Thursday, July 28, 2011

Surgery- ENT- I CAN BREATHE!!!

So today I got the privilege of going back to the ENT for a scope!

I know, the thrills and excitement of my life are never ending!!

It's been three weeks and one day since my surgery! However it feels like a long time, even though I still remember the pain, and am still in some pain, but tylenol takes care of that!

So I show up at the ENT at 12 ( missing Apes goodbye lunch with co workers at Logans :( )

And I find out he is running late. An hour later I find out that he is running an hour late. But knowing that getting upset and rude about it wouldn't help anything and would make those poor people's day worse, I decided I was going to be super nice and try to make up for all of the other people that were rude to them!!

It must have worked because all three of them thanked me at different times for being so nice to them and patient and having a good attitude! YAYS! That made me feel good that I had in some small way, made their day a little better.

So the nurse took me back to the room and sprayed some funky stuff into my nose that of course went down my throat and tasted yuck yuck. I started coughing and exclaimed "sweet nibbletts what exactly was that??!! MERCY that was gross!!"

(I don't think she gets alot of conservative baptists in her office I am just guessing because my G rated exclamation really tickled her)

After I coughed some more, I laid back down and said OK, might as well do the other side! So she did and then gave me some candy, SCORE! to take the taste away. However whatever they sprayed in there was fast acting man, my throat was starting to get numb! which was a very weird sensation. I thought for a minute, wow this must be what anaphylactic shock feels like! I felt like my throat was closed and I couldn't swallow but as she pointed out I was swallowing just fine, it just felt weird. Obviously I must have been swallowing because I wasn't drooling all over :)

So she left me to numb up, and I got out my ipod and listened to Danny Gokey for awhile. I just love him. Seriously Gokey, anytime you're ready to get married. Just give me a ring. HA!!! Man I crack myself up!

Anyway, back to the ENT!!

About 25 mins later she came in with the Dr for part 2 of numbing. She brought in a tiny container that looked like what you drink cough syrup out of with just a tiny bit of pink liquid in it. The dr ripped off pieces of cotton and rolled them into long things and soaked them in the liquid. He was telling me what he was going to do and said he would put the PACKING in, and I said, WAIT WHAT??!!! I swear I about broke out into a cold sweat when he said that horrific word.

He started laughing and said, no no I"m sorry its NOT PACKING!! Calm down!! I caught my breath and told him he shouldn't use that word if he didn't want me to jump out of the chair and run out of the office!! He found that amusing. Little does he know I was not joking whatsoever!

So he placed them in my nose, thankfully no pain. And left me to numb up for 20 more mins.

More Danny Gokey music was played.

The nurse came in to check on me and see if my teeth were numb hip hip hooray they were!! I almost wanted to borrow the magic pink liquid so my teeth wouldn't hurt by 3 pm everyday!!

He popped the cotton out of my nose, and then STUPID ME, had my eyes open.

People, if you ever go to the ENT, CLOSE YOUR EYES!! There is NO NEED TO SEE ANYTHING once the DR picks up ANYTHING!! If he is holding papers you are safe. If he moves his arm anywhere in the direction of anything silver or metal SHUT YOUR EYES AND KEEP THEM CLOSED UNTIL THE SECOND COMING!!!!!

I was not so smart, and was getting a little cocky since this had been going so well. I was shot back down to reality when i see him holding this gun like device with an almost FOOT LONG Silver I don't even know how to described it. It has a huge blinding light on the end and a camera.

For the second time in an hour I exclaim SWEET NIBBLETTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that entire thing going in my nose?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The nurse was laughing so hard and so was the Dr but I was looking at that long silver piece of torture and wondering how i could get past the both of them and run out of the room!!!!!

After he finished LAUGHING AT ME the Dr informed me that no the entire thing wasn't going in my nose.

I would just like to add my own comment here of he was right, the HANDLE that he was HOLDING did not go in my nose but the whole rest of it sure did!!

Praise God allmighty I did not feel it though! I did feel alittle bit of small pressure when he was up in my FOREHEAD yes I said my FOREHEAD, seriously I think your sinuses go all the way up into your hair, heck they probably come out your hair, maybe that's why my hair is so thick and big?!!!!!

Deep Breath.

Anyway, it wasn't horrible at all. In fact I was chit chatting through the entire thing.

Their was a funny part when he was in my Ephmoid, where the whole mess was, the light was practically coming out of my eyes from the scope!! If you look on a medical picture your ephmoid sinuses are right by your eye sockets. It was the craziest thing! I could see light coming through my skin and through my eyes!!! I kept thinking it was like those super heroe's or the bad guys that shoot laser beams through their eyes!! I wanted to laugh SO HARD!! But by that point I had pretty much proven my craziness so I really tried to hold it down to a level 3 of crazy, not level 5. It was hard though! It just tickled me!

He said it looked AMAZING!! I just had some residual yuck from the surgery which he cleared up and some sort of a scar pocket that he got rid of. He said it was really good we had done the scope, because of the scar pocket, it could have caused problems. But other that that I was great! He gave me shots of steroids in each side and I didn't feel that at all. Didn't even feel the needle go in. of course my eyes were closed.

The good news is he told me I am one of the best if not the best recovering patient he has ever had for this extensive of a procedure! That was really cool!!!!! I was asking him how much longer my teeth would hurt and he said I needed to be patient. It takes awhile for the swelling to go down and on the Deviated Septum side its still pretty swollen. He said I was a bit spoiled since I had healed so well and went back to work so fast, that I had to remember it's just been three weeks post surgery.....

I asked him if there was anything I could to help and he suggests Advil. I said um. I'm allergic to that, so I think maybe not. Although death would certainly get rid of the tooth pain!! I don't think I'm to that point though!! He and the Nurse were cracking up, I think they love me visiting. I am their comedic entertainment :)

OH!! I have to say I can breathe so much better!! Even with the one side still swollen I am breathing better than I can ever remember. It is insanely AWESOME!!!!! I haven't had a single headache since my surgery! YAY!! And I never realized how much pain my face was in from the congestion and the disease. My face feels so much lighter, more open. It's hard to describe but it's totally different from how I have felt for years. It's wonderful. Yes, this has been a rough road, but I would do it again.

So I am free for 3 more weeks, he wants to do another scope just to check the scar thingy, but he said since I am such a model patient, or sinuses :) that he expects he'll just go in look at it, say yup, all good. Ok you can leave!! So that's pretty cool!!

Because of the swelling I'm still not supposed to lean over or pick up anything heavy. I wonder If I can get that extended for when I move this time next year? he he he

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