Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Northview Block Party

 Finally getting caught up on happenings on the ol blog! 

A week ago we had our Block Party at my churches new location! We finally are in our new building and it's beautiful! So we had a block party to celebrate! I invited Audra and Addie, and Addie's Nana just so happened to be in town visiting so I finally got to meet her! My friend and Piano Student Sarah met us there and we had a great time! I also ran into another student and FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE!! Who am I???! I will blame it on the heat!

 I'm not sure if #SelfieSunday is a thing, but I'm trying to make it one on my Instagram. After church Selfies in front of my window give the best light! I'm also really into wearing dresses (Sundresses mostly) to church this summer. It is HOT outside!

 By Far Addie's FAVORITE part of this shindig was the Puppy she met. Moses. Yes, the Dog's name was Moses. And he was ADORABLE!
 I couldn't seem to get a great picture of her loving on him, but suffice it to say
 Addie and her Mama. And her Nana in the background! Let me just tell you, they had some amazing Chocolate Chunk Cookies. I am still thinking about those cookies. They were just that good! And under the tent was sooo much cooler than out in the hot sun!
 By this point, Addie Jane was kind of done.
 She hid it well. HA!!
 We were struggling with the pictures that afternoon. I will again blame it on the heat!
 Me and Sarah! You can't tell, but Sarah and I both got our faces painted! We took some super awkward pictures under the tent that I will spare you from seeing. #YoureWelcome
 Sarah got a Melting Ice cream cone, with a cherry on top! And I got a pink, white and blue butterfly! Upon seeing myself in the mirror on the drive home I got "If I were a Butterfly" stuck in my head and have been singing it ever since. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, click HERE.

 After I got home I attempted to get a better pic of the butterfly...
 Which was a fail, but doesn't my hair look nice? I curled it that morning! I'm trying to figure out hairstyles for church that don't involve me washing it that morning and then spending 9,890,780,678 hours blowdrying it. Naturally Curly hair-NOT wash and go.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Dinner with A&A

 Last Week Two Weeks ago Audra and Addie came over for Dinner and a Girls night! I had missed my Addie Jane So much!! She looked so much bigger to me! Last year when she was a wee babe, we had a swimming and snacks afternoon. She warmed up to my swimming pool and had fun kicking her little feet. So we thought she would enjoy swimming this year! Well, I think my pool water was too cold for her delicate sensibilities as we put her legs in it and she immediately wanted out!
She did however quite enjoy sticking her hand in, and then putting her wet hand in her mouth! 
What a goober!( Thankfully for her there were no pool chemicals in my pool at that time!)

What she did really like however, was playing with my hose. I have a fabric hose so it's really soft and light weight. I turned the water on enough for it to spray out but not full force and she had the best time spraying the water and then bunching the hose in her hand to get the water to stop!

She also managed to spray Miss Charity and her Mommy SEVERAL TIMES with the COLD hose water. She was pretty proud of herself. There are no pictures of that, but just imagine us shrieking and trying to get away from her and Sweet little Addie Jane laughing and laughing!
Notice her look of concentration! I think she was trying to figure out why the water was stopped.
After our fun outside and dessert we tried to get some pictures in. Cinderella was starting to fade.

Pictures with a toddler at bedtime. Never a win!
So we decided to get a picture of the OG!

I mean..........
I like how it appears like I am gently holding onto Addie Jane but in reality I am trying to keep her in place for 3 seconds to get a picture :) #RealLife

Monday, June 13, 2016

Roman Is 1 !!!

 Playing Catch up on the Blog Again! First up is Roman's 1'st Birthday Party Last weekend! Roman belongs to one of my dear friends, Jboz, who really is more like family than a friend. She has a key to my house if that tells you anything! I feel so loved when I am included in family Celebrations with the Boz family, they truly are my second family!

Pictured above is a cupcake and the best doggone dip I've ever had. It was some sort of cookie dough dip with chocolate crackers. Oh man, I have GOT to get the recipe to it! SO GOOD!! As usual Jboz had everything looking perfect and beautiful! I, of course, took zero pictures of the decorations. #Fail

 Buuuut I did get some pictures of the birthday boy! He was just not quite sure what to think of all these people in his house. I had to laugh when it was cake time, it was like the papparazzi! I was standing on tippy toes at the back of the crowd trying to see. (and I'm a tall girl!)
 He slowly got the idea of what a smash cake was...
 And I got to move to a better picture taking position!!

 I mean.. stop! That crown just killed me.
 Lady, why you look at me and call my name repeatedly? Can't you see i'm BUSY HERE!!

 You know it's a good party when the guest of Honor has to take a break for a bath! ha! Roman got icing all over his body AND his white blond hair. It was too cute!
 He also wasn't too sure of the whole present opening thing. Like most kids ( or at least my own nephews) he wanted to play with the toys after they were opened. I think he would have been happy with just one present! ha!
 I love the face Jboz is making here, because she's opening one of the gifts I got for Ro Ro, Sunglasses. BUT not just any sunglasses! DWAYNE WAYNE Sunglasses!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't understand that reference, then you need to go binge watch all the seasons of  A Different World on Netflix. Man, I love that show!

