Friday, November 13, 2015

Dinner with A&A/C&C

 I love me some allitteration. Earlier this week I had dinner with Audra and Addie and Cubbie! (I would be the second C of this equation.) They came over to my house for a super yummy dinner, if I do say so myself, and we had a great time! Some of the pictures are out of order, and I am lazy :)

 We had a rousing game of sledding on the carpet. Aka Sliding around on a tray. Addie thought it was tons of fun! I was cracking up on how she was holding on so tight! I will basically do anything to see that little smile.
 My Mom gave me a baby chair that she doesn't use for my nephews, and this was Addie's first time sitting in it! She thought she was BIG.STUFF. She was so proud to be sitting at the table with the big girls.
 This picture is a little blurry but I love it because they are both looking at me and smiling! And Cubbies tail is wagging! Love him!

 I slid Addie's chair closer to mine so we could have our picture taken. What you don't see is the major side eye she gave me when I slid it and put my arm around the back. I was DYING! She is full of sass that one!
 And this handsome fella is just a love machine!
 Ahhh here we are pre-sledding. Her eye is on the prize. Girlfriend wanted to catch up on her magazines.

 Addie Jane's first piano lesson! I probably should have showed her the piano earlier in the evening by this point she was about in Cinderella mode. (That's what I call her when it gets close to her bedtime. :) ) She did figure out that if you put your hands on it it makes noise! She might not look impressed but she was :) I can't wait to teach her for real some day!!!
 Time for a group pic! I love how she is looking at me in this pic. Melt my heart sweet girl! (In reality she was probably thinking how she could get her hands on my necklace again)
 And this is how pictures with a baby heading for Cinderella territory goes. It takes several attempts...
 To get her to look at the camera. Sidenote- Audra's nails are stinking gorgeous in this pic!

We finally decided it only mattered if we looked good, not the baby. Ha! Sorry Addie!

Another great night spend with some of my absolute favoritest people. I can't believe how fast Addie is growing and how quickly time is going by. It seems like just yesterday Audra and pregnant and we were talking about how we'd have one more person in our annual pictures by Audra's trees at Christmas. And now we're a month away from that and Addie is getting closer and closer to turning one. ACK!!!! Someone hold me!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Favorites: Halloween 2015 and More!

Hurray It's Friday!!!! 

I am SOOO ready for the weekend it's not even funny! Today I'm linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals to share some Friday Favorites!

First up:

Christmas decorations! I have no pictures, but on Wednesday I started hauling some of my Christmas tubs out of my shed and inside, and have been decorating! My Kitchen looks like a Christmas bomb has went off but oh is my heart happy!! I'm currently sitting with the lights off, and LOVING the Christmas lights on my new table, and other various things that are lit up. Lest you think I'm crazy the tree isn't up yet, and won't go up until around Thanksgiving. I just couldn't wait any longer!

Next up- Halloween! 

This Halloween was fun because it was Addie Jane's first Halloween and I got to see her dressed up for the first time! She was SOOOOOO cute as Minnie Mouse! Let's face it, Addie Jane is cute ALL the time!

 Right when they walked in the door. Addie needs a few minutes to decide if you are a serial killer or not before she will give you a smile.
 I kept trying to get a picture of her chewing on the books I had out for her but she always took it away from her mouth to stare at the camera!
 Addie's FAVORITE new thing to do was crawl over my legs. She started with one leg and then i straightened both of my legs out, and put a blankie over them (because i'm a genius that wears a skirt and tights when babies come over) and she had the best time crawling back and forth over my legs. Again my camera failed me, and snapped the pic after she was over and off!
 Me and my girl. I just love her!
I'm kind of fond of her Mommy too! I love how Addie is sucking her thumb and holding onto her mama. <3 span="">

While we were having out mini Halloween Playdate one of my students came over to trick or treat and she was so pretty in her Zebra costume!!

 My Next Favorite wasn't on Halloween, but thankfully little Roman was happy, or, willing :) to put his ADORABLE Gnome Halloween outfit on to model for me! Isn't he SO cute?!!!!!
My flash scares him a bit, he always looks startled which is kind of hilarious to me.

 And my Final Friday Favorite is from a week ago, I had lunch with Emboz and the Madster and FINALLY got to try Jett's Pizza!! Em is from Michigan, where Jett's is from, and she was stoked when we found out they were coming to Lafayette. I am just stoked anytime i get to have pizza :) It was really good though! I loved the chicken parm pizza. Sooooo yummy!

