Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Book Review: For the Record by Regina Jennings

So it's taken me like five years to write this book review. Because I kind of really didn't want to. I tried to like this book. I tried to get into it, I just couldn't.

The premise of this book is set back in the day, and is about a girl named Betsy Huckabee who wants to be a big time writer. She wants to write newspaper articles more than the girly things.

A new Deputy, Joel Puckett, comes into town and she decides to start basing a series of writing on him, because he is the epitome of the dashing hero.

Add to that, there is a mystery and nefarious things happening around her town.

My issues with the book were two fold.

One. I didn't feel like it was believable. This book was written in a time period that was much different for women. If you were woman you couldn't just come and go as you pleased. It just wasn't proper. Yet, the heroine of this story, comes and goes whenever and wherever at whatever time of day or NIGHT that she pleases. In the first few chapters she goes off gallivanting around while the man of the house, her guardian, tries to stop her. And she just ignores him. That isn't realistic for how life was during that time.

Two. The other issue was the pace. I thought for a story with mystery and intrigue that it would flow a little quicker. But it seemed really slow. I wasn't expecting it to be a non stop pace, but at least a horse trot would have been helpful. The horse was lame, in the pace of this book.

And because I don't want to end this review on a negative note, I will say that the one thing I liked was the Cover Art! I thought it was really cute and very well done!

Thanks to Bethany House for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Monday, January 16, 2017


Well it is my goal to do a weekly wrap up each week of this year. We'll see how this goes! Bekah over at does a great weekly wrap up, and she has inspired me to try and do my own!

So let's get with it!

 I got a package in the mail and I loved how they addressed it!!
 I made out like a bandit at DG's Christmas Clearance. I bought over 300 Christmas Cards, which means I'm stocked up for next Christmas' Service project. As I was checking out the check out lady said " wow.... you send out a LOT of Christmas cards!!" I had to explain what they were for :)
 My Mom got me several new tops for Christmas, and they, along with the gold bar "Choose Joy" necklace my Brother and SIL gave me, have been getting a lot of wear lately! It's nice to wear something different!

 Speaking of DG I am officially obsessed with these heart pretzels. I don't even like pretzels all that much, unless they are covered in chocolate apparently :)

I got the brilliant idea to make a pillow cover out of an old sweater. Let's not discuss how much that failed.

I feel like I have been living in tunics and leggings lately, so I decided to switch it up and wore a Dress on Thursday. Along with a new scarf I got for Christmas. I loved it, and felt so fancy! Definitely will be doing this again, especially on days where i get to stay inside.

 My plug in wax melt warmer died before Christmas. When I was at Aldi's this past week I found a cute blue one for under 4.00!! You'd better believe I snatched that up in a hurry. I love a good smelling house!!
 After wearing a dress on Thursday I decided to continue being wild and crazy and wear a skirt and cardi ensemble on Friday. It wasn't the brightest choice, since I had to go grocery shopping (I was at Aldis on 10:45 am on Friday morning, be impressed. Shoot, be SHOCKED!!) I about froze to death. but at least I looked good doing it!
 After grocery shopping so early in the morning, I felt like I deserved an award, so I read for 15 mins before my homeschooled student showed up. I got this Kristi Ann Hunter book for free, in exchange for reviewing it, and I LOVED IT!! Full review coming soon. But it was so good that I couldn't put it down! Before I had even finished the book I found the first in the series on our library digital books, downloaded it. And put in a hold on the 2'nd book in the series. I'm writing this on Monday night and I have already read the book above, the digital book, and I picked up the 2nd book at the Library today!
 Friday afternoon during my break was also the first Baptist Happy Hour of 2017!!! This little booger wasn't napping so he joined in the fun.

 Wednesday I had an EARLY morning Dr's apt at my new Dr's office. Thankfully I really liked the NP that I saw and am officially switching Drs. My beloved GP who oversaw my entire health, had the audacity to move, after having me as a patient for 10 years. I was not enthralled with the person who replaced him, so I am thankful to find someone whom I like better. To reward myself for that, and three dr's visits in one morning. (NP, Allergy Shot, Chiro) I treated myself to a Cherry Limeade. I don't know when the last time was that I had a cherry limeade! I am thinking over a year! ACK!!
 When I got home from all my Dr Apts I had a package in the mail from my former piano teacher!! I was so excited!!!!!!!
 Last week we had some CRAZY wind. That knocked down two sections of my fence. And if you look to the right of the picture you see two other pieces who were precarious anyway. I don't think my neighbor has realized they are falling down. I"m hoping he does soon :)

 When I parked at my allergists office, I looked out my window to see this dog. Is he in a court jester's outfit? a christmas outfit? I was so confused.
 It was kind of hilarious.

