Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Monday night I decided I had enough and I was going to clean out and organize my storage closet. My hot water heater and AC share the space so it can be a little difficult to fit things in. I neglected to take a picture inside the closet of the left side where i had a laundry basket with stuff and boxes on top of that piled up. It was lovely just lovely! So I set upon cleaning things up and moving my kitchen stuff to, oh, I don't know, THE KITCHEN???!!!!!!!!! Sadly alot of the items in the boxes in my closet are Christmas Decorations.
I thought it looked SOOOO much better when I finished! I still want to go through the rubbermaid containers and clean them out but for the time being at least it's neat and orderly looking and not something I would die of embarrassment from.
The white bankers boxes are my piano books from my old teacher. I have two more of them in my truck! I'm hoping to clean out my armoire in my bedroom and transition some of those clothes to my closet. I would like to use the biggest bottom shelf in my armoire to hold the music so i can look through it easily and pull out books for my students. That will be the next project!
I was pretty proud of this corner. I always have problems finding gift bags and tissue paper so I put them all in one place! I would like the bags to look a little neater but they were all different sizes. It's good for now at least! And then the next crate down is all of my tissue paper.

Next on the agenda is my bedroom and my music books! And cleaning out my clothes and purse closet! Stay tuned!

Yes I know this post was about as thrilling as watching paint dry..

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