Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Apes and Cherry's Great Adventure Roadtrip!!

Friday after work Apes and I loaded up in her car and made our way to Peoria, IL!! Here we are at the beginning of our trip!!
Peoria Bound!!! I have to say it was the easiest straight forward trip I have ever taken to Iowa!

There was an amazing Sunset in the sky, it was absolutely gorgeous!

Apes was just driving along and I DJ'd for our ride!

More pretty sky!

Monday, my brother brought me from Iowa back to Peoria and I had the chance to meet up with my dear friend Joy and her daughter Delaney! We've been great friends, but only online! For the past 8+ years! I was so excited to finally get to meet her! Emboz was super jealous as they are buds as well! And glorious day the GREAT GARRY came and surprised me and I nearly fell off my seat!! It was wonderful fun!

Here we are getting ready to head back to Lafayette! Notice my hair was struggling by this point but Apes looks beautiful!! Look at those bright blue eyes!!

We made a quick stop in Leroy, IL, which was just hilarious to us! We have a big joke with the name Leroy and ol Leroy Gonzalez, so of course we HAD to stop there!!

Right after Leroy comes the Farmland Rest Area! And of course we had to stop there as well, because who could resist a photo op like that??! Not me! When we were pulling out the worker there who had seen us taking pictures, was in a vehicle pulled to the side and was clapping and dancing and singing to us. It was odd but funny. We attract all kinds!

Don't ask me why my Farmland sign is orange. I have no clue! We hada great time roadtripping and I had an even greater time with my precious snugglemuffin! Stay tuned for more tales!

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