Wednesday, August 4, 2010

April's Wedding- The Ceremony!

The ceremony went very well minus the inn keeper's wife telling me to turn on the march down the aisle song when it wasn't the right time! Luckily I was able to fade it out without the bride noticing. :) They weren't too great on their timing sending people down the aisle.

The flower girl was absolutely adorable!!!! She had a matching dress to Apes!! There was a perfect breeze that day! It had rained

This was a really special moment. Katie was taking pictures for me as I was off to the size by a bench with the boom box. Apes walked to the arch and stood there with the music as we had planned and was looking around. She got this look on her face and I could tell she was looking for me :) this picture is the moment she spotted me. It was really sweet!

April and Steve saying their vows. Notice her beautiful dress blowing in the breeze! Perfect outdoor princess wedding dress!!

So sweet. I teared up during the vows. I can't help it!

The Receiving line. Funny story. The man with the baby was her MOH's husband and their two week old baby. Katie and I were standing behind him in line and I think I scared him because I was like oh that must be Jessica's baby!! He was looking at me like who in the world are you?? Anyways the baby started fussing so he got her out of her carrier, only he put the arms on it down first. So he picks the baby up and looks down at the carrier with this puzzled struggling look on his face like how am i going to pick that up? Katie, mom of two! took pity on him and carried it for him. :) So we all went through the receiving line together and we get to his wife and she looks at us and Katie carrying the baby holder like what is going on? ha! it was funny! Even funnier was the fact that he had put the babies dress on backwards. too cute!

I love this picture. Katie snapped it right after the ceremony!

Apes and Cherrybear- Office Married FOREVER!! NO matter if she really is married married now!!! Have I mentioned HOW MUCH I MISS HER???!! Come back from your honeymoon Apes, I"m going into withdrawls.

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