Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

 New Years eve I was once again privileged to spend with Katie Marie and her family! Originally I was going to babysit so her and the hubs could go out to dinner and then we'd have our movie night but Roberto wasn't feeling well so he stayed in bed and Katie and I had a girls night (with the bubbies) I thought my outfit was cute alo it's really dark in this pic. A blue striped sweater and skinny jeans!
 This year we have a new bubbie to the mix! Ben did great on his first new years and was a great cuddler with me! We had pizza hut, and then watched Made of Honor, one of our fave movies, a reality show on TLC which I just can't even go into. words can't express. seriously. And of course we switched over to Dick Clark's New Year's rockin eve.. This is prolly my fave part of our nye tradition because we make fun of everyone on there, hello lady gaga i'm talking to you! Since we both primarily listen to Christian Music and KLOVE we usually have NO CLUE who these ridiculous people are but it makes for great entertainment!

 By far the funniest thing this year was brought on by a report I saw on CNN earlier that afternoon. I had no clue that once people got to Time Square they went into shutes and were unable to USE THE BATHROOM for the rest of their time there untill midnight. Crazy. Just crazy. Well I had to share that with Katie and much hilarity ensued. Such as Katie's FABULOUS comment about what would happen after the ball dropped "The running of the bladders" oh I laughed and laughed and laughed some more. We were dying. And I will admit that during the 2 hours we watched the show we both went to the bathroom twice. I swear everytime i saw the crowds I just felt like i had to pee. poor poor people..
And don't even get me on Dick Clark. Bless his heart he was as tan as Snooki!

It was super fun and I love that Katie and I can just die laughing over one word or two. The power of a close and long friendship! I look forward to many more New Year's eve's with her!! Happy 2012!!

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