the other was an Epistle.) As we were working and talking my interim team lead said that if I could lead the late service, and my friend Jen, who serves with us, could lead the first service, they would let us be Co Team Leads! WHAT?! That's a huge answer to prayer! And right as she was saying that, who do I see but good ol Jen checking her kids in for the early service. We joked later on that she just thought she was coming to the first service to worship and then helping serve at the second service and lo and behold before the first service was done she found herself as a co team lead and the leader of the first service. HA! But it was a huge answer to prayer! And the only reason she was at the first service was that now her oldest is in 5'th grade, and the 5'th grade has a special service ONLY during the first service, so the family had to switch what service they went to. is that a God thing or what?!! Needless to say it was a very eventful morning! For both of us :)

My sweet friend and Co Team Leader!!

So the funny thing is, We were taking this Selfie so we could send it out in our email to our team before we lead next month. After we take this I say something like should we do our two fingers up  for team two? She looks at me. So I do it again. And say Team Two? Teammmmmm TWO?!! She says, umm... Isn't that a peace sign.? Yes, but it's also a two? and we are team TWO?? Suddenly she gets it and we both just burst out into laughter. I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes! It was seriously the funniest thing, and I think the policeman on duty thought we were nuts.

(He is probably right)

Look what you have in store for you Team Two! HA HA!!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


 I Have no Memory of what happened Monday, but apparently I was happy and having a good hair day!
 Over the weekend I had painted a wood frame to match the colors of my gallery wall. One of my favorite pictures of Apes and I at her wedding!

 Tuesday I was NOT THRILLED to be up super early for my ENT apt. But I will say my hair was looking really good! I knew I wasn't going to have a lot of time, so I straightened it the night before to save time on washing, drying and styling the next morning. It worked!  I look way more awake than I felt at that point.
 I had to wait in the waiting room for a bit and then in the exam room, and I don't know what my BP was but I'm sure it was WAY up there. I was SO nervous! I thought for sure that my left ear tube was out of my ear drum and that my Dr would take it out and put a new one in. I had tried to mentally prepare myself for the horrible pain of the burning acid numbing drops. but much to my shock my Dr told me my tube was still in my ear drum and functioning! I was SHOCKED! But quite thrilled to not have pain! He gave me more ear drops and said that it looked like my infection was clearing up (Three weeks later, literally) and that if it didn't to call him in a few days and he would call in some oral antibiotics. I had the thought that I should just get them then to have them in case, but I dismissed that thought. Bad Decision. The following Monday I could tell my ear was getting worse so I called like he told me to and he is ON VACATION AGAIN. He just got back from vacation and now he is gone for another two weeks. I mean. I just can't. Thankfully after telling my story to my new PCP he was able to call some in for me, but sheesh. Annoying.
 Over the weekend I got painting happy. I had two lamps with this shade and I hate orange so I decided to paint them. One I did a neutral tan color and the other a light blue. They turned out really pretty!
 I have been on a mission to find a great chocolate cake and chocolate icing recipe lately. So I've been baking one, once a week. My student/friend Sarah #1 has greatly benefited from this, as every week when she comes for her lesson I give her cake. I finally found the perfect recipe, and it is nothing short of delicious! Momfessionals Texas Sheet Cake for the Win!!
 Wednesday I got Victoria Bylin's newest book in the mail to read and review. I read it this weekend and it was so good! Review coming soon!
 My little cucumber plant has one cucumber on it. Growing slooooowwwlllyyyy..

 The finished result of one of the lamps!

 Thursday I sported my favorite dress/shirt from DG and leggings of course
 The result of the second lamp I painted!
 Sunday it was CHILLY. It was 60 some degrees in August, in Indiana. Super weird!! I wore a long sleeved shirt and pants and could have added a scarf to it and been ok. This summer the sanctuary at church has been really cold, which I would rather be cold than hot, but I'm learning to wear extra layers to church!
 Straight hair made an appearance for the second time in one week. didn't look as good this time, but oh well! That is what I get for having straight hair when it is rainy!!
 We had the Bible presenting to incoming Second Graders at church that morning. Despite not knowing any of the kids or parents I still got a little emotional. Love my church!!
 I ran a few errands after church and got some Arby's for lunch. Tried to take a picture outside and this is the best I got. HA HA HA.. Wasn't sunny enough for my sunglasses but obviously bright enough to squint. #Attractive
 Saw this shirt on fb and think I need it. 
As well as this one. :) 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Monday was my first Monday working since I got sick with the ear mess. I had to drink coffee at my break around 3:30 because I was SO.TIRED. I barely made it thru the day awake and by the time the last student left at 7:30 I collapsed on the couch and pretty much didn't move the rest of the evening!