What are your Friday Favorites?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Madi is 5!!!!

 It seems like just yesterday we were hanging out at St E and begging Emboz to get a move on pushing out Madi so Jboz and I could go home and go to bed. (In our defense it was late and we had to work early!)

 In reality it has been FIVE yes FIVE years! Crazysauce!

 Madi pants turns 5 years old today, last night we gathered to have a small family birthday dinner/movie night to celebrate her!

Side note, can I just say that how amazing it is to have friends that view you as family? I love these peeps and I'm so thankful to do life with them!

I got no pics of the food but check out that pink plate in the picture above. Her Grandma Lisa made this FABULOUS oreo ice cream cake. Sweet Mercy it was good! Madi was sitting across from me while we ate it, and she kept stopping to say Mmmm... This is good! Wow, oreos, Mmmm... I was dying. I couldn't argue with her, it was AMAZING!
 My present was a hit! She loved my little pony and was hard at work drawing them in her new mlp sketch book.
 And I got to see sweet lil Roman!!! Ahhh!! He has grown SO much since I saw him last. He is going to be tall, just like his momma and daddy. Despite his not impressed facial expression :) he was a happy lil guy! He handled being passed around and loved on by everyone.
 He was a little concerned about the flash on my camera. hahahah
 lil stinker would smile and then as soon as he saw the light on the camera give a serious face! ha!
 But his Momma managed to get a sweet lil smile! I mean stop! So cute!!!
I don't know what was going on with my face here. I believe I was talking. I think it's funny how Madi is holding onto my scarf. Crazy kid!

 I had to add these FABULOUS pictures that Madi's photog. big sis took of her! I love her Home Alone face here...
 Goober. That is basically Madi in a nutshell! Love her!

And I can't mention Madi's birthday without the best episode of Grey's Anatomy. When Em went to push, Jboz and I ran out of the room (like we were running from a fire. hahaha) and hung out in the waiting room and watched THIS episode of Greys. Do I really need to write anything else? No, I think not.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ear Tubes for Adults-Days One and Two

It's no secret that I have a lot of sinus, respiratory and allergy issues. 4 years ago this July I had sinus surgery. Earlier this year I started on Allergy shots. And while those have helped, I have been having some ear issues for about 6 months. I had to switch to a different ENT, because of Insurance, but it has turned out to be great as I really like my new ENT and wait times are soooo much shorter than my old one! And he never makes me feel like he's rushing or that I'm asking stupid questions. He explains things Great and I love that! So all in all I really like my new ENT and I'm thankful my stupid insurance made me change!

Last week I had my first apt with him, to get established and shared my ear issues with him. He had me come in today for a hearing test. Not because my hearing is bad, but apparently hearing tests can gauge ear issues and show things that might be having a problem.

So I had my hearing test, and long story short, I have more than excellent hearing. The lady was actually really impressed and said I had way better hearing than most people. Strangely enough after my sinus surgery I felt like I could REALLY hear stuff. I frequently will be teaching a lesson and stop and say did you hear that? I will hear a faint tiny sound, or something far off, and my students will think i'm nuts until a really loud car drives by 4 minutes later.

So I have more than perfect hearing, hurray! My Dr outlined some steps, which we had already taken, and gave me some options. He thought my best bet would be to have a tube put in the ear (my left ear) that was really bothering me. Try it out, see if it helps the situation, and helps me not to have any ear infections in that ear. And then possibly put a tube in the other ear as well. 

I said why not! I was already there, I was already SUPER NERVOUS, no clue why but I was! I figured I would rather do it right then and there, than have to go home and think about it and get myself even more worked up and nervous for an apt the following week.

He went and got the nurse and moved me into another room for the procedure and I very quickly texted my Mom and Auds for a quick prayer request. Thankfully he didn't give me much time to get completely terrified!

I was very thankful that he really explained the whole process and procedure, and told me what he was doing before he did it. I told him that afterwards, and how much I appreciated it, especially given how my packing removal  happened at my previous ENT's office. (Otherwise known to my Mom and me as "That which we shall never speak of " )

Part of his explaination was that he would put a "Numbing Agent" into my ear that would  "Burn a little" as it went in, but would go away in about 15 seconds.

I can handle that I thought to myself.

Sweet mercy. 

