Monday, June 22, 2015

Migraine Prevention

Last year during the Spring I posted a question on facebook, trying to find some information on how others prevented migraines and dealt with them. It ended up being a fairly popular post, and I learned that it's not just me that deals with Migraines frequently.

I've learned a few things in the past year, one which has had a HUGE impact on my Migraine activity, so I thought I would do a post to share some tips and tricks I have learned along the way.

Initially I was looking at prescription medicine as a way to help prevent my migraines. I tried a popular drug prescribed to me by my Dr. I didn't last 4 days taking it. How such a small pill can make someone feel so dizzy and loopy I don't know. But it did. It was TERRIBLE. I decided I would rather have migraines than feel like that!

About mid summer I got a second Chiropractor who gave me the great tip of using ice packs on my back. I started using them on my neck and my face when I was wanting to have a migraine or feeling nauseated from my chronic illness with my colon. It helped me not to barf my guts out so i was sold.

However I was still getting Migraines. Especially with weather changes. My prescription pain medicine for migraines was actually making it worse for me. So my Dr suggested that I do Excedrin Migraine, along with either Benadryl or one of my nausea medicines, Phenergan. Apparently the anti histamine in both has an effect on headaches. I tried it and it worked! But it didn't prevent them.

Fast Forward to January, I was at my Chiropractor #1's office and his receptionist, who also suffers from debilitating Migraines, told me she had found something that REALLY helped prevent migraines. And best of all, it was all natural. No prescription needed, and no weird side effects. It was actually a vitamin. Yes, I said VITAMIN!


I don't know what or how it does it, but I have been taking Magnesium faithfully once a day since January and I have only had one migraine in six months. And that Migraine did not lay me flat on the couch. I was able to fight it off with PLAIN TYLENOL!! my nausea meds, and an ice pack. For times where I can't have an ice pack on the back of my neck, teaching, ect.. I roll on some Biofreeze which is delightful menthol stuff in a cool roll on. 

Magnesium has been a game changer. I don't even have Excedrin migraine in my house, as I am able to control the very few on coming headaches i have with just tylenol and some cold stuff on my head. 

Now when the weather does do a huge drop, I try to be proactive and take some tyenol around the huge change, so nothing tries to start. Sometimes I will get a small headache or feel tightening around my head, but I am able to fight off the migraine and keep on about my day which is nothing short of amazing!

If you suffer from Migraines, I would encourage you to try Magnesium! It's something your body needs anyway. If you can take a vitamin and control your headaches it is totally worth it!!

(as always check with your Dr before taking it, I don't know if any medications are not to be mixed or taken at the same time as Magnesium. I'm not a Dr. I just watch them on TV ;) )

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Catch up

 As I've mentioned before I'm trying to keep my face out of the sun to prevent any further sun damage. Its going well but I noticed that my face and neck were a ghastly white compared to the rest of my body. I decided to buy some facial self tanner (Jergen's FYI) and am quite pleased with the results! Granted it does smell a little bit, but it has helped even out my skin tone, and best of all it has really helped me go almost bare faced! NO foundation and just a tiny bit of powder when i feel like it! Hurray! Perfect for the sweaty summer!
 Life has been busy with Teaching and extra curricular activities for my students. Miss. S. had her 18'th birthday party at a blood drive a few weeks ago so I went to that and enjoyed the cake and pizza even though I couldn't donate.
 And the week before that was her Highschool graduation! Sniff, sniff..
 Had a dinner adventure with Audra and Addie. Addie is all about that thumb, 
 Bout that thumb, no paci..
 See what I mean? She is adorable, I can't believe how big she is getting! I want her to stay small but then i'm also excited for her to talk and hear what is going on in that little brain of hers!
 Did I mention that while at the blood drive I got to meet Phil the Blood drop?
 He helped Miss. S donate..
 So many things in this picture make me laugh!
I snapped this picture the other day to show my Mom how tall my plant had gotten. While I was on fb later the same day I noticed that a year ago I had posted a picture of my new home. If you had told me a year ago that I'd be buying it now and be a homeowner, I would have laughed in your face! I love my little home!
 At the end of May I got to meet sweet little Roman! Jboz finally had her baby, and the little stinker came several hours before his momma was going to be induced! Labor happened so fast that none of us made it to the hospital before he was born! Little guy definitely knows what he likes, when he wants it, and what he doesn't like. For example, Like-Sucking his thumb. Dislike:Being Hungry. I should say EXTREMELY dislikes being hungry!
 Going at that thumb...
 Within a few minutes of this crying picture, I had Rock, Bounce, Sway Patted him to sleep. The first time he had went to sleep after being born and Auntie Charity did it! #skillz #babywhisperer
Last week I got to go visit him and his Momma and soak in his cuteness. And Baby smell. Oh Baby Smell. If I could bottle it up I would! 

