Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Let it NOT Snow

This isn't that exciting of a post but I want to do better about documenting my life and happenings on this ol blog! Last week we got our first big snow of the winter. Which made it my first time to shovel! Yes, I have lived in Indiana for years but have never shoveled thanks to my family living on a farm with tractors and having an older brother. Now that I own my own house I'm responsible for shoveling. oh the joy. It was crazy cold, think negative temperatures, and I couldn't find my long johns, so I had to improvise a cold weather outfit. It wasn't cute, but it kept me warm enough that I was sweating when I finished!

First, I layered leggings under my fleecy yoga pants, added thick socks, a long sleeved shirt, my fleece jacket, and put my winter coat over that. I wore two hats (both were not that thick, so 2 thin hats = 1 thick hat) and wrapped my piano scarf around my face as a make shift face mask. It wouldn't stay in place, so i took my pink scarf and tied it over the piano scarf to hold it in place.

Again, it wasn't cute. but I was warm! It was rather humorous, so of course i had to take a picture. Yes, my coat would barely button with all those layers.
 Ready to head out!
 The pictures are actually from the second snow we had. We had two snows in one week. And on the first snow I was lazy and didn't clear all of my driveway. Soooooo my drive way was a bit hard to clean the second time, due to the packed down snow and ice. Don't judge.
 I still thought I did a good job!
 So far I have the nicest sidewalk out of all of my neighbors AND I currently hold the title as the person who shovels first. Go me!
 Look at that nice sidewalk!
 Walk in front of my house and door.
Annnnnnd this is what it looked like once I came inside! HA!

All in all, I think I prefer raking leaves to shoveling snow. Or at least my back does! By the weekend my back was OUT and I was hobbling around like a hunchback. Old Age Problems :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas with Snugglemuffin!

While I might not have taken a lot of pictures on Christmas day, once Snugglemuffin showed up in the days following, you'd better believe that Auntie almost wore out her camera!

He arrived and after reading some books and playing with some toys he was READY for Grandpa to get home from work. He decided he would sit in Grandpa's computer chair with Eeyore and Baby Cow and wait to Surprise him.

 Grandpa had a few hours of work left at that point :) After about 5 minutes of sitting in his chair B was more than ready for him to come home. So in order to distract him, we sat in the recliner and I got out my tablet and we listened (Watched- if you ask B) to some Christmas music on Pandora! So proud of my boy, his favorite station was Bing Crosby! Everytime Bing would come on he would nod his head and say "Yes. I think this is a good song" that's my boy!!!!
 Snuggling and listening to music. He was transfixed watching the screen of my tablet. Not sure why as nothing moves on Pandora?
 I told him to look up and smile for a picture. He apparently thought I meant look up and contemplate the world's issues. #deepthinker
 His Cheese face gets more and more interesting each year.
 I know that we're tall people but good grief! I was not prepared for how LONG his legs are getting!!! He's only 4!! Stop growing Snugglemuffin!!
 I mean LOOK AT THAT!!!!!!!
 While I was making the world's best salad for dinner, Grandpa was giving B a Horsie ride. I'm not sure that his back has recovered yet.
 FINALLY, it was time to open Presents! He was so cute opening gifts, when we'd tell him who the present was from he would say very seriously "Thank you". Such a polite little guy!
 Had to take a snuggle break with Eeyore and Baby Cow.
 Reading the instruction booklet to the I'm not sure what they are called that Nana got him. He put his Mommy to work the next morning n

 I have been a good Auntie and until this past September I have never bought my nephew a toy that makes sound. However, that streak was over. I decided this year was the perfect year for what I have been DREAMING of giving him since I knew of his existence.
 That's right. Snugglemuffin got his first PIANO!!!!! he was SO SO SO excited and it warmed my heart to see how happy he was to have a piano and play like his Auntie.
 I mean look at that face of sheer joy!! The rest of us were not feeling as joyful as he was, thanks to the very LOUD decibel of the keyboard and the fact that he preferred playing it WITH the background music. It was totally worth it though!!
 This is the face I get when I ask him to smile. Fake smiles all around!!
 This is the face I get when I ask him to smile normal ;)
 I had a slight medical condition while I was home. A growth appeared on my left arm whenever I would sit down on the couch with my laptop. A very cute little growth, who snuggled right into me.
 He asked me to take a picture of the book we were reading, and then I had to take a picture of every single page.
 I love how he snuggles into my side. He really is a snugglemuffin!!
 Lovin on his Auntie. And Auntie LOVING it!!!
 Auntie take a picture of me making a silly face with Baby Cow!
 What about this face?
 Auntie Take a picture of my foot!- Hysterical Laughing
 Love his little hands!
 And his little face!
 We headed to Nana and Grandpa's church on Sunday morning, and something was making him very giggly.
 Auntie, take a picture of me with Baby Cow on my head in front of the Christmas tree!
 Self Portraits with a 4 year old and a Baby Cow. Whatever gets him to take a picture with me!
 Love that crazy kid!! (there were more pictures in this series, consider it my gift to you that I didn't post all of them. You're Welcome :) )
 Adorable Smile but he's looking off to the side. Oh well, I will take it!!!!!!
 Love my Snugglemuffin SO MUCH!!!
 And just to prove that it wasn't just me and Snugglemuffin, his parents and little baby something were there as well! Aren't they a good looking family?!
 Nana and B deep in conversation. That boy LOVES his Nana!!
 He was laying on the ground by my chair playing and I couldn't believe how long his legs were. I took a picture and he turned around and asked me why I took a picture of them back of him. Smart little guy!

