Thursday, August 5, 2010

April's Wedding- Wait!! There's a cop! Crap now there's two!!

After the wedding, Katie and I headed to downtown Marshall to wander around and relax for a bit before the reception. Apes had told us to go check out the fountain that she used to eat lunch at everyday when she lived there.
This is how it all started. Bare feet.. I went to get into the fountain, after we looked all around to find out if there were posted signs prohibiting it. There weren't. So we decided to claim innocense and be tourists and say we were from out of state if we *I* got caught.

Well right before i jumped in the fountain I saw a cop. That put a hold to it! And then i saw another cop!! That put more of a hold on it! but finally they went away and i hopped in!

BOY HOWDY WAS IT COLD!!! This is my I'm dying of hypothermia, I had no clue it was this freakin cold look!!

But trooper that I am I posed! And then I hopped out and did a dance trying to get the blood flowing to my feet again. I think they are still cold!

US! We were getting tired at this point.

Me and the famous Marshall Clock!!! Apes had this as a screensaver for awhile so I had to take a picture for her showing that I met the clock!

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