Such a sweet little boy! I look forward to many more cuddles with my Ro Ro!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Life Lately

This post may only be interesting to me, but hey! It's my Blog! I can be boring if I want to!
(Started writing this post May 25, finished May 31st. Whoops)

So here's a little back story. Starting in September of 14' I was sick all fall and winter long. Constantly on antibiotics and completely miserable. After several different tests, it was finally discovered that I have crazy insane allergies. That with the constant inflammation was giving me a sinus and ear infection and non stop low grade fever. In late Feb/March I started doing Allergy testing. And started Allergy shots in Early March. Immediately I could tell a huge difference! I have not been on antibiotics since, and even though I am still having symptoms they are nowhere as severe as they were. And I can actually have a box of Tissues and not go through them in a week or less.

Unfortunately I have discovered that my allergy to grass is real and terrible. It's heightened with pollen season. So after mowing myself twice, with a mask, and being miserable for days afterwards, I had to admit defeat and hire a lawn mower. Thankfully one of my student's little sisters was trying to raise money for a missions trip and needed a little pt job! SO thankful for her! And for being able to breathe!

That brings us to now. Last week was not a great week. I went on Tuesday to my ENT's for a spot test with my allergy lady. (The same one that made me cry on my first visit) while there I gave them my new insurance card, with my same company, and they told me they could not see me! I had just used my last shot at home the day before, and was there to get additional medicine, which they couldn't give me either. I nearly sobbed at the front desk. not even going to lie. I held it together but the fear of regressing and becoming so sick again after having some time of feeling better was just about too much for me.

I raced home and looked on my insurance website to find a new allergist, and long story short found one that could get me in. It was a bonus that his staff was SO kind to me, and so willing to do whatever they could to get me an apt the soonest possible. They almost made me cry too, but in a good way!

I saw them today and go in next week for my first shot. I really liked my Dr and the staff of course, and am so thankful that I was able to find someone I liked and that knew his stuff so quickly!

So that is part one of my terrible week.

 Being a creeper and taking a pic of my awesome lawn girl!!
 My Mom and I went garage saleing a few weekends ago and had the best time! I scored these super cute pillows for my couch, and my Mom talked them down to taking less. We got tons of cool items and had such a fun time together!

 And now we come to part two of last week's terrible week.

I went to the Dentist.

I had to find a new Dentist thanks to the aforemention Insurance, so I found one that was not too far from my house which was nice. I went in for my exam and found out I have terrible teeth. ha. no seriously. My teeth are not good! I have already had a root canal when I was 21, and more fillings than I can count. Despite brushing and taking good care of them, genetically I just don't have good teeth. The news I got there was not good. One root canal and lots of fillings. I was in pain already and knew I would need a root canal so this was not a surprise.
 So the very next day, Friday morning, (what a not fun way to start off the holiday weekend) I went in to have several fillings done, and a temporary on my tooth that needs a root canal. Oh did I mention that my Insurance only pays for a few fillings a year and NO Root Canals? not good.

Well neither was the news after they started drilling. I needed not one, but two root canals.

Sweet Mercy.

Did I also mention that all but one of my cavities are on teeth that already had fillings? Not sure how that happens but I was less than thrilled.

Yes, I took a selfie of myself at the Dentist. This is me after my first round of Novocain shots. In randomness, it takes about enough medicine for an Elephant to make me numb. (Same thing to knock me out for a surgery. One of my dr's actually told me that once!) 

