Friday, September 22, 2017


We started off last week with a heavy morning. It was the anniversary of 9/11 and as I was getting ready my thoughts were on the events 16 years ago. In some ways I can't believe it was that long ago. I was watching the Today show and they were showing different services and I was crying my little eyes out. After 16 years, it still hits me in the heart. The people who lost their loved ones were constantly on my mind, and in my prayers the entire day.

Because it was 9/11 I always dress very patriotically that day, in respect for our Country and the people who lost their lives. I have a special 9/11 pin with the Twin Towers on it, that I put on my scarf.
9/11/01 Never Forget
This 9/11 afternoon was very different than the terrifying 9/11 16 years ago. It was John Deere Day, and my nephews were in town, so I met up with them to tour the event and see my Snugglemuffin and Lovemuffin!
Funnily enough we ran into eachother in the parking garage as we were both trying to find spaces. We finally did find two spaces together, I thought we were going to have to park on the roof! But I was glad we found eachother there, it made it easier!
I'm also glad that I don't live near Snugglemuffin, so I will not be on the roads when he learns how to drive.
I think I'll start praying for the safety of his county.
This little guy had SO.MUCH.FUN "Driving" all of the equipment! He was just grinning away! 
I mean, come on! That little smile!!
Auntie Charity "Drove" the Gator as well. And Snugglemuffin and I took a selfie. We're hoping he gets a personality sometime......
Selfie with Auntie Charity Take ONE!
And two! Look at that little smile!! Our first selfie where he has smiled!! YAY Lovemuffin! He is coming out of his shell and liking his Auntie more and more!
Sarah #1 heard we would be at JD Day and happened to be close to it, and was dying to meet the boys, so I texted her and she came over and got to hear several stories from Snugglemuffin.
After lots of fun at JD Day, we went to McD's. I for one was starving! We had a yummy lunch, and Lovemuffin waved and said Hi and Bye to the Firetruck who kept driving by. So basically his day was made. I bought the boys ice cream, Did you know you can get a vanilla cone in a cup? without the cone? and it's like double the amount of ice cream? We did that and then shared. You know I love my nephews when I share food with them. Willingly. We took this picture to send to Grandpa, as he LOVES ice cream. We did not get a response. HA HA HA

After the excitement of the morning and early afternoon I came home, promptly took out my contacts and made a second cup of coffee to keep me awake for my evening students.
Wednesday I got up early to run errands, one being to pick up my new glasses! I like them even if I didn't spring for the 129.00 anti glare.
It was a rainy, stormy day, which I could have predicted since I was wearing glasses. It always rains when I wear glasses or straighten my hair.

That afternoon I got a care package in the mail from my former teacher, with lots of piano books! I was beyond excited!!

Thursday I was feeling the sleepiness of the end of the week and tons of students in one day. 
I don't remember what day I made this, but when I was home at my parents over Labor Day Mom and I went to Save A Lot after church. I was browsing around and found a 69 cent package of dry pizza mix. I thought it sounded interesting and for 69 cents why not give it a try! I made it and I REALLY liked it!! Granted I should have let it rise a bit more as it kind of didn't rise........ then maybe it would have been big enough to fit in my pizza pan but I digress! I added some Sauce from Aldi's, and sprinkled a little parmesan cheese on top of the sauce, then added with Aldi's Italian Blend cheese and some pepperoni. It was quite delicious! Just enough crust!

Thursday, September 14, 2017


 Last Monday and Tuesday I was off for Labor Day. Monday was spent not feeling well after eating something that didn't agree with me. (Story of my life) And Tuesday I was tired from all that so this picture is rather indicative of those two days! on the couch with a blankie! Also, do you see that temp? It has been crazy cool here at night and in the mornings!

 Wednesday was back to work! Do you see the pumpkin behind me? I've since moved it, but I have been slowly adding fall decorations here and there! This cooler weather has me in a fall mood!
 Thursday I seriously questioned what day it was after two students in a row no showed, and I thought maybe I had the day wrong. Others cancelled and I ended up not teaching until 5:15!!! Usually I have already taught SEVERAL students by then, so that was weird! Mom was in town and came by and mowed for me. And my neighbor. She is so sweet.

