Saturday, November 18, 2017


Well I am sliding in with a super late recap of last week, but better late than never!

I put out some of my decorations, and I love sitting at my kitchen table and seeing this pretty nativity!

My favorite nativity went up in the piano room. It's very breakable so I have to put it somewhere little piano hands cannot reach. This was my Grandma's and my Mom has a matching set.
Last week's big project was moving this armoire out of the piano room. It sat behind my chair and housed a lot of my music. Everytime I wanted a book I would have to move my chair and table to get ti it. My Mom is building me a shelf that will be tall and skinny and go on the wall of the closet. So I had to clean this bad boy out, figure out where to temporarily house all the music and stuff that was inside, move this out of the studio, and find a place for it.
I finally found the dice that rolled under the armoire 3 years ago.........
I managed to get the music in the closet but hten I was left with this..........................
Wednesday morning Bible Study has been so much fun! Definitely worth getting up early and rushing around to get there. I have learned a lot and made some new friends! We only have a few weeks left and I am already sad.
An Emoji showed up for a piano lesson.
I love the coziness of christmas lights!
Thursday was chilly and wintery, so I was all bundled up.
Thursday between lessons I got the brilliant idea to put my old tree in the piano room and use it for my music tree. I was using a smaller tree in there but I have accumulated a good amount of musical ornaments, and our yearly studio ornaments that I was needing a bigger tree. 
After I put the tree up my little table didn't fit, so I had to figure out something to hold my pens, clock, ect.. Thankfully this reindeer fit perfectly and it's so cute!!
Sunday was cold, we skipped right over fall into winter.  I needed taller socks to hold down my leggings since I was wearing boots. So I grabbed these non matching socks and thought how proud my students would be. Pretty much all of my students that wear socks, never wear matching ones.
It was also my Sunday to serve! We had a few minor kabobbles, like accidentally opening the doors before Pastor Dave was done talking at the end. Whooops! Sorry Pastor Dave! But we made it through without any major disasters so I call that a win!
After church I ran to Ollies, one of my very favorite stores! I swear you can find anything and everything there, and for a cheap price! I needed some lighted garland for my sofa table, so I could put out my Glass Angels. And I found way more than that, of course!
Like CHARLIE BROWN WRAPPING PAPER!!!!!!! I had to control myself and only buy two tubes. It was hard. Love me some Charlie Brown!!!!
And I ended the night like this... ahhhh peaceful!!

Monday, November 6, 2017


Well We started off the week with a rather odd day. Not bad, just odd! I woke up to my first student cancelling her lesson. I had errands to run and a super messy house, and had set my alarm a little earlier than normal to accomplish everything. After that, as the day went on my next two in line students also cancelled. This has NEVER happened before. It was crazy! I wasn't complaining, but it was weird. I didn't have my first of THREE students until 7 pm! I almost didn't know what to do with myself. But I somehow managed:)  Turns out my free time is catching up on my bible study homework, and doing dishes. #Adulting

 One of my errands was to get my allergy shot, and I had something to drop off to Emboz, so I texted her that morning to see if her shot was that day, and we planned it so we met up at the allergist's office at the same time. We snapped a pic outside because, # pics or it didn't happen. That's how we roll. and chatted a bit until I couldn't feel my toes. I bundled up the top 3/4 of myself, but left the house in my ballet flats by accident. Does anyone else have house shoes? I have flip flops, sandals, and flats that I just wear around the house. Well I forgot to put my socks and boots on, and it had been raining. My toes were SO COLD!
 I finally made it home awhile later, after running into Aldi's for Halloween candy. And immediately put on socks and slippers. Emboz had teased me about my shoe wear, so I had to snap a picture to send to her.
 All warmed up and ready to teach! Only, the 2nd student cancelled as I was sitting here waiting. soooo...

 I busted out my Halloween Costume (and I use that term very lightly!) and snapped some pics.
 I updated my chalkboard and had a slight freak out that the Christmas Recital is only 4 weeks away. ack ack and ACK!!
 I slept terrible Monday night, and was half dead on Tuesday, but I pulled myself together, slapped on some makeup and got ready for trick or treaters. Jboz brought Ro Ro over to trick or treat on their way to an event. And he apparently forgot that he has known me since roughly 3 hours after he entered the world. He wanted nothing to do with getting a picture with Auntie Cherry. We finally tried sitting on the bench outside and B snapped this. I'm beside Jboz but I'm laughing like a hyena, so I spared the world from seeing that. It was pretty funny though!
 Meanwhile Jboz and I managed to snap a good picture of us in less than 20 seconds. See how easy that was Ro? All you have to do is smile! #Pros
 It was a chilly night for trick or treaters and I wished I had a sweater and thick leggings on. brrrrr..... I finally called it quits after no one had knocked on my door in over 15 mins. This year I actually had candy left! i was surprised! Old Lady Cherrybear only lets the kids have one piece (unless they are tiny and adorable) because there are tons of kids in my neighborhood, and my first year having trick or treaters, ever! I let people take whatever they wanted and was out of candy by 7 pm. Rookie mistake! Now I'm stingy, but at least everyone gets some!