Tuesday was my day to go visit my friends at the nursing home.. I wore a sleeveless top and knee length skirt and sandals, and packed a fan just in case. But when I made my way to the 100 Wing I was pleasantly shocked to find...
AIR CONDIDTIONING! Y'all I can't tell you how excited I was! It's usually super hot in there, since the bay window area isn't used all day and the residents are colder natured, so to feel that AC on full blast was amazing! Especially since I still had a fever from my ear ( Don't worry, not anything I could pass on to the residents, unless they were inside my ear with my ear tube ;) )
I took this at the end, and one lady rolled by in her wheel chair, giggled at me, and said something to the likes of "You're checking out how pretty you are" ha! I love them! They are good for my soul, and my ego! I met a new resident, Mrs. J, and had the most delightful conversation with her! She shared the sweetest story of how she and her husband met and was just so funny and sweet! She also called me beautiful, I swear, ever feeling down, go visit these people and you'll perk right up!!
After chatting with Mrs. J and the activity assistant for awhile, I left and made my way back to town. I skipped my normal post piano pizza at Buck Creek Pizza since i didn't have much of an appetite, and decided to run to the grocery store instead to pick up a few items on my way home. I passed two men getting arrested on the way, THAT was interesting!! I finally made it home and my parents came by and Dad mowed my lawn, while Mom and I chatted. I fed him some dinner and sent home a Coke Cake which apparently he really liked!!!
Wednesday was a big day! I started off the day with my last free massage from the summer massage clinic. OH the sadness!!!! I was sad to see it end!! I had the BEST massage ever, which i thought I had earlier in the summer, but this girl blew that one out of the water. the students this year were seriously amazing and only got better each week.

I also realized I had to turn in my first reading hours sheet as the Summer Reading Program was ending soon. I finished one whole sheet which was 168 hours, and then got a second sheet and finished 24 hours on it! Didn't beat my reading hours from last year, I blame that on being sick and miserable for three weeks straight.
After my massage I ran to the Fair for lunch. I cannot live without my summer lemon shakeup and fair pulled pork bbq. I was smart and packed my older sneakers as I had heard that the fairgrounds were muddy. Muddy was an understatement. First of all I practically had to park at my house. I think parking at my house would have been less walking. Secondly, I parked so far away that I LOST my vehicle when I went to leave. I walked around for 11 MINUTES trying to find it. And walked a half of a mile. I know this because when I went home and synced my fitness tracker it had the time and told me the miles I walked, HA!!!!! Thirdly, by the time I finally found my truck and tried to leave.... I had to put my 4 wheel drive on to get out of my muddy parking space. There was legit a moment where I thought I wasn't going to make it. Super awkward since I was heading home to teach lessons. thankfully i did, and I made it home and had to hose off my legs from the knees down thanks to the mud.

Anywho, mud not withstanding, I had a lovely time at the fair! When I was standing in line for my lemon shakeup, one of my student's Nana came by and I started talking to her for a few minutes. She went to go see my student and a few minutes later guess who ran up to me? My Student! She had 5, yes 5!! goats at the fair and wanted to show them to me, and I happily went! They were SO cute!! I was loving on Gizmo, my favorite, how can you not love him by name alone? So fun to see her and meet the famous goats I hear so much about!
During a break in lessons I ran to the Library to turn in my reading sheet and pick up some books. They pretty much always have a small rack of free books to take, and I found several for myself and people I know. I picked these two up for my oldest nephew. He will be thrilled. His Parents maybe not so much. Fascinating reading right there...... HA!!
I don't remember which day this was but it was 9:24 pm and still 78 degrees. #HOT

 Thursday I was all about being comfy, I took several pictures of myself in a headband that two students from an old job gave me years ago and just realized I never shared it with them! Whoops!

