Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bits and pieces...

So Life is about to get even fuller! Starting in February I will start teaching Piano Lessons!! I am sooooo excited! And sooo nervous!! I really hope I do a good job and instill in them the love for Piano and Music that I have. I've been doing alot of research and prep for it, I feel so official!

My Women's Bible Study also starts in February and runs for 8 weeks. I am SO happy that it's starting up again! I have missed my Bible Study Babes so much!! That fellowship and learning of God's word every Weds night is something my soul needs so much! I come away with a happy heat!

And of COURSE the Big event MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Is coming up next Month!!!!!! WAHOOO!!! We are having Cherrybear's Birthday Dinner Party Bonanza that Saturday night and I am UBER excited!! We're all dressing up for it and I found the perfect dress on on clearance ohh yeah!! My friend Michelle is sending me a pair of nude heels to complete the look. I am going to take them to work so I can practice walking around in them. Or else certain persons will have to carry me that night and I'm pretty sure no one wants to do that. We're also going out to see a movie after dinner. I hope something that appeals to the guys and the girls is out. Otherwise we may have an egregious situation on our hands!

So February is shaping up to be a super fun month! Minus the day that I hate, Valentines day. No fears I will have an Anti-Vday post venting about how much i hate it. I know. You're excited.

Anyways I will try and do better about blogging, at least blogging my graces and quick takes and pink weds outfits!!

Stay Tuned for my Birthday Week I will be unveiling a new blog makeover!!! WOOOOOOO!!!

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Whitney said...

Congrats on the piano lessons!! So exciting!