Friday, December 9, 2011

A very Christmas-y Thursday!

Thursday was FULL of Christmas cheer and FUN! We had our Holiday Party at work and it was great to get out of the office for two hours, sit and talk with friends and have some yummy pie and the Chancellor's famous cider, which I must say- pretty doggone good!!
I was really happy that Audra got to come from our offices downtown. I have been excited about her coming all week long! We haven't seen each other much lately, so we just sat there and caught up on everything going on and just had a great time chatting! She is always my "date" to work events!
Jefferson' HS First Edition Show Choir came and put on a great show for us! I'm a fan of them since Ellen was in FE for so long, I got to go to many of their shows during her HS years and they never disappoint. They put on a fabulous show and are so dedicated! You can tell they work very hard and they are very good at what they do!
Thursday night our church had our annual Kossuth Accoustic Cafe. This was our Christmas edition and the fabulous band U-Turn came once again and man oh man. I know I'm Baptist but I wanted to boogie! They are just incredibally talented and I'm so glad they came to sing for us again!
I was pretty excited to see my Bryna, and hang out with her, she's the official Cafe Decorator now and she did an AMAZING job!! And Bergs! I was SO excited to see Bergs and "Little Charity Brooke" that is growing in her tummy. I haven't quite convinced her to name her daughter after me but we have a few months still.
I just love these girls!!!!!
And I really loved the Hot Chocolate with THE WORKS!! And the amazing cookies that Sherry made. Even if I did accidentally eat two of them together like an Oreo. whhoops. Big HUGE Thanks to Java Jo'z for supplying all of the coffee and delicious drinks for us! I am a fan of them anyway, great service, very friendly people, smoothies to DIE for, and super close to my job! But this just made me love them even more! If you live in Lafayette go see them! They are right by Unity on Creasy!
The best part of the night though was this little boy. He's 9 (he looked pretty short for 9 i thought he was 5) and he was the son of band members and he was seriously playing the drums. And.he.was.good. Really good!!! He was so cute I could have just eaten him up!
He was a serious performer though, into his art, and did not love all the pictures we were taking of him. Musicians. We are a special breed. :)
'Omi eating peppermint ice cream with marshmallows. A girl after my own heart! (she is Bryna's daughter) She had 6 cups of Marshmallows. I don't think they were going to get any sleep.
And we also made crafts! Geneva showed Bryna and I how to make these adorable rings! And ok, Bryna had to help me. I really try to craft but let's face it, I struggle! "And where does one buy something like this?" yeah. I struggle.
And lastly, some more of my favorite people! Sweet, Sweet Cara who I have missed so much! She would like you to know that she is standing on her tip toes. Our sweet short little friend! And another of my Bergs and "little Charity Brooke"

What a great night at the Cafe and such a fun Christmas-y Musical Day! YAY!

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