One of the reasons I hate going to the dentist is because of that. I don't think I have ever had work done where I have not felt them drilling. and I mean FELT them drilling. I usually howl in pain.

However, this time was a first! I was SO thankful that my Dentist listened to me, and 5 shots of Novocain later, I did not feel a thing!!  Very grateful for that!

Also very grateful that I ended up only having one lesson to teach that day. As a result of so much numbing I was numb all day long. Have you ever tried to drink while half of your face is numb? It's not pretty. The funny thing is, while I was at the Dentist I was starting to think I was congested because I felt like my nose was stuffy on one side and couldn't breathe. No, I was just so numb I couldn't feel that side of my nose! Funny and weird!

So that was my non fun week of medical crud. Don't worry, I have many more Dentist apts ahead of me, to write more of these scintillating blog posts!
 Onward to Memorial day weekend! My Mom woke me up and informed me we had an hour until we had to leave to go meet a craigslist person, so i hurried up and showered and got ready and we headed out. We wound up buying a new bed frame for my brother's room, and a new stove for the Kitchen. I was along for the ride and to make sure no one murdered my Mom. Which is always a possibility when you're craigslisting! Along the way we stopped at Menards and I opted to stay out in the truck and take selfies of my new hair cut.
 We may or may not have stopped at some other stores along the way.
 Love my Momma and the crazy adventures we have together!
 And a few days after Memorial day weekend I was back at the Dentist. I don't know why I look 12 in this picture, but considering sales people call me Ma'am, I will take it!

And thus concludes one of the most boring posts ever!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesdays with Addie- The Last Lunch

 (I really wish we'd had Supper this day and then I could have titled this blog as The Last Supper. )
Last Wednesday was our final Wednesdays with Addie lunch before her Momma heads back to work. I feel like her maternity leave went by SO quickly! Not gonna lie, I am pretty bummed to not get to see and snuggle my Addie girl every other Wednesday :(

As per the usual, Addie slept thru our lunch. In her almost 12 weeks of life I have barely seen her awake. But she does look pretty adorable sleeping, and I DO love cuddling with her, so I am ok with that!
 We ignored the let sleeping babies lie, and got her out of her swing about 45 mins before i needed to leave, so we could get some snugglies in. She was a little upset but I was able to calm her down with her puppy/wubbie and...
 The Patented Auntie Charity Squat/Rock/Bounce. Works like a charm, every single time. I am going to have really toned legs by the time all of these babies turn 1 year old.
 We attempted a 3 person selife, Addie was struggling a little bit, but her Momma and I look good! I love how she was looking at her Mommy. So sweet!
 These are my people.
 After my patented moves, she went back to sleep and I took my place in our cuddle spot. It cracks me up that she always wants to sleep in and around my armpit.
I don't know if you can tell but her pants have the ruffle butt! I love ruffle butts!!! SO stinkin cute!!!

And yes, my face is a different shade than the rest of my body, because when I've been outside I have put copious amounts of sunscreen on my face and then shielded it further with a hat and sunglasses. This girl is not a fan of sun damage! however, I might need to get some self tanner for my face so i don't look quite so odd.. :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Just call me Jharity Duggar + LifeCare Services

I have a confession. I love the Duggars. Their show has become my favorite show to watch, and I feel like I know them. So much that Audra and I are always texting/emailing eachother to share the latest Duggar news, like they are our actual friends IRL. "Jill finally had her baby! He is so cute!"  " Did you see Jessa's wedding dress? SO beautiful! I want to wear that!" 

We cry and I mean CRY at the wedding episodes, (Jessa+Ben's wedding was our fave) and just really enjoy watching them. It's nice to have a show that I can watch and not have to worry about stuff I don't want to see. And honestly, it is kind of encouraging television! The Duggar's have given me some ideas on different ways to serve and have even convicted me at times.

So yes, I am a Duggar Fan. 

And Proud of it!

So when I was at Jboz's baby shower a few weeks ago Bethy informed me that Josh Duggar was coming to Purdue to speak at a banquet, I knew I was going even if I had to go alone!

