Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How many times can I embarass myself in a week?

So far the count is at two. I'm going to tell this story because 1. I have no shame and like to remember my stupidity and 2. Apes and Katie laughed hysterically when I told them.. although its better acted out!

I came back from lunch today and walked into my building. As I was coming out of the small hallway into the main area I see Dr Avery! Or rather I *thought* I saw Dr Avery. So I got really excited and SUPER excited when I realized he had FINALLY cut his hair and trimmed his beard! I have been bugging him about this for over a month so I have pure joy in my heart to see less hair on his face!

Well me being me, enthusiastic and well, loud, I immediately, without even thinking, I'm telling you I was so caught up in the joy of shaving people, starting screaming "AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!"

I was attempting to scream "AAAHHHHH!! You cut your hair!! And shaved!!!! YAYS!!"

However in the midst of the "AAAAAA" I made eye contact with "Dr Avery" and the scream stopped short as I realized it was not Dr Avery it was someone whom I had never laid eyes upon until that very moment. And he was looking at me quite strangely. I have no clue why.

So the scream stops short and I do what any other self respecting female would do trying to save face...

I covered it up with a fake cough. Into my elbow of course.

I started fake coughing for my life.

Untill I realize that this Dr Avery Impostor was now looking at me like I was headed for a mental facility or had just escaped from one.

So intelligent person I am, I quit coughing, but my face is still in my elbow, look at him, and immediately turn the other way and just start RUNNING.

Thank Goodness the elevator was on the first floor! I hit that button and popped in those doors faster than a speeding bullet.

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