Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Heart Smiles

So I have been cleaning out my emails, specifically my email folders, yes I am an Email Hoarder. Yahoo is going to love me after I get done!!

Anywho, I was going through some emails from an ex, (why i kept them I don't know!) and I found this email that my Grandma had written to him. Long story. I had made him forward it to me so I could see what she said.. And well.. read it yourself. It brings a little tear to my eye. I love my family..

"Charity is a very bright, beautiful, talented and tender hearted young lady. I once got a five year old cocker spaniel who was meaner than a pit viper because the people had abused him and I was going to take him to the dog pound and she (who doesn't care much for animals) begged me to keep him for a week and see if he'd change. I did and Oscar the Grouch died of old age here, much loved and not mean at all. I now have a funny black dog (part cocker) that she rescued and insisted that Gpa would like to have him to take the place of Oscar. Midnight Beast is still with us.
She also is like all of the talented people I know, somewhat different. (I'm not talented) She is very intense about what ever is going on at the moment but laid back about a lot of things. Her feelings are easily hurt but she just laughs and no one knows she's hurt. She ALSO tells everything she knows. :-) She doesn't lie except at Christmas and Birthdays and even then it's hard for her. That's a brief synopsis on Charity.
Now---she started the Milroy Mafia and I quickly stepped in to head it up, realizing it needed a mature person in charge. :-)My four grandchildren are my assistants. Whoever, at the moment, needs the Head of the Mafia to call on them also has the other 3 to deal with. It's really just a keep in line type thing. But I noticed her Dad (my favorite and only son-in-law) wearing a Milroy Mafia T-shirt so I may have some insurgents (?) in our midst.
BTW---Her brother and I love to tease her ESPECIALLY now that there is a guy friend involved. She takes everything so seriously that it makes us worse :-)"

I just thought this was the sweetest little email. Sometimes its nice to realize how much you are loved. Its been a rough week. So I thought I would post this here so next time (tomorrow!HA!) that i'm having a bad day I would read this and smile. And its kind of hilarious HOW WELL my family knows me :)

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