I almost threw up.

I posted on my fb that I think he confused Burning a little with being stabbed with 9,000,000 knives going through your ear canal and ear drum. 

Add some acid to that and you basically have the "numbing agent"

I needed a Numbing agent FOR the Numbing agent.

I'm dead serious.

It hurt SO BAD. I was trying not to throw up and was doing my lamaze like breathing just trying to make it thru. If I could have counted to 15 I would have, but that was more than I could handle! ha!

Thankfully the blinding pain went away in a little bit longer than the 15 seconds but it did go away.

(Lest you think I am a wimp when it comes to pain, I deal with pain on a daily basis with my chronic illness, AND I am the same girl that had Wisdom Teeth surgery and Sinus Surgery and only took Tylenol.  I am well acquainted with pain. Y'all this HURT.)

After that the actual placing of the tube was no big deal! He made an incision, which I heard, and that was weird, but it didn't hurt at all. He placed the tube in and that didn't hurt either. He did have to move it a bit to get it into position and that hurt a little bit but we're talking for maybe 2 or 3 seconds. 

The whole thing took about 5 minutes. Which I was thankful for :)

I'm writing part of this the day after getting my tube. It has been very interesting so far!

Immediately after having the tube placed, my head felt weird. Not quite dizzy, but my head felt off balance. The left side of my face/ear felt like I was under water. My Dr warned me that it would be like that for a few days and to call him if it hadn't gone away in two weeks. 

I spent the entire rest of the tube placing day really not hearing much out of my left ear. 

My right ear on the other hand was like SUPER EAR! Not only could I hear well, it felt even louder, if possible. And I don't know why or how, but now all loud noises, make my head/ears vibrate. Yes, I said VIBRATE. It is the strangest sensation. 

I have a railroad behind my house and the first time a train went by after I got home from my tube placement I about freaked out! It was crazy loud and my head just reverberated from it. I have since learned, thanks to a quick drive out this afternoon, that my head/ears also reverberate when I am driving and around running vehicles. I don't think I will be driving much anytime soon! HA! I'm sure it will get better. I have been able to handle the trains better today, the day after my tube placement, but I can still feel them., AND I can hear/feel them coming from way off. Like, Oh a train is coming 5 miles away. 20 mins later it's here. Ok maybe not 20 minutes later, but I have caught myself walking around my house trying to figure out what the loud noise is that i'm hearing. I will finally give up and sit down only to hear a train go by several minutes later.

Another weird thing is the popping and tube noises I hear inside my ear. For instance if I yawn, or sometimes clear my throat, or do things like that I will hear this popping sound of my tube. It's quite like the sound of a cork popping on a bottle. Super weird, and even weirder to me that I'm the only one that can hear these things!

Don't get me started on the people in my neighborhood that played thumping music all of Friday afternoon into very late evening. I couldn't figure out where they were at, thanks to only hearing out of one ear. But I could FEEL the vibration of the beats. As I type this on Saturday night they are playing it again, I still have no clue what house it is, but thankfully it is not vibrating in my head anymore. that was pure torture. You would think only being able to hear well out of one ear this would not be a problem. but with the vibration..... I ran two fans and my loudest humidifier last night, just so i could try to drown out the noise and vibration.

Day One and Two of One Ear Tube are over. I'm hopeful by the time I have to teach again on Monday that I will be fully able to hear out of both ears. And Lord willing my head will quit vibrating with loud and thumping sounds!

Stay tuned........

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dumpster Divin': Drab to Fab Living Room Makeover Part One

For awhile now I had been thinking that I wanted to replace my large entertainment armoire in my living room with a Sofa Table. Only those things are EXPENSIVE. Even on craigslist, they were more money than what I wanted to pay. It sounds crazy but I began praying that I could fine one for a decent price. It wasn't something I desperately needed, so I knew that I couldn't justify spending much on it.

Until one day in August I was driving home after an Allergy shot, and passed by a wooden stand out for trash by the road. I turned around and came back for it, because even though it looked bad at the time, in my head I had a vision! I am SO glad I stopped and got it! My Vision went perfectly and it was even easier than I thought!

Let me tell you, trying to get it into the back of my truck was slightly awkward!
I took these pics after I unloaded it to show to Mom and Audra. I had to laugh when my Mom emailed back with something along the lines of it's going to take a ALOT of work, but you might be able to make it look decent. haha, thanks Mom!