So at the very end of last week. Friday Thru Sunday we were supposed to have a big ice storm. It was supposed to be terrible. So I hustled to Aldi's early on Friday before lessons and stocked up since I was low on groceries. I hunkered down and prepared for this weather event. Comfy outfit, blanket, reading material. I was ready to stay home all weekend, safe and sound inside.

Well I did stay home all weekend.. Did I need to? NO. It did some stuff Friday night, and then the ice we were supposed to get that was SUPPOSED to make driving dangerous Sunday morning (aka why I didn't bother to set my alarm for church) DID. NOT.COME. I thought hmm.. ok maybe it's coming later in the day. Yeah it didn't come then either. So yay for the ice storm that really didn't happen. I was prepared. I should know better than to trust the weathermen and their timing. I have to admit though it was nice to stay home, all warm and cozy inside after my busy week.

Monday, January 9, 2017

First Week of 2017 Recap!

Let's be real here. The first week of 2017 was a STRUGGLE.  From Start to Finish. I started out 2017 having an eye infection and allergic reaction all rolled into one. Which made me look SUPER Attractive. (Not.)  So if you wonder why I'm rocking the glasses in every picture and look less like my normal put together self. That is why!

On my Last Day of Vacation (SOB!!) I took a little drive and met up with Audra and Addie as they were driving back home to Iowa! Poor Addie Bear was at the start of not feeling well, so she was less than enthused. Poor sweetie! And my pictures are out of order once again. Above is Addie and I sitting in the back seat of their vehicle chatting for a little bit after lunch.

Auds took this pic of us from the front seat. Traveleing with a toddler and a large dog with after christmas presents, it was cozy :)

The Three of us Inside Wendy's after lunch! It's good thing Audra was looking great that day, she is the only one of us that was :)

While I was sitting in the car I realized Cubbie was right behind me so I had to snap a selfie. I thought it was hilarious.

 And here we are magically back inside Wendy's opening Christmas Presents!
 Addie had zero interest in opening anything.
 She was pushing the present away in this pic! HA!
 The Irony of this kills me :)
 Momma had to open Addie Bear's Presents.
 Addie Bear was more interested in doing this. Isn't she so precious??!
 Auds went outside to check on Cubbie so I held Addie and snapped some pics.
 She was trying to figure out how to hold onto my hair here.. She never remembers that you really can't run your fingers thru Miss Charity's hair. #CurlyHairProblems

 Wednesday it was back to work for me. I was not ready. That two week break went by so quickly and I was sick the entire time. I felt like I needed another week of vacation.
 But this brightened up my day! One of my students was cleaning out her room and found some Peanuts toys, and knowing that I love them, she brought them for me!!!!!!!
 Thursday ( I think it was Thursday??) it snowed a bit. I was beyond struggling on Thursday, as Wednesday night when I was in bed trying to fall asleep, (and not being successful) I noticed that my furnace was kicking on, lighting up and then shutting off. Did I mention it was the coldest night of the year so far with below zero temps? It was 2 am until I finally was able to go to bed, after getting it to kick on, and getting all my heaters out. I was so exhausted on Thursday, and it didn't help that Thursday is my busiest day of non stop students.

 Notice the heater in the back ground? My furnace kept having issues, and today (Monday) it's still having issues but running somewhat better.

 This is how I felt when someone brought a sick child into the studio.

 Friday morning, because I am an idiot, I had a bright an early dentist apt for 3 fillings. Again on one of the coldest mornings of the year. My truck has started doing this thing where when it's cold, the drivers side door lock is frozen. So I have to crawl in thru the passengers side. I will just say that my next vehicle will NOT have a center console to it.

I got to the dentist and I didn't feel great, but attributed it to not much sleep the past few days. The Dentist started working on my mouth and it went downhill from there. By the Grace of GOD and God alone, I did not throw up at the dentists, but I was white knuckling it the entire time.  It is really hard to have your mouth worked on when you're feeling super nauseated.  not a fan. 

After that debacle, I had a quick errand to run even though I didn't feel great. My Dad had a surprise for my Mom and I had to pick it up and wrap it so it would be ready for them when they came by later that day to work on my furnace.