 Wednesday morning I was up before the sun and I was TIRED. My terrible nights sleep on Monday night, and not enough sleep Tuesday night had me struggling. I made it to bible study though and was coherent and participative throughout it so that was a plus! After Bible study was finished I thought I would go grocery shopping and run some errands. Oh man. I will not be doing that in W. Laf until they get all of their construction under control. It was ridiculous. I barely made it home in time to unload and put my groceries away before my first student arrived.

Thursday I woke up refreshed from actually getting a glorious nights sleep! I got in bed around 8:20 on Weds night. I listened to my audio book for awhile and then fell asleep before 10 pm. And it was wonderful. I tried out a new outfit combo, with a cardigan and a t shirt that I have worn the latter all summer long. I liked it!

We had a big rain storm go through around 9 pm, just when I had sat down on the couch. I had the living room window open since it was in the 60s, so I got to hear the beautiful relaxing sounds of rain. I loved it! Peace, quiet, and rain. Perfect ending to a really busy, and somewhat stressful day.

 Leftover Halloween candy is great! Although I will admit, I took all of the cherry fruit chews out of the bag before putting out candy for trick or treaters. They are SO good!!

I've been listening to Christmas music since Sept. August if you count the hunting for students songs. I get excited when one of my all time favorite Christmas songs comes on! #NSYNCFOREVER

Friday nights sleep was WONDERFUL. Look at all that deep sleep!

Sunday was the return to DST and I wasn't mad about getting an extra hour of sleep! It was nice to shower and have it not be pitch black outside. I hate having to turn on the overhead light in the bathroom right after I've gotten out of bed. 

It was a rainy, and stormy day. I went to church and heard a great sermon and then headed out to Crawfordsville to meet up with a guy to buy a nice Christmas tree from him. He stood me up. I was slightly annoyed. On the way home I got caught in torrential rain, think going 25 mph and not being able to see 15 feet in front of you. Finally the rain was getting lighter, and I was going around 50 mph. And then lightening HIT something less than 10 feet away from me while I was driving. It was terrifying. Lightening makes a much different noise when it's right next to you, and it's a noise I would prefer not to ever hear again. I was really annoyed after that. It was bad enough to have to drive over 30 mins away, and waste time and gas, but then to be close to danger. Nope. Just. Nope. 

And that was week 43!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


10 Weeks until 2018! 

 Monday was cool and raining buckets, and I loved it! I love a good rainy day where I don't have to be anywhere! I was finally able to wear a new to me shirt that I got yard saleing this summer. I love the pale lavender! It's not a color that I really have much of anything in, but it's very pretty!

 I try to either make food ahead or put something in the crock pot on Mondays and Thursdays. Some cozy soup was perfect for the rainy coolness of monday.
 I also baked some cupcakes that afternoon. Funfetti with my new favorite from scratch chocolate icing. Soooooooooooo good!!
 Wednesday I was up two hours earlier than normal, for the first day of my fall Women's Bible Study! It was in the 40's and super chilly, so I dressed warm.
 I put my puffer vest on before leaving for church. It kept me nice and warm and I can't believe I have went this long in life without a puffer vest.
 I wore boots to church and when I got home I put my slipper boots on. If it's cold outside I am most likely wearing my slipper boots. 
 Thursday was a little bit warmer than Weds, but still chilly. So leggings, tunic, and my long cardigan were the outfit of the day.
 I had 5 students in a row. And I was prepared!!Two drinks, a snack if my blood sugar tanked, contact solution, contact case, and glasses in case my contacts got super dry. (Because my contacts are monthly contacts and I've been wearing them since August.. Contacts are expensive!)
 Annnnd the aftermath!! I kicked off my slippers, took off my cardigan because i was hot. Books strewn about the floor by my chair.
 To do pile on my chair, computer that I used for the last two Skype lessons..
 One drink empty, another drink half empty...
My next to last student came earlier in the day, hence the 5 lessons in a row. So I actually had some time for a decent dinner break and to get some things done before my last student of the day. So I put my NSYNC Holiday station on Pandora, and pulled up Finale Notepad to work on a song for a student.

