Tuesday, August 3, 2010

April’s Wedding- Darn that Leroy!!/ Best Western SUCKS Pt. 2

We had a lovely 10 hours spent in our hotel room. Ok not really. We were both exhausted and wanted more sleep but alas that was not happening.

We knew we had to be early to the wedding site because I had to set up the music and get the timing and volume right so we headed out before check out time.

As I came out of our hotel room, I spied a short little man several feet in front of us. Is that? I asked Katie. Yes, yes it is. Ol Leroy was checking out of his (ahem OUR) hotel room at the same time.


I immediately began to pray.

We had such a bad night with him and I had been so upset when we got to our room I really didn’t want to get upset again and ruin the entire day. So I purposed not to say anything and handle the situation like a lady. A deaf mute lady. Hey, Whatever works.

We arrived downstairs in the lobby a few minutes after Leroy and we could hear him with the door to the staircase closed.

Really never a good sign.

Dread was in my heart at this moment.

And maybe a little pepperoni. Darn acid reflux. Knew I shouldn’t have had that pizza for breakfast!

We come into the lobby and stand as far away from Leroy as we could. We actually stood right by the doors so if we had to escape we could.

As we stood there we got to hear a quite interesting story.

Leroy’s tale of what had happened the night before.

And a story it was.

I think he might have a future in writing fiction.

Except he seems to have some pent up rage inside of him. Maybe Mad fiction? Angry Fiction? I’m not really sure.

Anyways, so Ol’ Leroy is telling his fictitious story of what had transpired the night before, only his delivery was actually yelling at the poor front desk girl.

I bet you’re dying to hear what he had to say.

I was as well.

OK not really.

We heard a lovely little tale of the woman who YELLED at him. (ME just in case you’re not following along) And verbally attacked him. And that he had felt threatened and worried for his safety.


He just kept going and going, and honestly after he said I verbally attacked him Katie and I were standing there about to die… LAUGHING.

Yes, we found it hilarious.

You would have too if you’d have been there!!

It was just funny! And he was making such a big fool out of himself! The poor Front Desk lady looked like she was seriously annoyed with him, I would have been too since he was yelling at her!!

Seriously though when he said he felt threatened and worried for his safety, from ME, one of us snorted. (I’m pretty sure it was Katie ) Me, the girl that’s scared of bunnies, is going to assault someone. Uh.. yeah… I get a papercut and wuss out!

At one point he looked over at us, (we were valiantly trying to be flies on the wall and not have our laughter over heard. Dude it’s hard to laugh without making a sound) anyways he looks over at us while he’s telling his STORY like he’s going to get some sympathy!!

That really just sent us into more fits of laughter.

I was just like dude, do you not have two brain cells to rub together to see that this “horrible woman” that you’re complaining about is the same person over here that you’re trying to get sympathy from?

It was just too much for me.

Finally he left, and I go up to the front desk to check out, and I’m literally giggling and said “ I.. heheheh am apparently.. hehehehe the woman who yelled and threatened him.. hehehehe”

The Front Desk lady had the same look on her face that Katie did, like seriously? You? Hurt someone? Seriously??!!

It was rather amusing.

Anyways I felt bad for her and apologized to her for having to deal with Leroy. I felt bad that she had to put up with him yelling at her because of me, even though I didn’t do anything he had accused me of, she shouldn’t have had to take it.

So she took down my story of the evening’s events and I’m pretty sure since I’m ME and nice, that she knew exactly who was telling the truth.

Still though I am very upset with Best Western on Beckley Road in Battle Creek Michigan. After that I really never want to stay at a Best Western again. It would have been a little different had it been just a front desk worker that screwed it up, but when it’s the MANAGER that gives away your room that’s a lot different. You’re supposed to be in charge and taking care of stuff and you screw it up and are not very helpful to your staff when they call you and try to get the situation taken care of.

So in closing, Dear Best Western. You suck. And if you don’t’ give me my money back I am going to raise such a holy stink that you will be afraid of me, just like Leroy.

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