Well it turns out that I have several Duggar Fan Friends :)

So last Thursday night I picked up Preggo Eggo, aka Jboz, and we went to Purdue to meet up with Audra and her friend Angela. I have no pictures of the latter two, as Miss Addie was wanting her Momma, so they had to leave early from the banquet. 

It was a really nice event, held in a ballroom at Purdue. I was so surprised to see so many people I knew there and even more surprised to find out that several of my friends worked at LifeCare! (More on LifeCare at the end of the post)

We had special music by the great and awesome Joel Brovont and I nearly died when I saw Josh videoing Joel singing! Joel was our former worship leader at our old church,, and now has his second cd out! Clearly Josh has good taste! :) (When I got home I looked at his twitter and facebook and he had posted the video of Joel and also posted a link to buy his CD!!)

 Me and Preggo Eggo. I don't know why I call her that but it just fits. We both managed to sit for almost 3.5 hours. I almost needed a hip transplant at the end of it, and we won't discuss our bladders, but we stuck through it!
 Funny Story. As we were trying to make our way thru the crowd to get in line for a picture with Josh, I saw the back of a dark hair lady's head, and this mustard colored purse. I said to Jboz- I recognize that purse! I think that's my friend Holly! Well of course when you think you know someone, they never turn their head around, so I just kept staring at her purse, so sure it was her. Finally as we got in line she turned around and I was right!! Apparently I really know my friends accessories! HA! So good to see my sweet Holly!
And finally the moment we'd waited for! Meeting Josh! Aka our new Bestie. He was really nice, duh, and talked to us for almost 10 minutes! I told Jboz as we were driving home how terrible I would be as a famous person. I am not good at small talk, I wouldn't want to be followed around having people take my picture and having to meet new people and talk to them all the time. I don't know how he, and the rest of the family does it! But he was very gracious and talked to us just like we were friends he went to church with, talking after a service.

Also, he was taller than me. Which for some reason surprised me! ha! I don't know why! I guess you really can't judge people's height on tv!

We were bummed that Anna wasn't there, and told him to say Hi to her for us (hahah like we know her! we're stalkers, so awkward!) and that we missed seeing her there. She is expecting just like Jboz and due in July so I don't blame her for not being able to fly here! Flying is uncomfortable when you're not pregnant.

So all in all it was a great night and was really neat to meet Josh! I am learning that several of my students are big Duggar fans, so I am finally winning some cool points with them :)

You might be wondering what Josh was speaking at/for. Well it was a fundraiser dinner for LifeCare Services here in West Lafayette. It's a super awesome place to go if you're pregnant and want some practical, non judgmental help, FREE of charge! I had no clue they existed, but I was really interested to hear about what they have to offer. 

They do pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STD and STI testing, they have all kinds of parenting classes, breastfeeding classes, basically everything you need to know if you're having a baby. And it's all free of charge!

 The coolest thing was that for each class you attend you earn "Bucks" and you can use those to "purchase" baby clothes, and items at their little store. So cool! I copied a list of some of their services from the website below.  I think it's really neat that we have this here and ANYONE can go there and get whatever help they need!

Practical Assistance Free of Charge

  • Pregnancy tests
  • Information on pregnancy and fetal development
  • Options information
  • Maternity clothing
  • Baby clothing & equipment
  • Adoption information & referrals
  • Referrals for financial assistance, physicians, maternity housing and more
  • Post abortion counseling
  • Fatherhood support
  • Parenting Classes

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Meeting Alexander Paul/Easter 2015

 Well it's Mother's Day today so what better day to blog about my trip to meet my newest nephew and celebrate Easter! Brace yourself for a LOT of pictures. And these are just the ones from my camera. I have phone and tablet pics as well!

