Friday, November 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. Katie had me flat out laughing out loud alone in a waiting room this evening. I love getting texts from my friends! What did I ever do before cell phones and texting? I have no clue!

2. Mr Benjamin's Birthday Presents are purchased and ordered, now we just pray that the big present makes it to Iowa by next Friday night! (his little birthday party with us!)

3. Props to Audie for finding one of his presents at Gordman's and texting me a picture of it telling me to buy it for him :)

4. I renewed my driver's license online tonight for a mere 21.00. I thought that was rather pricy but for keeping my smiling picture and not changing my weight from HIGH SCHOOL, small price to pay my friends!!

5. I'm getting Comcast internet tomorrow so if I never blog again you'll know why. And yes, I know I hate them, but I could get a better deal on tv/internet than my tv alone that was raising another 20 bucks at the end of the month. I'm paying less for both than I was for just cable??!!! I miss direct tv that's all I'll say..

6. I have really been working on my attitude this week or trying to. Tuesday I was a hot little sinful mess. I'm thankful that "his mercies are new every morning" and for the time alone I get with my Savior to work on my issues!

7. Two more work days until I go to my Snugglemuffin!!!!!!!!!!

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