Friday, November 4, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. I put my tree up tonight. Yes, I know it's only Nov 4, but I am busy the next two weekends and want it up before I leave for Thanksgiving.

2. I am almost all done with my Christmas shopping!!!!! I have a few more things to purchase and I'm making several presents but they are almost ready! Yays!!

3. Yes, I really do LOVE Christmas, why do you ask????? ;)

4. I finally ordered some new prints of pictures so I can have something different in my picture frames. Great timing since most of my frames were put away tonight for the Christmas season. Way to plan Cherrybear, way to plan!!

5. I really need to renew my driver's license. Apparently you can do it online these days. I just don't want my picture changed since I have a nice smiling pic.

6. Yes I smile like a cheeseball in my driver's license pictures and NO i am NOT HAPPY that the new law says you can't smile because of the "face recognition" software. Try and recognize me without a smile on my face people.. Just try!

7. I'm really loving that my 3'rd floor, vaulted ceiling apt keeps the heat in so well. I've had my heat on the past few weeks but it hasn't ran much, and my electric bill-blessedly low!! yeah!

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