Friday, February 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1. I am pretty happy with my little blog design re-do. I know it's not super fancy, but after a year of Jordy's FAB design, I was ready for a change!

2. I may even like it so much that I have went to look at my blog, just to look at it, several times now. Sad, I know.

3. After being gone 4 nights this week I crashed tonight and didn't go to the Cafe at church. Truth be told around 7 pm I almost fell asleep. 

4. I painted my toes a bright pink tonight, hoping that it will spur Spring to come. Unfortunately it's still snowing outside and we have a forecast of 7 degrees for tomorrow. fab.

5. I am excited for Spring but I am not excited to see everyone's feet again. See, I have a love hate relationship with feet. Mostly hate. I can't stand to see people with gross long toenails. PEOPLE OF THE WORLD! Your toenails are supposed to be shorter than your toes. Gross.  Cut them and keep them trimmed, so I do not have to see such nastiness. Blech.

6. I don't know where to go after my toe rant.

7. I love netflix. Yes that was weak but I'm really struggling. Off to look at my blog again.

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