Friday, May 6, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. I have a super fun Friday night planned! Dinner at El Rodeo with Apes and Muy Caliente and then Babysitting The Bethster and the Madster with Aunt Beans! So Excited!!

2. Apes and I are surprising Muy Caliente with a small celebration of her Graduation at work. We're not doing it untill later in the morning though, to fake her into thinking we're not doing anything. yes, i'm evil. hahaahha

3. At this point I have not lost my mind due to Final Grades but I have a feeling at the time you're reading this I very well be. I can't wait untill its over!

4. My Momma still has Pneumonia but she went to the Dr and the antibiotics are working so she doesn't have to be admitted to the hospital! YAYS! This is a huge huge praise!!

5. I can't wait for Craft Night next week! I get to hang out with Bergs!! YAYS!!

6. I wore a tunic top Thursday that I got for Christmas and hadn't worn yet. I got so many compliments on it which was hilarious because i felt very apathetic about it!

7. Tuesday night I found out I was not meant to be a blond. The hair was a beautiful color but with my face not so much. I must have alot of yellow tones in my face or something. I took a picture and if you covered my face the color of the hair was super pretty but then un cover my face and not so cute. I was sad. :(

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