Saturday, November 5, 2011

You know you went to PCC...

I love these lists and if you went to PCC you prolly do too! So I added some pics along with it! Here I am before Thanksgiving Service in my Rejoice Choir robe with Chrystal!
Marilyn and I before my first Vespers. I was performing in Ladies Chorus at this time.
Me and my best guy friend Chris-white glove.
Me and Panda Bear at the Spring Picnic.
Me and Chia after Fine Arts one night. Yes I never had a date.
Some super fun chapel buddies! Sonja and Dan. Incidentally they were my chapel buddies the year that Coral sat by me. And never spoken to me. Unfriendly ;)

You Know You Went To PCC When . . .

1. You feel slightly violated each time you get on an elevator with a member of the opposite sex.

2. You name your vacuum cleaner.

3. Your neighbors have observed you closing all the blinds in your house about the same time every night.

4. You have ever borrowed a roll of toilet paper from your next-door neighbor.

5. Your umbrella has your name permanently written in marker.

6. You have something in your home that you bought at a lost and found sale.

7. Your heart still skips a beat when your pastor tells the congregation to shake hands while the choir sings.

8. You're in bed by ten each night and wonder why you ever thought lights out was too early.

9. You have a button on your car radio programmed to 89.5 FM.

10. You still place any nametag you're asked to wear "high and right."

11. You still buy your butter in little packets.

12. The letters DHA, DC, CPO, and PH mean something to you.

13. The word "socialed" still carries with it a bad connotation.

14. Before moving out of your first apartment, you asked your landlord for a "pre-check."

15. You know exactly how long a gallon of milk will stay fresh on ice.

16. You still abbreviate Thursday with the letter "R."

17. To this day, whenever you walk by a fountain, you have to fight an uncontrollable urge to dump a gallon of Tide into it.

18. You know exactly how many days there are between Labor Day and Christmas.

19. You still limit all local calls to 30 minutes.

20. You can say that you have stood in line for half an hour for a corn dog and a moon pie.

21. You have been told you cannot take a final exam because of an outstanding fifty-cent library fee.

22. You know how to operate a Macintosh computer.

23. You get a box in the mail and wonder if it has food in it.

24. You think of Dr. Mullenix when you see a bottle of hair spray!

25. You consider a long leisurely walk a date.

26. You suspect the lady across the street of writing you up when you kiss your spouse at your front door.

27. In church you never sit in the very front pew because you don't want to be spit on.

28. You wish you still had 11:00 lights-out that made you stop everything you're doing and go to BED.

29. You choose what to wear according to your collegian's colors.

30. You have very good friends who live in seven different States and two foreign countries.

31. You send a friend early to the bowling alley to reserve a lane.

32. You feel guilty when you chew gum inside a building.

33. You watched the first 10 minutes of "Rejoice" every week during Christmas vacation to see if you were on TV.

34. You decorated your dining room in purple, orange, red and blue.

35. You talk about having gone "up" to Alabama to shop at the outlet mall.

36. You know what the "Five Fatal Phrases of February" are.

37. You put up a shower schedule on the bathroom mirror every night.

38. You were ever warned to swim on the "sound" side of the beach.

39. You "meet and say goodbye" to all your dates at the restaurant.

40. You consider going to church a "date".

41. You now feel wealthy because you have a cloth-covered mattress.

42. You lead your family in a hymn before every meal.

43. You are proud to be associated with something called a "Turkey Bowl".

44. You refer to chores as "room Jobs"

45. Every time you go to a Bowling ally, you flash your Drivers License at the door.

46. Every time you hear a bell ring, you feel the urge to stand and sing the doxology!

recent add ons :)

47. you name your elevators.

48. someone says "squirrel" and you stop talking.

49. you know exactly how to carry a stack of huge books taller than you from the CA all the way to your dorm.

50. you try to flash the back of your AmSouth card to get into your house...

51. you STILL think all of your phone calls might be listened to.

52. every time someone says "there goes the neighborhood" you think you're in a church service.

53.You ALWAYS check you mail to make sure it's yours because you might just be sharing a mail box still.

54. Every time you check your mail and you get a package slip you don't get excited until you know fo sho your name is on it.

55. Hand Check

56. When asked to speak in public, the words "A Reasonable Speaker always..." pops into your head.

57. You go home on a break and you see all your friends of the opposite sex and they give you hugs and you instantly start to the think that shaps are coming for ya!!

58. When log onto your computer you type in studentnet/your idea number and for your password you type birthday day and last digits of your s.s.n.

59. You go home and hide all of your music and movies hoping that no one will find them and write you up!

60. You hear the name Dave Young and begin frantically searching for a date.

61. You're still wondering what the Admin ever did to Pastor Shettler's CAP

62. You wear your hair just long enough to cover the cartilidge piercing in your ear.

63. A carousel theme plays in your head when you think of the Varsity Commons.

64. You still plow down the little old ladies at Old Country Buffet every Sunday afternoon for that last piece of no-bake cheesecake.

65. You feel convicted everytime you visit to check your email.

66. You break into a cold sweat when you hear someone clapping at a graduation before it has ended.

67. You still try to plead freshman ignorance whenever you do something wrong.

68. You check for modest skirt length by sitting down. If it's a tad higher than an inch from the top of your knees, you hit your closet for a new one.

69. You feel uber-popular because you can have more than 5 people in your email address book.

70. When on a date at a restaurant you're mentally casing the joint for camera blind spots. Maybe sometime during the night you can maneuver your date to one and sneak a kiss. Or a handshake.

71. When calling in sick to work you tell your supervisor to "Scan you in"

72. You feel like giggling like and idiot every time your spouse hugs you or kisses you on the cheek.

73. You look for the sign up sheet before you even turn your computer on at work.

74. At a formal event a few people who really appreciate the performance stand while they clap, even though the rest of the audience remains seated. You're silently betting how soon they'll be kicked out

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