 Ro Ro Wasn't quite as enthused of the sunglasses as the rest of us were :)
 Roman's Birthday Party fell on Bethanne's actual Birthday! I was sneaky and found out some of her favorite treats and brought her a small birthday present. We, of course, had to get in a selfie!
 And a picture with the Birthday Boy and his Momma! And he's picking his nose, which is gross but hilarious blackmail :) Side note, that little photo bomber is one of his twin cousins who were SO CUTE and ate across from me. They were both flirting and smiling at me and making faces. ADORABLE! Second Sidenote, I've always loved kids, but now that I'm an Auntie to two adorable precious nephews, I find that I cannot help smiling and making faces/doing peekaboo at random stranger children that I have never met. I do it in stores too, basically whenever I see a child. I feel like I need to wear a shirt that says "I'm Not Creepy, I'm just an Auntie"
Holding Ro Ro's hand so it's not in his nose! :) ha! Love that little boy and my entire Boz family! Here is to many more Birthdays in the future! Happy 1'st Birthday Roman! Auntie Cherrybear Loves you!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What's up Wednesday Welcome Summer!!

I'm pretty sure I say this every month but how is it the end of May? I feel like it should still be the end of April! I'm not complaining though because I love summer! Bring it on!!

What We're Eating this Week: So I really need to go for a big grocery stocking up trip, so this week is a hodge podge of food. Monday I ate Pasta Salad that I made up a recipe to, and a bagel, and a ham sandwich. Tuesday so far I had grilled ham, cheese and tomato, and Cheese Pizza from the best pizza place ever, Buck Creek Pizza! 

What I'm Reminiscing About: Summers of past! I want to make a Summer Bucket list and do some fun things this year! Here's to hoping I actually get to go to the Fair instead of being stuck at home while my sewer line was repaired.  Boo to you 2015.

What I'm Loving: All of my recent Yard Sale Finds! Mom and I went to a big neighborhood one last weekend and I came away with tons of great finds!

What I've been up to: Teaching, I played a concert at a Nursing Home, and lots of cleaning and organizing and redecorating! I have been feeling the bug lately! 

What I'm Dreading: Does anyone else get sad when they finish watching an entire series on Netflix or Hulu? My current series is almost over,and I'm sad to say goodbye to my friends. hahahah

What I'm Working On: Organizing. And decorating for Summer. I am feeling the need for festive 4'th of July decorations. And flowers and pink and turquoise.  Give me all the colors!

What I'm Excited about: I am excited that my weekly massages are starting this week! The Massage therapy school that is oh so conveniently very close to my house, is doing their free summer clinic. Listen, I may or may not have arranged one of my teaching days so that I could get a massage every week. They are amazing and did I Mention FREE!!

What I'm watching/reading: I'm currently reading "Illegitimate" by Brian Mackert. It's about a guy who grew up Polygamous in the FLDS, and then got out and found the loving God that there is! It's really interesting! I am fascinated with Polygamy. Like a bad car wreck you can't quite look away from. 

What I'm listening to: My Pandora Stations on rotate this week are my 1. Florida Georgia Line, 2 Backstreet Boys, 3. Vanilla Ice. :)  and KLOVE of course!!

What I'm wearing: Shorts, Sleeveless tops, and sandals. All day, err day. And a maxi dress or skirt when I need to be fancy.

What I'm doing this weekend: This weekend I am hoping to spend some time outside, go to church on Sunday, and then my Parents are coming sometime to have a Memorial Day work at Charity's House Party.  Dad is off work for the holiday so we are using his time off to do some projects around the house. What a great Daddy he is!!

What I'm looking forward to next month: Just Summer!!  I'm excited to spend time outside, get my pool up and going, hopefully have some pool parties with my friends and their littles. And just enjoy the summer!

What else is new: Nothing is new this week, but next week my Studio starts it's summer schedule. Which means I will be confused on who is coming each day until probably August when it switches around to back to school. :)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up: Garage Sale Finds and A New Church Home!

Brace yourself, I actually have a Weekend Wrap up! WHAT IS THIS CRAZINESS?!!

I don't know but it was a great weekend, A perfect mix of fun, and relaxation!

I started off the weekend on Friday with a bang. My Mom met me in the am and we went to a big neighborhood garage sale. One of my students used to live in this neighborhood, which is how I started going to the sales, as she and her sisters always had a snack stand. Sadly for me, they moved and no snack stand was found in the entire place. Whimper. But we still had a great time and managed to get some good deals!