It was a LONG drive, and I get giddy when I start seeing roads named after John Deere. JD country means we are close to my brother's!
 Speaking of JD and my big bro, here I am going over the bridge with the building where he used to work right next to it!  And by right next to it i mean RIGHT next to it. If memory serves me correctly I got a tour of this building many moons ago.
 No trip to Iowa is complete without a stop at the Happiest Place on earth. Whitey's Ice cream. I am thankful that my Dad shares my love of Whitey's and Ice Cream, otherwise I have a feeling he would not let me stop for it! We were rather excited to be here!
 I always get their Cherry smoothie, and it is SO SO SOOO GOOD!!
 Finally the moment I had waited for! I got to meet my newest little nephew, Alexander Paul! aka. my little lovemuffin. Isn't he just precious? He had just fallen asleep when we arrived, but I got to hold him and he slept in my arms for almost 4 hours!
 I mean stop. The cuteness.
 He was smiling in his sleep, but i didn't catch a full smile! So precious though!
 We hung out in the recliner for hours, rocking and sleeping (for him) and taking pics and oohing and ahhing over his cuteness (me).
 I very quickly learned that lovemuffin makes a LOT of noise while he sleeps. He also kind of flails around, stretches his legs, basically everything but staying still.. And yet he is dead asleep while he does it! Did I mention his grunting? This child is the gruntiest little thing I have ever met!
 His cheeks. I die. I was hoping he'd have smoochable cheeks like his big brother and he did not disappoint!
 These pics are SO much like the pics of snugglemuffin the first time i met him and held him while he slept for hours. I need to do a side by side of them!
 When the baby is this cute you just take picture after picture.
 I couldn't help myself.
 Snuggle Buddies
 I took this for my chiropractor, #futurepatient

 Eventually lovemuffin got to meet his Grandpa!
 He was awake for about 2 minutes and then conked out again. Apparently we are really exciting people to him :)
 Nana got to hold her boy, and her sweetie got to chat with his little brother. #bffs
 This kid. I have a love/hate with this picture. On one hand I love it because it's so stinkin cute, and his little fake smile. On the other hand I hate it because he looks SO GROWN UP! Everytime i see it i think he should have the keys in his hand and be telling us he's going to pick up his friends and he'll be home before curfew.
 Seriously, bffs. He loves his little brother!
 The next day was me attempting to get pics of my big boy, while he was having a case of the sillies. I love his giggles.
 big and little.
 It literally took about 28 pictures to get one good of us. Might have had something to do with the fact that he kept hiding his face in my hair.
 Hooray!!! Auntie is here!
 Lovemuffin's big brother had to go take a bath so I was on Auntie duty. when he realized Mommy was not in the room anymore he wasn't super thrilled about it.
 So of course it was time to do the Squat/Rock/Bounce.... that was helping but it needed something more so I started singing to him a little ditty called "Go to Sleep Alexander" sung to the tune of Brahms Lullaby. #musicteacher He seemed to enjoy that and quit fussing. BUT if heaven forbid I would quit singing, he would start fussing again. I finally had to start humming it because my voice was getting tired! It did the trick though..
 And he was out cold for another 3.5 hours. #auntieskillz
 So what's a girl to do? Take more pics of her adorable sleeping baby nephew. Next time I see him he'll be much bigger, so I wanted to soak in and take as many pics to remember him this little!
 That chin. That belly. That shirt!

 It's just too much cuteness!!
 The next day was Sunday, Easter Sunday! And of course we were at church. I was SO excited to see my friend Chantelle! She is a dear friend to our family, and really is more like family than a friend. She is just precious to us. Definitely was the highlight of my Easter Sunday getting to see and talk to her in person!
 After lunch we attempted some pics. This was with my old camera and I was having massive issues with blurry pics or my oldest nephew moving in the 9 minutes that it takes for the flash to go off. I was thankful to get this cute one of him giving me kisses. I hope he always wants to give hugs and kisses!
 And me with my littlest nephew, Can't wait for him to give me hugs and kisses. I remember the first time B hugged me goodnight. I darn near ugly cried.
Can we just talk about how ADORABLE he was in his little shirt, vest and BOW TIE??!! I about couldn't take it! Such a handsome little guy!

So thankful for both of my nephews, Praying that God does great things in their lives!

Sidenote: Yes, my Bro and SIL were there, but I didn't any really good pics of them, so just picture them looking really fancy in Easter clothes :)