Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bad Blogger Cherrybear

I have been a horrible blogger lately. I have just been so busy running to and fro, and living life!! that when I am home and actually have time to sit down and write my mind goes blank on what I want to say, or I'm so tired that I can't think.

I know this will send shockwaves around the world but I have barely taken any pictures lately. I know. I am not feeling ill, just busy :) It really stinks though because everyone has been complimenting me on my new haircut and the only pics I have of it were from the night I spent at Bergs after I'd been laying around and it was smushy.

It's almost beginning to give me a complex because people are still saying stuff about it, and students that haven't seen me in awhile are coming into our office and stopping and saying WHOA!!! You got a HAIRCUT!!! I almost am afraid to ask if my hair apparently looked that bad before? Sheryl has told me I should always wear it this way and when it grows out too much she will inform me and then I am to call Bryna and have her come over and fix my hair! She cracks me up!!

I'm gearing up for my Sinus Surgery, three weeks from today. I am ready to get it over with and feel better but I'm kind of bummed because after I recover the summer is pretty much over for me. I'll come back to work and go thru the end of semester final grades and all that jazz and then gear up for the dreaded fall semester. So I'm trying to live it up all I can in the meantime! And I think I'm doing a pretty good job of that! If the ONE night I didn't have plans last week is any indication!

So yes I am alive and well and I will try and be better about blogging even when I don't have any pictures to show!

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