Sunday, July 10, 2011

Surgery- more fun ahead

So we left off at Thursday evening. I was actually able to get some decent sleep that night which was really nice. I was exhausted. I slept in my bed upstairs and Mom had rigged it up with pillows under the mattress so my head could be elevated.

Got up bright and early Friday morning to head to Laffy to get my packing out. I was pretty nervous. Had I known the extent of it I would have been straight terrified.

I was ready though, I'll say the worst part of the surgery/recovery has definitely been the packing. I am still in some pain now but nothing compared to the packing. I literally hurt from the top of my head down to my chin and all over my face. Seeing as the packing was all in my sinuses and nose there is a reason it hurt so bad! My ears were clogged because there was no where to drain, and the most annoying was my eyes! Your tear ducts drain into your sinuses and when your sinuses are packed with 12 in tampons two in both sides, at least that's what it felt like! you eyes can't drain, so your eyes water. the.whole.entire.time. By Friday morning my eyes were basically crying non stop. it was so annoying. not to mention that various things such as mucous and blood were also coming out of my eyes. it was FABULOUS!!

As for the packing removal. I just can't talk about it. It was horrific. Painful and so disgusting that I just honestly cannot even talk about how bllleeccchhhhh it was. I can't even come up with words to convey the nastiness and how much you DO NOT want to know what it was like and what happened.

I will say that I sobbed, almost had a panic attack, and almost passed out and puked. It was good times. I also now know why they have all those magazines in doctors offices. It is not to read, they make for great fans for the nurse and your mom to fan you with as you are trying not to be sick and pass out at the same time.

I will also say to the lady that stared me down rudely as my mom practically had to carry me out of the dr's office, that was highly rude and if I could have walked on my own I would have went over to you and had a chat. You'd better be thankful I was indisposed. Staring rudely is RUDE!!

Whew.. Ok now that that's out of my system!!

Packing removal=horrible.

BUT there is a bright side.

Not 30 mins after we left the dr's office, I started to feel better!!!!!!! Like ALOT better!!! And my teeth finally stopped the throbbing that made me want to get them all pulled and wear dentures at a young age.


I am still having some tooth pain but nothing like it was.

Mom ran errands in Lafayette and I stayed in the truck super sleepy.

We finally got home and I took the most glorious 3 hour nap I have ever had the privileged to sleep!!

I have not taken any pain pills since early Friday before leaving for the dr's. They were making me queasy and dizzy, so I've been surviving on plain Tylenol. So far it hasn't been that bad but I have moments of wishing for something stronger. But I know I feel better without them.

Saturday I was able to sleep decently and took another nap in the early afternoon. I managed to take a shower and not pass out, although I did get a little queasy during it, but I think that's because I was hot. I opened the shower door for some cooler air and felt alot better.

I did feel like I had ran a marathon after my shower.

I finally started to recover my sense of taste on Saturday. That was pretty exciting! Although it would have been a great diet plan if it had continued! :)

Sunday hasn't been too bad. My face has been hurting as last night I was eating dinner and accidentally bit my bottom lip while eating which made me make a face and that hurt my nose. It hurts to move my face and smile, ect. So that is sore. My nose feels very raw but I am diligently putting in my spray and lotions, ect.

I'm still pretty tired and get worn out easily and it kinda hurts to have my glasses on for very long.

Mom is planning on taking me back to Laffy on Monday and then Wednesday I will go back to work from 12-6. Hopefully I can handle that. I'm a little nervous but I'm praying in the next two days that I start to feel alot better. And that my darned teeth quit hurting!!!!

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Piper said...

Oh Charity...what an ordeal. One of my previous Sunday School teachers had this surgery and I seem to recall he said the recovery was rough. Sounds like maybe the worst of the worst is past though. I hope you make a great recovery. Feel better soon! <3