 This boy ADORES his Grandpa. And he loves it when Grandpa is silly with him and tickles him!
 So much Joy in one little face!

Hey Look! It's Nana and Grandpa! The only pic I got of the two of them this break. But we all know we like pics of B the best! Priorities.

It was a great Christmas with Snuggelmuffin and his parents. I can't  believe that next year we will have a new member of the family with us! Hard to imagine loving another little one as much as I love my Snuggelmuffin, my heart may just expload from all the love! Not a bad problem to have. <3 font="">

Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas Day Recap

Brace yourself for an Under-Whelming amount of Christmas Day pictures. I don't know what my problem was, but I barely took any pictures! In fact, I took so little pictures that I didn't even get one of my Mom. I promise you though, she was there, and she enjoyed Christmas :)

 Even my yearly picture by the tree pictures struggled. I really only got these two good pics. I blame this on my Grams being in Heaven. She was the one that usually took them, and she was a lovely and WILLING photographer. She never complained about taking more pics or me changing my pose. Unlike some people whom I will not mention. So basically I either need to get a selfie stick or get myself another relative who loves me.
 See, struggling!
 Dad reading from Luke 2. Now if you have read this blog, and ever read a Christmas recap you know that my favorite part of Christmas is my Dad reading Luke 2! He always reads past Baby Jesus, one year we made it to the Death, Burial and Resurrection. And i love it! It's always entertaining to see how far into Luke he will read until he realizes that we are grinning and giggling.

And it's awesome to see how much my Dad loves scripture that he will get so caught up in it and just read and read. 

That being said. I am upset with my Dad. This year do you know how far he read?  To Luke 2:14. That's right, ONLY 14 VERSES! I mean seriously! He quit and I said You're not done yet! Jesus hasn't been to the temple yet! He hasn't met Simeon! (I called him Enoch, but I meant Simeon) Simeon makes an appearance EVERY YEAR. I was quite upset. I still feel a little gypped. Not cool Dad, not cool.
 Thanks to my slow camera I missed him tapping the top of Mom's head with his gift.

So as we were opening Presents my Dad got up, walked to the tree and then began pushing this large and heavy sounding thing, that was covered with a christmas tablecloth. He pushed it all the way into the room we were in. And then grabbed the corner of the tablecloth, and looked at me expectantly, to pull it off in a whoosh. I had NO CLUE what was going on! ha! When he went to pull it off, I actually leaned back! I was scared for some unknown reason!  Much to my surprise he pulled it off and it was a super cute storage ottoman!!!! I have been wanting one for some time. I keep the toys for my waiting students/siblings in my living room. They have been in a trunk that was doing dual purpose as a coffee table, but it wasn't super nice and you couldn't sit on it. (even though they tried that, and standing. yikes) So I was STOKED to get this nice thing!
 Look how pretty! And apparently i need to clean my camera!
 And inside were more presents!!!!!!! This was one of my FAVORITE gifts I got this year! I have loved using it and it's sooo much more comfy to prop my feet up on than my old trunk!
 Don't get excited. I took this picture to show off my Grandma's rings and how nice they looked with my festive red nails and then thought, oh great, can't show this on fb, people will think I finally found a man. No Worries. Still no Men, just a very nice manicure and my Grams rings. AND, a LAMINATOR! Do you see it there on the floor? You know you're a teacher when you 1. Ask for a Laminator for Christmas and 2. Go wild and crazy with excitement when you see you got one as a gift!!!

 Another reason I didn't take many pics on Christmas Day. After presents and dinner I ditched the cute clothes and changed into my comfy t shirt and...
Leggings. That's right people, keepin it classy. My Parents have wood heat and let's just say it got a wee bit toasty at their house over my stay. Saturday I thought my SIL and myself were going to dissolve into sweat puddles. So. HOT.