Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I can barely contain my glee and excitement over this!! I FINALLY got my wireless internet set up and was able to hook up and use my Roku for the first time!! Incidentally I am returning my box to Comcrap and cancelling my cable! AMEN, HALLELUJAH, WORD TO YOUR MOTHA!!!!! I am soooo excited to be done with them! So tired of paying their ridiculous prices for pathetic customer service!!

Roku on the other hand.. *faabbbuuullloooussss* and yes, I just sang that. I didn't have time to browse all of their free channels, but I was quite pleased with the fact that now I can listen to Pandora thru my tv! yays!! 

Not gonna lie, I was totally dancing around and singing quite heartily to my NSYNC station as I unhooked my cable box and got my equipment ready to return. I was a very happy girl!!

I have to say, if you hate your cable and want something more cost efficient I would greatly recommend the Roku. I got it for Christmas and have purchased Hulu Plus for 7.99 a month. Which is a HUGE difference from what I was paying before. Tons and TONS of shows are available to watch. There is only a 60 second commercial break which is awesome. For me, I rarely watch tv live, it's usually something that I have DVR'd and watch the following day or days later. So come along and Roku with me!!

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