Monday, August 2, 2010

April's Wedding- The Freakiest Arby's ever..

April’s wedding was this past weekend and I have enough stories to last almost a week of the whole 24 hours I was gone!!

So be patient because we’re going to start at the beginning and work our way through.

Katie and I hit the road on Friday night and didn’t end up leaving Lafayette until about 6:45. Given that I live on the WAY South side of town it takes awhile to actually get OUT of town!! So we hit the road a little late.

We decided to stop in Rochester to grab a bite to eat and use the bathrooms before we got on the interstate. Neither of us were fully hungry but knew we needed something to snack on. We decided on Arby’s as that sounded decent to us. That was our first mistake.

We got out of her van to be assaulted with the smell of manure. Sadly, being a farm girl I could identify which animal it came from. (Hogs if you’re wondering) That did not do wonders for our appetites which was a good thing considering what awaited us on the inside.

As we walked inside it became very clear that this was possibly the smallest Arby’s in the history of Arby’s. Interesting, but not a deal breaker.

I used the bathroom first. When I walked in I noticed that there was a very large stack of napkins on the top of the toilet paper dispenser. Upon a closer look I discovered that there was NO TOILET PAPER, instead you were the use the napkins. And when I say Napkins I mean Arby’s Napkins that you wipe your face with. Ohhhhkkkayyy…. I found that to be weird. To top it off there was no soap, or paper towels. Thank goodness for my Bath and Body works hand sanitizer.

I came out and warned Katie of the egregious situation.

We attempted to order our food and I suddenly noticed that there were a lot of choices. Namely, 23 different combos. I was amazed! I think we only have 8 combos in Lafayette so this was new to me. Maybe this Arby’s isn’t so bad after all I thought to myself.

Katie ordered her food first since I have decision making problems when ordering good, made worse with the 23 different combo options. I finally decided on something I thought I had eaten at ours. I was wrong but we’ll get to that in a minute.

I suppose I should break to tell you that the one person taking the orders looked SO MUCH like a girl but his name was John!! Strange.

So I order and Katie asks me if I want to eat there or on the road. I turn around and look at the “dining area” and I kid you not this is what came out of my mouth “ummm.. no I’m afraid I would get an STD” Seriously that is what it looked like!!

So we escaped with our food and got back on the road.

I opened my sandwich and was met with quite an interesting view. This was not the sandwich I had ordered. It wasn’t what I had eaten in Lafayette. I really wasn’t sure what it was. Nevertheless I had paid for it so I took a bite. That was the one and only bite I took. Because it was NASTY! I realized the hard way that the reason they had 23 combos was that they had made about 20 of them up themselves and randomly put sandwiches together. It was no bueno.

So needless to say I didn’t eat my sandwich and we drove all the way to South Bend with a nasty smell in the van. Gross.

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