 My vision was for a shabby chic sofa table to put my tv on top. I was really excited about the lower shelf, and even more excited about the top of it. I have grand plans to put greenery and lights there at Christmas time. Oh it's going to look so pretty! But I am getting ahead of myself.
First I had to clean it. It smelled BAD. Like, really bad. It had some dried food on it, gross, and just smelled terrible. I washed it within an inch of it's life. Next step was to put primer on it. Thankfully it had been sanded and was super smooth so I didn't have to do any of that! I had a can of spray primer so I used that all over.
 It was BLAZING HOT when this was going on, and there was no way I was going to paint outside and die from the heat. So I took tarps inside and put them over my kitchen floor so I could paint in the ac. It worked wonderful! I got two pints of paint from Ace Hardwear on their 99 cent pint sale. Holla! I knew I wanted a light blue but couldn't decide which. I finally decided on Haiku Blue, but I put on a slightly darker shade of paint first, as I figured the wood would soak up the paint pretty quickly. It was a good choice! After it dried the next day I put my Haiku Blue on and fell in love.
 The finished result!!! I LOVE IT!! The Blue changes in the light, sun and flash of the camera. At times it is a really light blue, almost white. Other times it is darker like these pictures, thanks to the flash.
 It is exactly what I wanted! We are probably going to cut a board and add a second shelf in the middle since there is so much space.
 While we're on the subject let's discuss the hanging tv. Sweet Mercy. I wanted to hang my tv on the wall since it would not be behind armoire doors, i.e. it is out for the whole world (AKA my students) to see and touch. I wanted it up so that they wouldn't be able to touch it, and so i could fully decorate on the top. 

 I can't even tell you how much it took to get it up on the wall. First I didn't have the appropriate tools to get the plate on the wall, I ended up having to borrow the right size of socket from my Dad. Then, once it was finally up, the tv was so close to the wall that you could not get a hand OR a screwdriver inbetwen the tv and the wall to screw in the locking screw.
 My Mom was able to find and paint a board to go on the wall, so we had to take the plate off, install the board on the wall and the plate on that and then we STILL had issues getting that doggone screw in. And that is with my Dad's crazy long screwdriver! It is finally in and I am never moving that tv.

So Happy with my new cute table, and only spending 2.00 for it!!

Next project will be upholstering the free craigslist chair I got a few weeks ago! Tis the season for DIY!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dinner with A&A

 Last week I had dinner with the girls, and am just getting around to blogging about it! It was so much fun! I could not believe how much that Miss Addie had grown into more of a little girl, vs a baby, in the few short weeks it had been since I saw her last. Now she is sitting up in her highchair with us at dinner and looking all around when she hears noises, or her Momma walks away. It was CRAZY to me to see how fast she developed into that! Slow down little girl!

I am cracking up at the selfie above, the 7 month old knows where to look for the picture, the 33 yr old. not so much.
 Outtakes, me trying to get her attention. Addie- Not caring. Ha!
 Why are you sticking that black thing in my face crazy lady? I like it better when you sweet talk me and call me a Pretty Girl!

 Obviously I had called her a Pretty Girl there :) It was so cute that when I walked into the house Addie was eating some baby food in her highchair, she kind of looked at me like who is this? And then when I started talking to her, and Calling her Addie Jane and going hey Pretty Girl, she DEFINITELY recognized my voice and just started SMILING at me. I melted into a puddle.
 I mean stop, how can you not love that face??!
 Love her. And yes her Momma and Cub Cubs were there, but her Momma was taking our picture and Cubbie was way more interested in destroying the squeaky toy that I brought for him. #priorities
After Dinner we attempted a little Piano Lesson..
 We have more work to do.
Addie Jane, like Miss Charity was baffled as to why the sharps made no noise. Miss Charity was also baffled as to why a keyboard would have only F, G, A and B.  I mean seriously, NO MIDDLE C? It greatly bothered this Piano Teacher.  I'm pretty sure Addie Jane will be getting a new piano for her birthday. Or let's face it, probably earlier! Since I have two nephews I call her my adopted niece, I have fun buying the girly stuff for her. She is impossible not to fall completely in love with!

And in case you missed it, Miss Addie Jane is now crawling. Stop. Just stop. She is the cutest crawler ever. 

I'm pretty sure Cubbie would not agree, as she is now mobile and stalking him.