 My #NVUncharted Shirt is basically the softest t shirt i have ever owned.
 And It is mint green which makes it my favorite t shirt I currently own!!
 After teaching, getting an allergy shot, I was tired and hungry! I stopped at the Igloo for a small chocolate milkshake when I went to my chiropractors. Ice cream and an adjustment? yes please!!
I mean that's a perfect afternoon right there!

I spent the rest of the week/weekend relaxing at home, trying to get some rest and beat this ear crud, and still fighting off a fever. Thankful for a long weekend to rest and save up my strength for the next week ahead!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Book Review: A Matter of Trust by Susan May Warren

I love Susan May Warrens Books. The Deep Haven series is a favorite of mine. I have read the previous books in this series and devoured them, but for some reason I really had a hard time getting into this book. I would pick it up. Read a little bit. Set it down, and repeat. That's not my reading style! Usually I pick a book up and read it as much as I can until I have finished it. But I just had a hard time getting fully immersed in this story. I think part of the issue is that there was a lot of carry over from the previous books. (This book is the Third in her Montana Rescue Series) I struggled remembering each couple and their issues, and the mystery(s) that had went through all of the series. I really like it when story lines are wrapped up in one book, and not carried all the way through. I'm guessing she wanted to build interest and make sure people kept coming back for more, but for me, I would have preferred that each story line was wrapped up in one book. Its just too much to keep track of for me personally. Part of my issue might also be that I've been reading like a fiend this summer trying to get in my hours for the summer book club so I have many, MANY characters and plot lines floating around in my head!

Even though this book wasn't a solid win for me, I will still read whatever Susan May Warren puts out!!

Thanks to Revell for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinions!

Thursday, July 27, 2017


 Wellllll...... another less than stellar week to recap!  Last week I was still very sick with my ear. I took Monday off of work and spent it on the couch, half deaf, alertnating between hot and cold. I have been running a low grade fever now for 13 days. Yes, as I write this on the 27'th I am STILL sick. thankfully less sick than I was, but still. No pictures from Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I was back to work, still half deaf. I went to my Dr's that afternoon, and he confirmed that I needed to see my ENT asap. My Swimmer's Ear was better, but now my ear drum is super red. He attempted to call my ENT and they were closed for the day. I had been calling since MONDAY and never got a live person or a return call. Finally, on FRIDAY, I found out they were on vacation. Way to have a vacation voicemail...... I was very frustrated at that point.
 After seeing Dr C, coming home and teaching another lesson, I went to go pick up my new antibiotic and ear drops antibiotic/steroid. Thankfully they seem to be helping more, but what I would give to fully hear out of my left ear.
 I was feeling rather sorry for myself, so I treated myself to a chocolate cone from DQ. It helped a bit.
 My view.....
 This picture is basically me for half of the week. Laying on my side with my ear drops in. Good times!

 I love when I have the lower light on, brings me back to my childhood, sleeping over at my Grandma and Grandpa's, laying on the living room floor with this lamp as my nightlight. Watching 20/20 with Grandpa, and then listening to the both of them snore. Goodness, I miss them!! Just writing that makes me get a little teary, but in a good way. I was SO loved by them, and I'm so grateful for that.
 Saturday afternoon I came out of my haze and noticed that sometime during the night my tree had a big limb break off. 
 Since I have been sick my appetitte has been hit and miss. A lot of the time i'm just not hungry at all. And then I will get a strong craving for something weird and just want that. I was reading the Payless ad and they had a one day sale on Saturday, Cheerios for 99 cents. I don't know the last time I ate cheerios but for some reason it sounded like the MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER. So I decided I *had* to take advantage of the sale and get some. I took a shower and actually slapped on a little makeup and my contacts, and set off for Payless. We'll ignore the fact that I look bald. It was either makeup or hair, I didn't have the energy for both. So slicked back hair in pigtails it was!

The funny thing is, I got the cheerios and a few other things and then was tired when I got home and not hungry. It is almost a week late and I have not eaten any cheerios! But two boxes are waiting in my cabinet :)
 I won a Piano Teacher givewaway on Facebook and the company is in England! I was super stoked to get an International Package! SO FUN!!
 And how CUTE is the package??!!
 Prettiest flash card holder I've ever seen!