Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

The glorious 3 day weekend is drawing to a close and it has been wonderful!!

Shockingly I took NO pictures all weekend. I know, crazy right? I spent Friday night-Sunday night at home at the farm with my parents. It was wonderful. I think my favorite part is just hanging on Friday night with my family and letting the stress and everything of the week just fade away. Spending time with people that love me, its just great!!

Saturday I did get to feed the calves dinner. I wanted to get a picture of that but feeding calves is a two handed process. You wouldn't imagine that such a tiny baby calve would be that powerful but man alive they have some serious suck action going on when they are downing those bottles!! Seriously cute too! Poor things are kind of a mess, they end up with strings of milk on their cute little faces. I got to love on Moose for a bit but he was more interested in eating my sweatshirt than cuddling with me. I love baby calves they are just SO CUTE!! And their cute little pink speckly moist noses, I die. I seriously die. they are precious!!

Sunday I was visited by a bad headache and upset stomach so I missed out on church and Sunday dinner :( I hung around on the couch all afternoon and finally decided I would head back to my apt a day early so I could just relax and chill on Monday instead of having to pack up and drive back and unpack and clean ect.

GREAT IDEA!! I got back in town a little before 7 last night and cleaned and putzed around and slept with the windows open and had beautiful silence!! And a wonderful breeze! I got to sleep in this morning, putzed around and cleaned some more, took a fabulous 3 hour nap!!!! And I have ended the day with reading my friend Erynn Mangum's book "Cool Beans" super excited to crack into the sequel "Latte Daze" tomorrow!!

So it has been a great weekend! I haven't had a day off since the 4'th so it was really nice to just chill and putz around and do whatever I felt like!!

The Month of September should be re-named to Fun-tember because I have so many fun things going on!!

This week I will have my final Ladies who Lunch with Emboz and the bump before she gives birth in a few short weeks!! Ladies Bible Study kicks off Weds night!!! I don't think I've blogged about this but I'm the new Hospitality Director for our bible study so I will be busy with that job as well! Super excited!! My bro and SIL get into town Weds for a whole WEEK!!!!!!! So Thursday Liz and I are having lunch together and then hanging out that night. Friday I'm hitching a ride with them and heading home to the Farm again for a family weekend! I think it will be the last time we're all together at the farm until The Project arrives so this will be special!!

Next Week Katie, Joey, Muy Caliente and I are going to see Casting Crowns perform at Elliot. I haven't been to a concert in YEARS! SO thats going to be awesome fun!!

And the week after that....... NORTH CAROLINA HERE I COME!! I"m leaving to visit my Caca on Sept 23!!!!!

September, I"m so happy to see you!! Let the fun begin!!

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