Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Meeting Addison Jane

 Last week something happened that I have been waiting, hoping and praying for, for a very long time! My dear friend Audra had her first baby girl, Addison Jane, and I got to meet her and hold her for the first time!!!! I was BEYOND excited!!!!
 I can't come up with words to adequately describe what it was like to hold her for the first time! She is such a little cutie, and she was so light! and so tiny! She dressed in a special festive outfit for our first girls lunch and my birthday lunch! This might be my favorite new picture :)
 Or maybe this is! A self portrait with the three of us!!!!! So exciting!! And yes, I have mad Auntie Skillz, I can hold a baby and take a picture at the same time. 4 years of practice with Snugglemuffin :)
 After lunch we went to the living room and snuggled and sweet little Addie Girl just slept and slept in my arms.
 Cub Cubs Wasn't too happy about his snuggle buddy snuggling someone else!
 You just can't take enough pictures of babies sleeping. They are so precious!
 Sleeping Beauty.
 It cracked me up how Addie liked sleeping with her arms up. Doesn't she look like a doll? I kept staring at her, she was just so perfect that she almost didn't look real!
And then, right before I left, she was thinking about waking up and grabbed onto my finger. She was holding my hand! erm, well finger. It was so sweet, I just about cried! Sweet little Addie Jane! I am so excited you are finally here! I can't wait to get to know her and her personality and watch this precious little girl grow!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ladies who Lunch- Em's belated Birthday!

 Better late than never! Emboz and Madi and I finally had a much awaited Ladies who Lunch at O'Charleys a few weeks ago. I had been CRAVING and DYING for their chicken fingers. So, so SO YUMMY. And oh yeah, I missed Em and Madi as well :) Since Em's birthday was earlier in January we celebrated!
 Me and the Kitty..
 Oh wait, there's a Madi! I can't believe how big she is getting! Still looks exactly like her Momma and big Sister! #stronggenes
 We count it as a win when 2 out of 3 of us are looking good. (especially when the 2 are the adults :) )
 Mads was using her roll as a camera, taking pictures of me. She's clicking here..
 And lining me up in her sights here!
 Funny story, she was slightly sad? for the first half of the lunch. possibly because her momma poked her n the eye.. Anyways, as we're sitting here eating and chatting, some random server guy came by, and was apparently feeling bad about her sad face, so he whipped out a DOLLAR BILL and told her she could have it if she would smile. Girl knows how to work it!
What a goober!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The week in Phone Pics

 It's Valentine's Day week! I can't remember if I posted this before, but I made a quick little Valentine craft for the studio. Little hearts with all of my students names!
 Technically this was last week, but whatever. On Friday afternoon I went to a new Dermatologist, it had been several years since I had last saw one and knew I needed to get checked out. Thankfully my skin is ok, but while I was there I was mentioning to him how much I HATED the sun spot on my face. Years of trying to be a different color than what God made me, not great for the skin! He mentioned that he had a lightening/bleach spray that he could do. And he would do a trial of it there and if i liked the results I could make an apt to come back for another one. Sure why not!

SWEET.MERCY. It HURT! He sprayed it on my face and it felt like he was cutting out the spot with the world's biggest knife. Pain. Serious pain.

I get home and realized that my face and the spot is starting to puff up.

By the next day, the left side of my face was so swollen I looked like the elephant man. It was TERRIBLE. I went thru a drive thru that afternoon and the girl who helped me kept staring at me in horror. It was then I knew I would NOT be going to church the next day! ha!

By Monday it had gone from bad to worse and gotten infected. Glorious. Let this be my words of wisdom, STAY OUT OF THE SUN! WEAR SPF! You do NOT want this stuff sprayed on your face!

Because of it's nastiness I was instructed to clean it multiple times a day and keep it covered. A bandaid on the face. I feel like Nelly circa 2001. I decided that everyone was going to be staring at me anyway and asking why i had a bandaid on my face so i might as well wear a colorful one. 

Did I mention it's still puffy and struggling with being swollen on the spot? So in addition to my hottness I have to ice my face a few times a day to help reduce the swelling.

Again I say, WEAR SUNSCREEN. Being tan is cute when you're in your teen years but the repercussions when you are only in your early 30s are not fun, not cute and very painful. End PSA.
 Saturday when I woke up all Elephanty like I swore I heard someone in my back yard. I looked through the blinds and saw a man climbing out of the tree. No clue who he was. I am guessing with the phone or power company.

 He strung new cables in my back yard and my front yard. And I kept my blinds closed so I did not horrify him with my elephant face.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The last Dinner for Three

 #tbt to when Audra and I had our last Dinner for Three! She is due with Baby B THIS WEEKEND PEOPLE!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! So we made sure that we planned on last dinner with just the three of us before we added a new edition to our dinner date nights!

