Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Festivity!

I had a really nice weekend!

Friday night we had our first Girls Night Extravaganza!! @Katie's house! It was super fun!

In attendance were, Me, Duh, Katie, Double Duh, Apes, Church Jessica, and Katie's friend Tausha.

We had a great time! I love that my friends get along so well with eachother even when they have never met!

We noshed on Pizza, didn't make it to the Sundaes, played with the bubbies and watched TWO chick flicks! I am happy to say that I have broken the curse of getting bad movies! Just Wright was super cute! I really liked it!! We also watched Bride Wars, which I had seen before but really liked as well!

It was so much fun to just chill out and talk and giggle with the girls! We will DEFINATELY be doing this again!!!

Saturday I ended up not going to Zoie's, she texted me at 5 am to let me know she had caught her daughter's strep throat. It is really going around :( Poor things. So I stayed home and caught up on my sleep which was much needed!!

Can't believe how close we are getting to the holidays but SO EXCITED!!

10 more days!!

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