Friday, July 23, 2010

Lunch with Lins!

One day this week (can't remember WHICH!!) I was privileged to have lunch with my friend Lins! We haven't hung out in over a year! She got married and we had opposite work schedules so it was hard to come up with a time where we were both free, and being a newlywed she needed to spend time with the hubster. So this was an exciting day!

Lins is such a good friend and a good person, she's one of those people that even though you may not talk every day/week/month whenever you do see eachother its like you've been talking every second of every day. And you know that they would be there for you no matter what, no questions asked. We had a lovely lunch at Christo's. LOVE that place!!! However I didn't realize that it was quite that dark in there or we would have taken a famous self portrait! :)

I had such a good time with her and am looking forward to MORE lunch dates because now she has a new job that matches my hours more! YAYS!!

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