Friday, October 14, 2011

Random Sickie Thoughts

I have been at home alternating puking and trying not to puke since Tuesday.

No need to get excited It's merely the time for my Pylorus Botox Surgery which will happen next Weds the 19'th. Until then I am regulated to drinks and ice cream because that is apparently all that will pass through my poor closed up pylorus.

If this is making no sense to you or you've never heard of a Pylorus (what planet are you on??!!) you can check out my Explanation by clicking RIGHT HERE!

Ok now that we have that out of the way. Goodness I'm tired now!! I have discovered a few things from this week that I would like to share.

Because I haven't seen or spoken to a human since my Mom stopped by Weds.

  • There is really nothing on TV. I quickly went through the shows I'd dvr at night while In bed and after that I realized there is nothing on tv day or night.
  • You can run out of websites to go to. Interesting ones at least.
  • After being cooped up for 4 days it seems acceptable to go to Walgreens in your pj's with a ball cap on your un-done hair.
  • It also seems acceptable to go to Walmart hours later when you find that your blender is in. When you're stuck with only being able to have drinks, a blender becomes very important. Thank goodness I didn't see anyone i knew!
  • I will add that I did shower and dry my hair and change. Well I changed into a different pj outfit but I did change!
  • Your once welcoming cozy apt can seem like the walls are closing in on you.
  • You suddenly get the urge to yell out your window to see if there is life out there and how it is?
  • Seeing 7Up just makes you a little annoyed. Just a little.
  • In theory food is a nice idea to think about. Not to eat. But to think about.
  • You decide to bleach your whites and somehow get two red kitchen wash clothes in the mix. Putting more bleach on it only makes your whites the color of tea. #notwinning
  • Is it Weds yet?????!

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