Friday, October 1, 2010

7 Quick Takes!

1. This is my new background on my work computer. It motivates me. Danny Gokey I <3>

2. I got new lip balm from my Avon lady at church, Cinnamon Spice. And it tastes like Carrots? I strangely like it!

3. Apparently my obsession with lipgloss/balms is being noticed in the world because a student came in today and was shocked I wasn't balming my lips! HA!!

4. I will be at home in my apt this weekend for the first time since mid August. Elated does not begin to describe it. I am so stinking tired.

5. So tired that I'm thinking of skipping the Acoustic Cafe at our church to stay at home in my pj's but I think Jessica Berger might kill me possibly.

6. So excited not to have to get up early Saturday or go anywhere. Its going to be pj's all day long. And its going to be COLD here too! In the 60's!! brrrr..

7. Yes I realize I am a Midwestern girl but the 3 years in LA/Pcola made me a southerner and now anytime its below 70 I am shivering.

1 comment:

~~~Alana~~~ said...

You are crazy! I love your 7 quick takes. :)