Friday, November 5, 2010

Office Married: Our Desks

So its no secret that Apes and I are Office Married and basically share one brain. Last week I got us swords because, well, because I was standing in Walgreens and saw them on clearance for a dollar and I just decided we needed swords!! We used them as props for our Halloween Costumes and then decided to keep them in the office. But where were we to keep them at? And how? Mrs Maguyver had a brilliant moment Monday night and festooned a sword holder out of binder clips and packaging tape. Go ahead, say it, I'm awesome. OH YEAH!!

So here is Apes Desk

And here is mine! And yes we have Mickey and Minnie Mouse and for some reason I'm Mickey???????

1 comment:

Whitney said...

I have a work husband and we are the same person. I swear.
It's good to have that at work!