Monday, October 24, 2011

Cherry and Emboz IN Hospital Tours!

Sunday morning was a bit of Dejavu from Weds as Emboz and I found ourselves back at a Hospital/ Different Hospital than Weds, but a Hospital nonetheless! I woke up at 4 am Sunday feeling like I had the flu and was in horrible pain. It went on for several hours and I knew something was wrong with me. Totally different than my normal IBS/Colon Spasms pain and sickness. Thankfully Emboz was able to leave church and come and pick me up and take me to the er. (where we had the most unfriendly and rude nurse I've ever encountered-the blonde in the picture above) I am very thankful for Emboz being so willing to put up with me and join me on this week of Hospital tours. I wonder which Hospital we shall visit next week????!!
My arm. The male nurse was not so successful with the IV. I am thankful the female nurse that hated me didn't do my IV, however she DID give me a SHOT in my FLANK and I swear she threw it in there like she was playing darts. Merciful heavens it really hurt! I yelped. I think she had a little bit too much fun with that.

After all the tests they couldn't come up with anything, the DR thought it was food poisoning, but considering Emily and I ate the same exact thing at the wedding and she felt fine, I am inclined to think it was a bug. He said it was clear that whatever it was, was trying to work it's way out of my body. No, really? I hadn't thought of that! So about 3 1/2 hours and 200.00 later I left the hospital with my Grams and thankfully slept most of the afternoon. I am feeling better no, not great but better. And I am SO ready to not be sick for a long long LONG time!!!

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