Friday, July 29, 2011

April's Goodbye Paaarrrtttaaaayyy!

Thursday night we headed out to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate Apes as she got ready to start her new life in Illinois!! Here she is with Holly perusing their menu's!
Audra and I! Dates!!!!! Doesn't she look angelic here? I would just like to point out the glass of COKE in front of me. It is NOT a good idea to have three of those from 6-8 pm when you want to sleep at all that night. I got 2 1/2 hours of sleep. Needless to say my friday night is being spent on my couch. I am exhausted!
So we had several surprises for Apes that we have been plotting and scheming for over a month now. She has been excited to decorate her new place and really wanted a pretty and inviting bathroom that she could get ready in and be relaxed and enjoy herself. So we took it upon ourselves to get her some decorations! Sheryl was the great shopper and got some beautiful things!

We knew what we wanted to get but weren't sure how to surprise her! Sheryl gave the vase of flowers to our server before Apes arrived and she hid it and brought it out at Sheryl's eyebrow signal. That is what you're seeing here. Apes was totally surprised and shocked! And best of all she completely loved it!
My meal. Because I always take pictures of my food! My Sirloin beef tips with mushrooms and onions and mashed potatoes. And one of the 6897089798 rolls that I inhaled that night.
Apes thought the surprises were done after the flowers but she was wrong!!! Sheryl had planned to excuse herself to go to the restroom after dinner and instead go out to her car and get the wrapped gifts. one small problem. Our table was right by the restroom! So we had to improvise and pretend that she had forgotten her wallet in her car. I have to say we pulled that one off so smoothly. Sheryl and I are sneaky!!

Apes LOVES these things! Everytime she gets a gift with them on it she goes crazy!!
The first card we gave her, with all of our faces on the back!
Apes opening up the gifts and finding more awesome matching pretties for her bathroom!!
Audra was getting kind of tired by the end, bless her heart. You can also see the beautiful flowers in the background!
Holly! We love our Holly! Wish she wasn't leaving us too!
hahahah Apes face here just kills me!! Sheryl has mad love for tape and taped the life out of the second box!! She had to assist in the opening.
Apes reading the second card we got her, the sentimental one that darn near made me cry when I was reading it before I wrote my message!!
The fab Five!!!!! We had so much fun and it was great to celebrate Apes and have a relaxing time out of the office!
I'm telling you, she loves those things!!!!
A last picture outside the tree. I really need some taller friends. Seriously.
We're both struggling here but such is life!!
I snapped this precious moment as they said goodbye. It's amazing how God brings people in your lives.

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