Friday, February 17, 2012

7 Quick takes

1. I am So so SO Excited because tonight I am getting my hair done by the one, the only BRYNA! not only do I miss my sweet friend, but I'm excited to get my birthday highlights put in!!

2. I am in love with my pink tulips that are on my desk. so beautiful! I love fresh flowers!

3. Next week I start two new Piano Students! Brings me up to 5 total!

4. A week from now I will be fixin to head home to the farm for my birthday weekend. I really miss home and my family so I am uber excited for this as well.

5. I have been thinking about tanning for my bday, you know to have some color other than pilsbury dough boy white, but I'm afraid of burning! The only thing worse than a pasty white birthday is a bright red birthday!

6. My teeth and jaw have really hurt lately. I think I am clenching/grinding them all day and night.

7. I still have not found a place to live come July. This could be the reason for #6!!


Emily said...

1. Our house is sold and we don't know where we're going to live come APRIL. July is decades away, so stop sweating it. :P

2. Please don't give yourself cancer for your birthday. It's not a very good birthday present.

3. I can't wait for you to go to the farm next weekend so I can finally tp your apartment. Angle Soft, right? ;)

Charity said...

1. Me, not worry about something?! HA!

2. I was thinking possibly a spray tan but I then think of Bride Wars. That's not cute either.

3. No Angel Soft, Quilted Northern is what I prefer. thanks.