Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Let me just say how much better I feel knowing that I am not the only person that hates socks, OR that sleeps weird with their blankets folded down! This gives me hope for when I get married that my husband will not think I am certifiable when I fold my blankies down! ha!!

Other than that, this week has pretty much been a bust. Monday we had the day off for MLK day, so I slept in, put away loads of laundry, did the dishes, and went to the Dentist. No Cavities y'all! I ran some other errands and then went to my Monthly apt at my Chiropractor. That's when the day and week took a serious downturn.

I've been having migraines off and on for about two weeks, and had a headache that morning, So I was excited to go and feel better. Instead for some reason, my neck would not move to pop at all. He tried for over a half an hour and nothing. So he had me make an apt for Thursday, telling me I would need it. (they are closed on Weds)

Boy howdy was he right. By Monday night I was in ALOT of pain. Monday night. Tuesday. Wednesday. Pain. Puking.Pounding.Pain.

Finally I make it to my apt today only to get out of my truck and take a face plant into the snow covered parking lot. There is a Cherrybear shaped snow angel decorating his parking lot. Or at least there was this morning. It's snowed quite a bit since then. BUT I digress.

So I'm laying on the snow covered ground, in my pjs, (yes I went in my yoga pants and pj's with my snowboots) with my head sideways looking at the traffic drive by. Thinking. What am I doing on the ground? Is anyone going to notice me here? And CAN THIS DAY GET ANY WORSE??!! It would have been funny if I had not been in so much pain. So I picked myself up, and hobbled to the door and walked in soaking wet, to tell the receptionist, who had missed the entire thing, what had happened.

Thankfully even though that happened, or maybe because it did, and my poor neck went out even more, he was finally able to get my neck to move! Praise God! And I did! The first side popped, and as he was massaging it I started singing Hallelujah. After popping every bone in my entire neck I got to lay on his table for my bones to settle or something like that, while he put a face mask on me and went to his other client. I danged near fell asleep. It was quite comfy. Alas Dr R woke me up, and escorted me out to my truck so I wouldn't fall in the parking lot again. I showed him exactly where I fell, and embarrassingly enough, yes there WAS a Cherybear shaped imprint in the snow. And here you thought I was exaggerating!!

I made it safely home and have been snuggled on my couch ever since. I am looking forward to some human interaction at work tomorrow to say the least! And for this crummy week to be over!


jordy liz said...

ahh i love the chiropractor!

Katie said...

I finally wrote a little bit about my wedding! :)