Monday, December 19, 2011

A Birthday and a Living Nativity!

Friday night I hosted a Dinner Party at my apt for Holly and Sherita! We surprised Holly with a (late) Birthday Cake!! It was sooo good! Dark Chocolate homemade icing and a cherry center. Slurp.
Action shot! Holly was definitely surprised!!!
Sunday night Emboz and I took the girls to the Living Nativity her church puts on! Bethy was "soooooooooooooo embarassed" by Emboz's Tigger Hat. I was frankly disappointed that I hadn't brought my Colts Santa Hat to wear!(especially since they FINALLY won a game!!)
Us gals getting ready to head out! Notice how non thrilled Bethy looks.
The Living Nativity was sooo cool! Madi absolutely LOVED it! She was laughing and pointing through the whole thing! She's still doing her heh heh hahahah laugh and it just cracks me up! It was fun seeing how much she was enjoying it!
After the Nativity they have Cookies and Hot Chocolate set up in the community center so we went and had some yummies and warmed up! And got our picture in front of the gorgeous tree they had set up.
And a close up of us 4! Madi was getting a tad sleepy, so she wasn't really posing as normal. Still a cutie though! She was perfectly happy to be carried in my arms. Love that girl!!

The funny of the evening came from Bethy. We were getting ready to leave and crossing traffid, I told her we had to be careful and said "I'm too cute to die!!" she turns to me and says "but yet you're still single..."

thanks Bethy. thanks alot! She is 10 going on 35. I literally stopped in my tracks in shock and she suddenly realized what she said and decided that was a greeaaattttt time to try and hug me. hahahah. that kid. She's going to be the death of us. But at least we'll go out laughing!!

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