Friday, January 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1. Sweet Mercy. My right arm hurts way more than I thought it would after falling. It's to the point where I whimper a little bit whenever I try to squirt lotion from my dispenser.

2. I am becoming a little bit overwhelmed trying to think about moving this July. Before you ask, I have been in this apt building for 4 1/2 years, yes I moved once over a year ago, up one floor, to get away from a noisy neighbor. Now that my lease is up I'm looking towards a house of some sort, and it's overwhelming me.

3. I have decided that I am done with Winter. After falling in the ice and snow, snow is no longer pretty and it needs to be done with. Unfortunately Winter did not receive that memo as we are getting 5 more inches of snow today. Fab.

4. My hair is finally getting longer, only now it's to the annoying stage and needs thinned out. I don't have time for that so it's froofy. way froofy. I need to invest in some hair clips.

5. I am loving, LOVING my Roku and Hulu Plus! Not to mention Netlifx! I discovered Teen Mom is on Netflix and I watched 4 episodes the other day. Good stuff!

6. Yes I have an unnatural love for cheesy reality television.

7. I'm really struggling with stuff to blog about this week.

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