 She also brought me a new rug she found on clearance for a steal and thought I might like. I've been slowly redecorating my bathroom. It used to be pink. then it was teal earlier this year and then I found this nice neutral white and silver shower curtain at a yardsale this summer and fell in love with it. I had been wanting something more neutral and just clean looking. This light colored rug really went well with it. Gives it just a small pop of color! She also had found a white toilet seat cover that isn't pictured, but looks really nice. Gives it a little bit of texture.
 You know you're old when rugs excite you.
 Friday started my very busy weekend into the first day of the next week. Emboz and her fam had went to Disney world and needed someone to pick them up at the airport. I happened to be free and was happy to help. I set out for a great adventure, and had a book, nail polish and snacks packed. I stopped at Wendy's on the way out of town and picked up a large Coke because I was still really tired even after my coffee. Gas was pricy in our town and I desperately needed some. So I got enough to get me to halfway to Indy, so I could stop at a place I knew had cheaper gas. So I stopped there, put some gas in and thought I will use the restroom here. Then I happened to look over and saw all of the police cards pictured above (as well as some other ones not pictured) and thought. Nope. Nope. NOPE! So I got in my truck and went across the way to Taco Bell.

 With the help of my navigation guy on my smartphone (BEST INVENTION EVER) I made it to the airport in record time. I did happen to miss the turn off for the cell phone lot I was going to park in and wait. Well I saw it right as I needed to turn and someone was in my way so I couldn't merge over. So I panic a bit, and try to figure out what to do. I wasn't sure how long they let you sit out in front of arrivals. And there was a Police Officer parked there going to different vehicles. I thought for sure he would come by and ask me to move. I checked their flight on my phone and it was delayed. Oh shoot. So I decide to get out of my parking spot, and see if i can loop around and find the cell phone parking lot. It took me 15 minutes. 15 MINUTES to get out of my parking spot and then I was pretty much not moving and I decided I would take my chances, and pulled into a parking spot a few doors down. And Bless his heart the very nice Police Officer did not make me move!!!!
 So I sat and people watched while I waited for my people!
 And took a selfie, because.. Of course. Also, see that red cooler? I packed snacks for them! As I was cleaning out my truck preparing to be a Limo Service I was thinking of what they might need, and it seems like everytime I get off a plane I am hungry and thirsty and have to pee. I couldn't do anything about the third item, but food and drink I can provide! So I packed bottled waters, and numerous slices of my famous Texas Sheet Cake, along with napkins, utensils, and Benadryl, because I couldn't remember if Vanilla Extract was one of the items Em was allergic to. We got everyone in the vehicle and managed to get out of my spot without hitting anyone, which was a miracle. And 3.5 seconds after that Madi said "I'm HUNNNNGGGGRRRRYYYYYY!" 

To which I replied, There are snacks and bottled waters in the cooler under Madi's feet. 

With their excitement over that I think I will be packing snacks and drinks everytime I am a Limo Service!

# This is what life is like when you're friends with Mary Poppins

My GPS guy, or President George Bush(the 2nd) as Greg called him, got us out of the airport and back home safely. Minus a quick swing into a gas station for the girl who shouldn't have gotten a coke on the drive to the airport. We took a selfie in their driveway after we arrived. You'll notice Greg has already fled the scene. HA!

After I got home I scarfed down this YUMMY Mickey Rice Krispie Treat courtesy of Emboz! It was almost too cute to eat! #ButIAteItAnyway

 Sunday was the second sunday of the month so it was my day to serve at church. It was also my first Official time as the Co Leader for Team Two! I lead the late service, and am so far enjoying my new position. I will say that it was friend weekend and the kickoff to a new series, and some other special things so it was a B.U.S.Y. morning. I sweated my tail off running around. 
 I got Kristi Ann Hunter's newest book in the mail on Saturday and saved it for Sunday afternoon! After I ran the sweeper and cleaned up around the house, I took a quick shower, and settled in on the couch to read for the afternoon!
And it was glorious. And yes my hair is in pigtails. Don't judge. I finished the entire book in one day and as always with Ms. Hunter's books it did not disappoint! Full Review coming soon!!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Book Review "Just the Two of Us" by Victoria Bylin

(Does anyone else have the song in their head? ANYONE??!)

I was SO excited when I saw this book by Victoria Bylin in the monthly book email from Bethany House. I really like her books, but my Library only has a few of them, so when I saw she was coming out with a new one, I hopped on that as fast as I could!!

Once again, her writing does not disappoint! I love her books! Christian Romance and Comedy at it's best!

The Premise of this book was actually a little different than normal, and I liked it. It is focused around the main character Mia, but also around her younger sister Lucy. Mia is the reliable type A one, and Lucy is the loveable screw-up who has a lot to learn. I thought it was interesting how the author covered Lucy's pregnancy out of wedlock. You don't really see that in a Christian book that much! But she handled it with grace, and I thought it was neat how she showed the ups and downs and the emotional side and effects that choices have.