 The weekend was spent huddled on the couch under a blanket, IT. WAS.COLD. I swear we skipped over fall and went right into winter. Anyways, I was bundled up and watched a lot of tv and read. It was nice! Saturday pm I wasn't feeling so great so I decided to stay home from church on Sunday.

Thankfully Sunday afternoon I was feeling better and working on my Halloween Costume. I had a great idea for a costume, but had the idea a little too late for it to be made. So I went with Plan B! And Plan B was free, so there's that!

Friday, October 27, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

What I'm eating this week: Well Earlier in the week I made Chicken, Mushroom, Ranch in the crock pot. I added pasta in with it for the last half hour and it was so good!! In the middle of the week I made my family's Shepherd's Pie casserole, and then Thursday I made Momfessionals Stuffed Pasta Shells. Which honestly I have been making almost once a week. They are so yummy!!!! I'm all about the casseroles and crock pot meals right now. This teacher doesn't have time to cook between students!

What I'm reminiscing about: Nothing that I can think of!

What I'm loving: I am happy it's finally fall weather! 80's in October was ridiculous. I'm excited to be back in my fall clothes. All the leggings, all the time! #SoCozy I've also been loving my new phone and how the battery holds a charge much longer than my old one! Also enjoying the range of apps I can get now that I have an Android!

What I've been up to: Teaching, Bible Study, Teaching. Planning for the Christmas Recital, Christmas Shopping. I've been busy!

What I'm dreading: Well Thursdays are my roughest days, but I'm at the point where I only have one student left in the day so I'm not dreading Thursdays any more!

What I'm working on: Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. Right now it's all about the Recital which is 5 weeks away. EEKS!! But I'm also christmas shopping and planning my purchases. Some things I want for my parents I am hoping to score on black friday online, so I'm hunting down the deals.

What I'm excited about: Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!!! I really like Thanksgiving break as there is no stress! My friend/student and honorary member of our family will be joining us again for Thanksgiving and we always have a fun time at family dinners! It's nice to have people other than my parents there. Not that I don't love them, but we have heard all of our own stories :)

What I'm watching/reading: Ok, So I don't have cable, but when I switched my internet I got basic tv, because I love me some cbs shows. And this time i got a DVR. It has changed my world! I can press pause when I am watching tv to use the facilities, or read an email, or go do a task I suddenly remember. It's great! I can DVR the news and stuff I wouldn't get to watch while I am teaching and watch it later. Specifically, I tape Mad about You every day, I stinkin love that show!!

I have been reading a lot lately. The book that stands out to me the most is a book about a Jewish Dr's story of being Dr Death's assistant at Auschwitz during the war. 

It was chilling. Heartbreaking, I don't even know what to say. Literally getting an up close view at what exactly happened to people when they got off the transportation (usually a train) and were put into two different lines. One to live and one not to, but they didn't have any clue. And then how they were taken to the gas chambers and what happened inside. It's just..... I'm sitting here shaking my head. I don't know the words to convey how terrible it is that MILLIONS of people were murdered, and the world let it happen. Obviously this isn't a light read, but I think it's important to read hard life events ( I don't want to call it a "Story" because this was real life) so we can learn from them, hope and pray we can see the signs before anything like this happens again and prevent it. And in some way, honor those who went through this by reading their life in the concentration camp. This happened. And we can't, and shouldn't turn away from it or ignore it.

What I'm listening to: Well that was heavy, and there's no good segway. I have been listening to Christmas Music, this am I popped on the NSYNC Christmas Station on Pandora, and got to hear "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" and I was a happy girl. Currently after teaching 5 students in a row I am listening to the glorious sound of SILENCE.

What I'm wearing: Leggings, a Tunic, Socks and SLIPPERS! YESSSSS!! Yesterday was leggings, sweater, puffer vest and boots. 

And Thursday was leggings, tunic,long cardigan, and slippers!

What I'm doing this weekend: Church and nothing else! Actually, I need to DIY my Halloween costume. I should probably start on that tonight after I'm done teaching.

What I'm looking forward to next month: Thanksgiving break! And the Recital! More importantly the Recital being done! It is super stressful right up until the final picture with Miss Charity in front of the piano is taken. Then I can relax.

What else is new: Not a whole lot! I wish I had something interesting to add but I can't think of anything.