 Cubbie does such a good job of posing for the camera! the impressive thing is that my camera was on my bookshelf with the self timer, and Audra put a treat right by the camera and voila!! He is trained I tell ya!
 Will we be as excellent at self portraits when there is a little wee one involved? Time will tell! We are on the glasses and slipped squad that evening, got to be comfy!
 Cubbie was too busy eating his camera treat to be bothered to pose with Mom and his new little sibling. 
I got in LOTS of good Cub Cubs snuggles that evening! He likes to use my legs are a pillow/head rest. Poor thing wanted my couch to be wider, he kept wanting to stretch and there was no more couch left. Bless his heart. Love my little curly haired twin!

Can't wait for our next Dinner for FOUR!!!!!!!!! EEEEEKSSS!!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Life in Phone Pics

 For Christmas my Mom gave me the snuggliest boots! They are super warm and furry inside. I decided to make them into slipper boots, and only wear them inside.  I pared them with my new favorite jeggings I got at Dollar General. Random, yes, my SIL had a pair on when they visited last fall and I loved them! I was able to snag myself a pair on clearance and I wear them at least twice a week.
 It was cold enough that I made some hot chocolate in the mug that my Grams had bought for me before she went into hospice. <3 font="">
 Zebra socks, favorite jeggings, and sun shine. ahhhhh...
 My never ending sinus infection came back, so I have spent most of my free time like this. Laying on the couch, bundled up in several blankets. (Fever makes me COLD)
 Went to the chiro a few fridays ago and ahhhhh........ best way to start off the weekend!!
 It started snowing after church 2 weeks ago, the biggest snowflakes i have ever seen! They were beautiful! I tried to take a picture while I was at a stop light but it just didn't go it justice.
 You might be a "Boy Aunt" if you see machinery and take pictures of it just to send to your nephew.
 Apparently Wednesday for me have turned into "Duggar Days" I keep wearing skirts on Weds for some reason.
 Can't forget the tights, it's cold people!
 Audra and Cub Cubs came over for our last dinner date before she has her baby! Cubbie and I got in some good snuggle time. I love my cubbie cuddling time!
 Last weekend I had to get up at 7:30 am on a Saturday. Which is painful to even type. In order to get ready for a music competition I was accompanying a student for. I was very happy to find this in my fridge, and let me tell you, I will be buying more! It was tasty and it WORKED! Hallelujah for Caffeine.
 I was there early so I stopped in the rest room. I have never taken a selfie in a HS bathroom, and I just couldn't resist it. Shoot, I have barely ever BEEN in a HS!
 And another one just for good measure!! Do I look tired? It's because I was! 
 And then I ended up sitting on the floor of the hallway in said HS. Beside another Pianist waiting for their student to arrive for their performance.
And lastly I started off the week with a quick little valentine's day craft. I wrapped one of my canvas' with love paper and then cut out hearts and added my students names. Quick, simple and easy! It's sitting in my studio now and the students have loved trying to find where their names are!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Let it NOT Snow

This isn't that exciting of a post but I want to do better about documenting my life and happenings on this ol blog! Last week we got our first big snow of the winter. Which made it my first time to shovel! Yes, I have lived in Indiana for years but have never shoveled thanks to my family living on a farm with tractors and having an older brother. Now that I own my own house I'm responsible for shoveling. oh the joy. It was crazy cold, think negative temperatures, and I couldn't find my long johns, so I had to improvise a cold weather outfit. It wasn't cute, but it kept me warm enough that I was sweating when I finished!

First, I layered leggings under my fleecy yoga pants, added thick socks, a long sleeved shirt, my fleece jacket, and put my winter coat over that. I wore two hats (both were not that thick, so 2 thin hats = 1 thick hat) and wrapped my piano scarf around my face as a make shift face mask. It wouldn't stay in place, so i took my pink scarf and tied it over the piano scarf to hold it in place.

Again, it wasn't cute. but I was warm! It was rather humorous, so of course i had to take a picture. Yes, my coat would barely button with all those layers.
 Ready to head out!
 The pictures are actually from the second snow we had. We had two snows in one week. And on the first snow I was lazy and didn't clear all of my driveway. Soooooo my drive way was a bit hard to clean the second time, due to the packed down snow and ice. Don't judge.
 I still thought I did a good job!
 So far I have the nicest sidewalk out of all of my neighbors AND I currently hold the title as the person who shovels first. Go me!
 Look at that nice sidewalk!
 Walk in front of my house and door.
Annnnnnd this is what it looked like once I came inside! HA!

All in all, I think I prefer raking leaves to shoveling snow. Or at least my back does! By the weekend my back was OUT and I was hobbling around like a hunchback. Old Age Problems :)