I have to admit I was a little annoyed with Mia at times. It seemed like she had this idea in her head of how things were supposed to be, without really consulting God. It was like it was Mia's God Plan and not God's.  But then again, isn't that what we tend to do? Think something is God's plan when really it's something we have just worked around to sound like God's plan because we want to do it.

All in all I really enjoyed this book, although for a Christian book I don't really expect or want to read the illusions to intimacy that was in this book. Don't get me wrong, nothing was described but it made me slightly uncomfortable reading the pregnant girls thoughts when she was on bed rest. For that reason alone I wouldn't have a teen or young girl read this book. But that's just me!

Thanks to Bethany House for providing me with a free book in exchange for my honest opinion!

35/52- Labor Day Weekend and a Trip Home to the Farm!

 When I left off with my last blog post, I was discussing the lack of hot water. Long story short, Monday my water heater was somewhat mysteriously lit up, and I was back to hot water later that evening! GLORY!! Still don't know what is broken, but I am not turning it off anytime soon!!!
 Wednesday after a gloriously long HOT shower, I had several errands to do before teaching, like go get my allergy shot. A friend was going to my Dr later that afternoon for allergy testing so I took a picture of the door in the back of the building so she would know which one to go in. 
 It's hard to take a selfie of yourself and a lamp. BUT! this is the 1.00 lamp I got at a yard sale earlier this year, and after painting my hideously mauve lampshade it is much better looking! It's not full on fall and dark evenings yet but I have been surprised at how much I have used this lamp so far. It's the perfect height for giving me light on my teaching clipboard. 1.00 well spent!!
 Thursday I was super high tech and high class for Skype lessons.  Ya do what you have to do when you don't want a crick in your neck.
  I also had a small photo shoot with my open window. I know I say it a lot but it is SO NICE to teach sitting right by an open window! The fresh air AHHHHHHHH..It's the small things in life.
 I have no clue why I took this picture. I guess to show the new
 Friday night I had a beautiful drive home to the farm. The Sun set was stunning!!!
 Right before I got to Wolcott I saw that Jboz had texted me, so I swung into Farneys to respond to her text before I lost cell signal.
 You're a native if you know the correct way to drive at this "intersection"
 I spy the Farm!!!!!
 While I was hungry and ready to be home, I just HAD to stop and see the babies!!!!
 This picture is way blurry but all four of the babies out on their own (Midnight is still in with her Mama) were out by the gate and checking me out!
 Hershey kept giving me these looks.... HAHAHAHAH He is such a stinker! I think he was confused as I looked like his Mommy, and drove a vehicle like her, but my voice was different and I had no Apple Peels so clearly, not his mommy. (aka My Mom. He is her baby!)
 The Two Mama's and Midnight were way on the other end of the barn and mooing at me. I turned around to look at them and saw this beautiful sunset! Everything is prettier in the country.
 Hershey wanted nothing to do with me, But Peppermint Patty was really curious! She would get a foot or two away from me and then think about if she wanted to get closer.
 Cow Selfies are a struggle
 But Patty somewhat obliged. Somewhat.
 After talking to the babies and getting cold, I hopped back in the truck and in approx 1.5 minutes later was HOME!!!
 It was COLD on Saturday and Mom made Peach Cobbler. I found out I'm not a fan of Cobbler. I am more of a crisp girl.
 I was freezing in my jeans, socks and long sleeved shirt and looked at the temp to see what it was. Y'all. My Florida blood comes thru when it goes from warm to cold here. 
 Mom had to mow at the farm, so I went with her to see the babies before she mowed. The Big cows kept bellowing at us, but wouldn't come closer. Midnight flat out laid down and refused to talk to any of the other babies. Poor Hershey went right up to her by the fence and kept mooing at her and she never turned around! RUDE!! 
 Notice Hershey eyeballing someone?
 Someone is watttcchhhiiiingggg youuuuuu..... Mom picked up the bucket that had held the apple peels and he stalked her to make sure there hadn't been any more apple peels left behind! He always thinks he is starving despite his round belly!!
 Again with the looks!!!

 Sunday my Dad had to work so it was just my Mom and I for church. We sat in a different section near the back and it was glorious :) HA!
 After church we ran into town and ran some errands. Mom went into Walgreens to pick up the paper for Dad while I waited and entertained myself.
 We went back home, had lunch, and then I packed up and headed back to town. I stopped at Aldi's on the way to my house to get some groceries and was in the longest line I've ever been in at an Aldis! Thankfully it moved quickly.
 After I got home and unloaded I couldn't help myself and put out a few new fall decorations. I scored some things at a DG clearance last year and some other things at yard sales this summer
 Like this super cute fall Welcome sign for my front door!
I haven't fully decorated for fall but pumpkins and leaves are slowly making their way into my home!