Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall has arrived! (in our office at least)

We have been gradually transitioning from Summer to Fall in our office and we finished the transition Weds afternoon with the hanging of our leaves. One of our FABULOUS Mait. guys came up and helped me. He was rather amused by my excitement. I may or may not have been clapping my hands in glee and doing a little dance..
The Finished product!!! I love having things dangling from our ceiling! Not having any windows it really brightens up the place and spruces it up alot. And hey its festive!!

This is my desk when you come in the door. We also placed loose (fake) leaves around the office for the effect of the falling from the ceiling.

This is probably the only reason the students like me. My massive jar of candy! HA!

Decorations on the counter, and yes the sign is needed. Although I should probably change the color?

Some brochures we have on a cabinet.

This is the top of Muy Caliente's work station. That is Pedro you see sitting there. He is her friend.

The top of my desk. Pretty exciting I know!

Our Children of the Corn in the corner.

Some flowers on the back shelves.

My view everyday! Well usually Apes is in the chair but you get the picture! Ha! LITERALLY! I crack myself up!! hahahahah
I really am proud of what we've done in the office. We've really decorated alot and made it very homey. Someone commented the other day it was more of a lounge area for the students instead of a place they hated to come to that was uncomfortable. That made me really happy! I can't wait to decorate for Christmas!!

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