Tuesday, August 3, 2010

April’s Wedding- Darn that Leroy!!/ Best Western SUCKS Pt. 1

Oh where to start?! I have desperately wanted to blog about this for days now!!

Friday night after 10 pm we made it to Battle Creek. We stopped at April’s hotel to get the music for the ceremony and for the DJ. She gave us pizza from the rehearsal dinner, and despite almost running over some people who were sitting outside the hotel that looked like rejects from Jersey Shore, we managed to leave and drive down the road to our hotel.

We were looking forward to a refreshing swim in the hotel pool and to noshing on some pizza and having a fun night.

Those plans never happened.

Instead here is what transpired.

We arrive at the hotel and go in to the front desk. I tell him my name and that we are checking in. This starts the nightmare that goes on for the next hour. I should mention at this point it is 10:30 pm.

I will save you from the entire hour, but what we found out had happened, was that the MANAGER had let someone else check into our room. Our room. That we had paid for. We paid good money for that room- Some Leroy had pretended to me and checked into our room!!

Right about this point the vein in my forehead started throbbing.

The front desk clerk tried to tell us that in fact we had not paid for the room but what happened was that they put a hold on the account, until you stay. I knew this was not true so I informed him that yes indeed they had taken the money from my account and if he had any questions he could ask my BANKER whom I had with me and I gestured to Katie.

Katie recovered grandly, and to her credit put on her banker face and tone and said yes, I can verify that these funds were withdrawn. If I hadn’t been so mad I would have laughed at that moment. Katie is in fact my banker, and it was just FUNNY!! Not at that late at night though!

So now it is late at night and we have no hotel room. And we’re out the 100 bucks that we had paid for the room. Due to the oil leak in Canada every single hotel room in town and up to 30 mins away was booked solid for the next two weeks.


I don’t get mad often. I get annoyed easily but not really mad. But when I do get mad, I get very quiet. Very quiet and if I speak it is in a very calm and controlled voice. So basically I am totally the opposite of my normal self when I am mad.

Katie said that she knew it wasn’t good when I clammed up and she could practically see steam coming out of my ears, but I wasn’t saying a word.

If only everyone knew that.

The front desk worker found out that the people, who had checked into our room, pretending to be me, hadn’t even signed the log in paperwork, nothing. Well duh. Would you really do that if you were being a thief? I wouldn’t! So they got called down to the front desk.

Pretty soon this short, little Hispanic looking man comes up and I ascertain that this is the nefarious person who has taken my hotel room from me.

When I saw him, the first thing that popped into my head was “really? Seriously??!! THIS dude looks like a Charity Hendress??!! SERIOUSLY???!!!”

The front desk worker tried to get all of information and check him in and I am just standing there at the front counter, with my hand on the side of my face, leaning on the counter because by this point I am dead tired. I think anger was the only thing keeping me awake.

I was so mad but I hate confrontation. If you know me, you’ll know how true this is! I would really rather have an IV than confront someone face to face. I just can’t get my words out! So I’m standing there listening to him go on and on and then he started going off on the front desk worker on WHY he had to come down in the middle of the night while he was trying to relax.

Something flipped inside of me at that moment.

And I very slowly, and very calmly, turned my head and looked at him and said in a calm and controlled voice “That’s because you took my hotel room…. That I paid for.” And I turned my head back around.

He raised his voice and started getting more agitated and said WHAT!! What are you talking about???!!
And I very calmly turned to him and said the exact same thing I had just said. “That’s because you took my hotel room…. That I paid for.” And I turned my head and was done. He wasn’t though, a word I cannot post on this blog was said, as was another one muttered about my character as he was walking past me.

Really Friendly people you have here in Michigan, I said, so glad I came!!

It took about another half an hour to get everything situation to where we had ol Leroy’s room that he was supposed to have gotten and he was still in ours. I just knew that I was not going anywhere. I was going to stay at that hotel if I had to sleep on the couch or outside in the van. I was going NOWHERE.

So a little after 11:30 on Friday night we finally got into our new hotel room. I was still so mad, or Livid as Katie put it, that it took me quite some time for the adrenaline to quit flowing and calm down. I was still awake at 1 am.

But the story with Leroy is not over yet… wait until you hear what happened the next morning……..

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