Because I am a nerd, I took pictures of what I got, but I won't bore you with all of them. Only some :)

I scored this adorable rug for my bathroom and I'm now kicking myself for not buying the other rug just like it!
I love me some ballet flats. And bows? I die!
I also got these more dressy shoes, which have.. brace yourself...
A HEEL! Y'all. I have not worn heels since I tore some ligaments in my ankle back in 2009. I'm not sure how these are going to go, but the price was right and I have felt like I needed one pair of fancy heels like shoes for when I hold my yearly Piano recital, and when I'm playing at events. Stay Tuned for whether I kill myself in these or not.

The funny thing is that I used to be known as "Meals on Heels" in college. I wore heels all the time, and my bag was always full of snacks :)
I fell in love with this American Flag plate with the music to "America The Beautiful". I'm going to display it somehow during the summer months. Haven't quite figured out how yet..
This cute little fake flower arrangement was only 25 cents!!! It fits in with the red, Coke theme of my kitchen, and will be great for the USA Summer Months of decorating.
I couldn't pass up some turquoise earrings. My name is Charity and I love Turquoise.
I also got a sippy cup, not because I am messy (I am) but Miss Addie visits my house, and when I get to babysit her I'm sure she would appreciate having a cup to drink out of!
There were a LOT of Christmas decorations for sale. I came home wanting to turn on my Christmas music but I managed to stop myself. This cute snowman jar had to come home with me.
My Mom and I found large Charlie Brown and Snoopy stuffed animals and I made her buy them since I am cheap. HA! It was near the end and I was rationing my cash :) She got them for my oldest nephew and the lady running the sale asked me if I had saw the beanie baby snoopy that played the CB theme song. Oh man. I was excited. I dug thru that box and found these and grabbed them up! They both play the CB theme song and I just love them!
I found this super cute, large picture frame and immediately knew it was what I was looking for to re decorate my sofa table. It fits perfectly on the bottom shelf and gives the height I need down there. Love it!!
I had to stop myself from spending all of my cash on children's books. But there were some i just couldn't resist. I have books for the kids in the "waiting room" aka my living room during teaching hours. And so many of them gobble up the books and read while they are waiting for their sibling to finish, or waiting for their turn. I can't wait to see their excitement when they discover the new books!
This cute office supply tray slides back and forth! SOLD!
A looks like new old navy scarf. 
And a NINE WEST purse for 2.00!!!!!!! That one I couldn't believe, but I bought it before they changed their minds!
Part of the fun of garage saleing was getting to be Audra's personal shopper. I scooped up several adorable outfits for Addie, and this was the sneak peek that I sent to Auds. She would have had more clothes if my Mom hadn't drug me out of every place with cute little girl clothes. I might have been having a bit too much fun but LITTLE GIRL CLOTHES ARE SO CUTE!!!!
Friday night after finishing teaching and running to Aldi's I finally got my first real meal of the day. At 8:30 pm....... I bought some pasta salad at Aldi's on a whim, it was creamy Parmesan and it was to die for. I could have married that pasta salad it was so good!
Saturday was spent like this. Rest day. I laid on the couch, watched TV, and basically did nothing productive. And it was GLORIOUS.

Snapped a pic of my new picture frame in it's new home!
Sunday was pretty exciting. My church has been renting out a store front for a long time, and finally within the past 1-2 years we found land and began to build on it. Sunday was our first service in the new building, a "Soft Launch".
Funny story, if my friend Cathy hadn't told me that this past Sunday was the first service and not the June 5'th Grand Opening like I thought it was, I would have totally showed up to the old building.
It is a beautiful building!! There was a line of cars to pull into the parking lot and that was exciting in and of itself!!! The auditorium holds 500 people, vs our old 200 some. And we are back to our two service at 9 and 11. When my alarm went off Sunday morning I had a moment of sadness for the 11:45 service. #NotAMorningPerson #45minsMakesADifference
We now have THREE screens to look at! I went back and forth between the side one and middle one. It doesn't take much to get me excited! We also have a Cafe, which looks super cool! There was a line in front of it so I didn't check it out, but you'd better believe I will!
I tried to take a picture of the building as I was leaving and well.. you can see how well that went.  It was so great to be in our permament home! Walking out of the doors with the sun shining, breeze blowing, and have people standing around by the entrance chatting and laughing was maybe my favorite part! Our old building you could stand around outside I guess, but it didn't really invite standing around and chatting. If that makes any sense. This new building is perfect for it!
One side of the building. Again, talent.

I came home and had to talk my #SundaySelfie outside. Which was hard considering it was so bright I couldn't see myself on the screen. Why don't phone companies make it easier to see outside?

I wore my new very sparkly gold sandals. They were shining like diamonds in the Auditorium of church!!
After having lunch and painting my jewlery holder I decided to head outside and do some work in my back yard and enjoy the weather! I'm sporting a new purple tank that I scored at a garage sale!
I love that I can now listen to pandora on my phone. Put it in my pocket, plug in my headphones and rock out in my backyard without annoying anyone with my music!
I cleaned off my back patio and washed several chairs. And then I sat down and started reading a fascinating book about a guy who was born into Polygamy and then found Jesus. 

It was a great weekend!! I am thankful I felt well for most of it and was able to actually do things!!