Friday, May 6, 2011

Muy Caliente's Last Day

Friday was a very sad day. It was Muy Caliente's last day in our office. She graduates Sunday and is DONE!!! Very happy and proud of her but we will be sad to see her go!! We call ourselves "The Dream Team" I had a picture made into an 8x10 of us with that written above it and framed. She loved it!!
We had a surprise party for her which she tried to ruin! Normally she works longer on Fridays but she worked shorter and informed me that she was leaving at 11 to go have her nails done! Well this put a crimp into my plans for Apes and I to have lunch with her at 11!! So a little before 10 am I sent her on an errand downstairs. As soon as she left the office I literally RAN back to our suite and the office we had stored the balloons, ect in. I nearly killed myself to get it all set up before she came back! But I did!! She walked in and didn't notice it but she noticed the look on my face and thought something was wrong! HA HA she literally didn't notice it untll she got right to her desk. How someone can miss 4 big balloons I don't know. I told her I knew she was short but seriously!!

We hid her presents in her stool that she uses for a foot stool and also sits on it when she's filing in the bottom cabinets. When she got the stool i put candy in it in case she got weak and hungry while filing. It became a big joke so it was perfect to hide the presents inside!

She was so happy! It was great to surprise her! But I am starting to get tired of having to be so sneaky! I think I may have to rest from all the surprises I have pulled lately!

Happy Graduation Muy Caliente!! We love you and will miss you greatly but we know this isn't the end of our friendship only the beginning!!

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