Wednesday, December 21, 2011

mid week confessions

I'm joining E over at for her Midweek confessions link up!

I think this is one of the very few times I'd done a link up so I feel all kinds of cool!!

Everytime I get an Arni's pizza I only eat the side triangles, and the edge pieces. Actually anytime I eat anything that consists of an edge I will ONLY eat the edges, brownies, cake, whatever. The edge makes it best!!

I kind of can't believe I am turning *30* in 2012. I thought by now I'd be some fantastically intelligent woman with it all together, and I'm still the clutzy mess I've always been!

The sad thing is I miss-spelled intelligent in the last confession. wow.

I am so looking forward to my two co workers being off work the next two days so I can listen to my own music. Every morning we listen to one, and after they leave at 12, the other turns her music on. Shoot, I may just sit at work in silence since that never happens either!!

My parents were in town this week and dropped some stuff off at my apt, I am not ashamed to admit that i asked them to take the christmas presents under my tree to their house so I wouldn't have to cart them all downstairs with my luggage when i leave.

I may or may have not also sent my bff's christmas present with them to mail. i hate post offices.


E said...

Charity! Thanks for joining up... And excellent job on your first linky! I am TOTALLY one to get my parents to do my dirty work - like mailing things at the post office. Haha! :) Hope you have a great holiday!

SaigeWisdom said...

I'm only a year behind you... 30 is coming up quick I guess I should get on that "30 before 30" thing lots of bloggers do... have you done it?

Charity said...

I thought about doing it but I can't think of 30 things!! Plus my birthday is in Feb so my time is quickly running out!

~~~Alana~~~ said...

No joke about being all grown up. I turn 30 in january and still feel like a kid. I have heard the 30's are the best years... so I am totally excited about 30. Ha. Whatever. ;)
Your parents are so awesome... tell your mama I said hi!
Oh and I instituted a new "headphone only" rule so I didn't have to listen to my co-workers music. Not into the anti-everything tree hugger music.
Oh, can you add a way to leave a comment using my name & url instead of having to do google... not 100% where that is since I don't use blogger... but I know its an option. ;)