Thursday, July 14, 2011

Surgery- ENT or Dentist??

So I got to go back to my ENT for my first pre-op visit to get some vacuuming done and get rid of the debris. I know, it sounded pretty glamorous to me too. After the packing removal, of which we shall never speak of, I wasn't too trusting of Dr H.

I went to my apt early never dreaming I'd actually get in since he runs late, but miracle of miracles. I had barely set down in the waiting room and Colleen was calling my name! She took me back to the room, which was like returning to the scene of the crime, it was the same room from the packing removal, of which we shall never speak of. Flashbacks were popping through my mind!!

Thankfully though It was nothing horrible and boy was I so relieved!

Basically he just sprayed my nose with water spray, like the dentist uses on you when you get your teeth cleaned. It did go down the back of my throat and make me cough, I am not a fan of things dripping down the back of my throat. But other than that it wasn't bad.

After he sprayed it I went "ahhhh REFRESHING!!!" hahahaha now that the pain is gone he gets to see my true personality. Bless his heart!

And then after that he used another denist like thingy to suck my sinsues out. It was just like the small spit thing they use at the dentist. Again not a big deal and didn't hurt.

Needless to say I was SO Relieved that it wasn't painful or scary! I have to go back the 28'th for a scope that they will numb me for but they say the longest and hardest part is just getting me numb. I'm doing it over my lunch hour and Colleen told me I could bring my lunch with me and eat in the room if I wanted to :)

It was interesting though, after I finished with Dr H he said you can head back to work now and be fine, see you were worried for nothing! And Colleen looks at me and says you're going back to work? Are you sure you feel up to it? I said Oh yeah, I actually went back to work YESTERDAY!

I thought she was going to fall over in shock.

I wasn't quite sure what the big deal was but she was speechless.

I told her I was just tired alittle bit but other than that and my sore teeth I felt pretty good and it was nice to go back to work and be busy!

She said I was a rare case, that I was doing much much better than any of her other patients and that most people didn't recover as fast as me or make it back to work that soon.

I told her in my head I felt great in my mind I was fine and wanted to be-bop along, my body was just catching up with me. And then I told her that i stopped taking my pain meds on Friday, less than 48 hours after my surgery and she was shocked! It was rather funny!

I guess its a good thing I didn't mention that I'd went to the Dentist on Tuesday for a teeth cleaning, she might have fainted.

It was nice though to hear that i was doing so good. By Sunday I was ready to be done with the whole healing process. I did feel so much better after the packing removal, which we shall never speak of, and stopping my pain meds and switching to Tylenol helped tons.

So I am ready to be back to my normal self. It was rather nice to hear that I was recovering faster than they had expected!

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Piper said...

So glad to read that you're making a good recovery! It sounds like an experience anyone would be glad to put behind them! At what point will you be able to tell that the surgery was a good thing/improvement over before? Will it only be obvious if/when you avoid more sinus infections? I went three rounds of antibiotics trying to get rid of a sinus infection last fall (it's a family joke that I'm allergic to October, ha) but from the sound of it, this was a pretty brutal step for you to to have to take to get relief...