Thursday, September 2, 2010

Independant (uncoordinated) Woman!!

This is the after effects of what happened when I moved furniture by myself Tuesday night. Big Bruises on both of my knees and a gash/bruise on my leg.
Yesterday my poor right knee, which is of course my bad knee that never quite recovered from knee surgery years ago, was so swollen it wasn't even funny. Its still pretty swollen in these pics, kinda looks deformed. Oh well!!
I was pretty proud of myself that today I matched my outfit to the bruises on my legs! Nothing but coordination here!!

I will say I was also rather proud of myself that I could move my bed and dresser all by myself. I may or may not have done a little cheer and dance (albeit a shot dance because of the pain!)

Muy Caliente took one look at my battered legs today and informed me that it looked like someone had beat me up while I was sitting down. :) HA

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~~~Alana~~~ said...

OMG! You are crazy! Way to go moving furniture on your own!