Monday, December 5, 2011

The post in which there are no pictures

Other than my nephew I cannot remember the last thing I took a picture of! I have been really slacking in the picture taking and blogging as of late.

Bryna came over Friday night and de-fluffed my hair and gave me some shape. I'm wanting to grow it out some, so she gave me a good cut that will hopefully grow out into a nice bob. YAYS! My hair was so happy to see her and so was I! I had a rough week so it was nice to spend time with one of my friends!

We laugh and laugh and have to break from the haircutting sometimes when we're really going giggling or else I would most likely be missing a chunk of hair or just be bald.

Speaking of laughing, I posted on FB how much I enjoyed Bryna and my haircut and my old suitemate Krista reminded me of the *one* time I tried to cut her hair at PCC. Let's just say that I didn't quite get the concept of layers and there was an OOPS (haha literally! said it out loud while cutting her hair!) Bless her heart, her hair looked like a set of stairs. In my mind that was what layers looked like!!

Now you know why I am not a hairstylist.

I can't think about it without giggling though. It's a wonder she still speaks to me!

I stayed up until Midnight Friday. I know, living life on the wild side! I have to say though, I slept better that night than I have in several months!

I drug my Mom to my GI Specialist apt last week and it was very informative. I've started on some new meds and the Dr has plans and tweaking to get me feeling better. It was really good. I left feeling hopeful that I would feel better and have a better quality of life, more so than I have in a long time. I have just gotten so used to being sick and miserable that sometimes it's hard to remember what it feels like not to be like that and to dream of a future not feeling that way!

I have found a new Author that I love, Jenny B. Jones. I got another of her books from the library after buying one awhile back and just reading it this past week. I even got two of her young adult books because they just looked good!

I have also found a new lunch spot. Don't everyone go stealing it now! Our library on campus has great seating for lunch people and you can bring your food in and eat while reading or just looking out the window. It was perfect. Warm, cozy and best of all QUIET. Quiet is exactly what i want most days at lunch!

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