I ended this illustrious first week of 2017, on the couch, watching One Tree Hill, for the entire weekend. Finally I feel back to normal, and ready to take on the second week of 2017!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Book Review: A Primary Decision by Dr. Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit

Confession: I tried Really, REALLY hard to like this book.  I thought the premise sounded really interesting, seeing as I'm a fan of Scandal and Madame Secretary, it seemed like it would be right up my alley. A Shady, potentially evil and corrupt President. The Attorney General who has a moral compass and wants to do right. No matter what the cost. It sounded great!!

But alas, it was not my favorite. The Book switched off characters point of views in every chapter. I had a seriously HARD time following along, remembering who was who and keeping track of what was happening.

This book was also book three of "The Worthington  Destiny" series. Some books you can pick right up in the middle of a series, but for this one I think I really needed to have read the previous books. I think it would have made much more sense to me. And I would have understood what the characters were talking about. They seemed to reference a lot of things that had happened previously, and that added to the confusion.

I might see if my Library has the other two books, and start with them and see if the book makes more sense when I actually know what is going on!!

Thanks to Revell for Providing me with a free copy of this book, in exchange for my honest opinion!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What's Up Wednesday! Last of 2016

So for the second month in a row the Bloggers I link up with are really trying to throw me off by doing What's Up Wednesday NOT on the last Wednesday of the month.  Anywho, I'm hopefully finishing this on the actual day and linking up with Shay at Mix and Match Mama!

What I'm Eating this week: We had Christmas with my Brother and his family this past weekend, so I"m still eating leftovers and turkey!

What I'm reminiscing about:

Today is Audra's Birthday! YAY! Happy Birthday Auds! I got to reminiscing about our friendship and our past celebrations every Dec. This is one of my favorite pictures of us, the first of the three of us after Addie was born! She looks like a doll!!

What I'm Loving: TOMORROW STARTS CHRISTMAS VACATION!!!!!!!!!! Two Glorious weeks of no alarm clocks (except for church) no work, and some rest and relaxation! And doing whatever I want and not having to watch the clock to see how much time I have!

What I've been up to:

 A Girls afternoon Christmas Shopping with my Mom.
Spending time with my cute lil tablet buddy Lovemuffin
And this character.... :)

What I'm dreading: Only thing I am dreading is when my vacation is over! HA!

What I'm Working On: Laundry! And that's IT!!!!!

What I'm Excited About: Did I mention I'm almost on Vacation? I really don't take a summer vacation or anything like that because when you're self employed vacation days are Non Paid days. But I take two glorious weeks off at Christmas to rest, relax and recharge. This time is very much needed!!

What I'm Watching/Reading: I am finishing up White Collar. Goodness, I love that show!! And Hoping that Netflix helps me out with a good binge show come January! As For reading I have two books I need to read and review so I really need to get on top of that! AND my SIL got me the Fixer Upper Book for Christmas! I can't wait to read it!!

What I'm Listening to: Right now the Glorious Sound of Silence! But in about 20 mins it will be my final Piano Student playing Christmas music!

What I'm Wearing:

Terrible picture of my slippers, but I"m too lazy to take another one! Mom gave me an early Christmas present of these ADORABLE Grey and Black Fair Aisle Slippers and they are sooooo comft and cushy!! I am loving them!! Also sporting jeans, a grey shirt and a dark blue grey cardigan. My Shirt has coffee on it, so I'll spare you that picture,

What I'm doing this Weekend: It's CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be at my Church for our Christmas Eve Service, and then serving at the second Christmas eve service and then I have plans to spread some Christmas cheer around town. Stay Tuned :)

What I'm looking forward to next Month:

 I get to see this Goober...
And her Momma!!! They Moved two states away but will be in the state for Christmas so we are meeting up on their drive back to have lunch, exchange gifts and catch up!

What else is new:

 In *VERY* Exciting News, Lovemuffin has finally warmed up to his Auntie!! I was finally able to pick him up and hold him and interact with him and HUG him, without him screaming! Truth be told I haven't even tried touching him or anything as I knew what it would lead to. I haven't held and snuggled him since he was a few months old. *Tears* My Auntie heart was SO SO happy that he finally likes me, and when he hugged me goodnight for the first time I just about cried. We won't talk about when he held my hand at the dinner prayer and my other nephew was holding my other hand.  I think my heart exploded a bit!
Goodness I just love that little face!! He is such a sweetie!  He still hasn't quite figured out pictures, but he has the sweetest little smile!