Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mary had a little... Mammoth??

This week during Piano lessons for my students I was excited that we were finally playing an actual song! Granted, it was Mary had a little lamb but hey! I remember when I was just starting out and what a boost it was to me to know I was making actual music so I was really excited for them!

The lesson before I told Big C to name her lamb and that when we played the song I would tell her the name of the lamb I had as a child.

So we're sitting at the Piano and I'm talking about the song and getting ready for her to play it. She yells "WAIT!!! You didn't ask me the name of my lamb!!" a highly egregious offense on my part :) So I said ok Big C, what is your lamb's name?


Um. Did you just say.... Mammoth?? Exactly how big is this lamb? I thought Mary had a LITTLE lamb!!

I was cracking up.

So I asked her if she could guess the name of my lamb.

Her reply.

um.. Woolhead?

Seriously I laughed so hard that I almost fell off my chair!

Woolhead??! How about DAISY!!

She was not impressed with my choice of name for my Lamb needless to say.

I told her I hoped her naming skills got better when she got married and had kids :) Never a dull moment!

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