Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mid Week Confessions

I may or may not *sometimes* wait to do my dishes until I have 1. No cups left or 2. no bowls left. This may or may not have happened over the past week as well.

I also think of confessions to write all week long, and then when it comes time to write them I totally forget each and every one of them. Old age sucks.

I *stupidly* bought a tanning package at a local tanning company and went tanning twice over the weekend. Until I realized that my back was flame read, and i felt like I had pin pricks all over my entire body.  Again, Stupidly, I had not looked at the medicine I take before, Stupidly, buying this package. Yeah, on a medicine where I'm not supposed to be in excessive sun or tanning beds. Fabulous. Again. STUPID! All because I wanted to be tan for my birthday. sighs.

Last week I went downtown to have my Violin re-strung. I get lost everywhere I go and have no directional sensibility. I was driving around trying to find the building (which had a sign on it smaller than a license plate btw) and was sitting at a stop light when i realized there was a man parked next to me who was trying to get my attention and talk to me. I rolled down my window and still couldn't figure out what he wanted. It wasn't until I had turned that I realized the one way road I *thought* I was one... Really was a two way road and I was in the wrong lane. Whooopsie. I was so embarrassed. But apparently not embarrassed enough to not share it on my blog.


E said...

Totally me with the dishes. Awful. And, may I suggest a spray tan? I've had good and bad experiences, but the good was really wonderful!

Charity said...

Since i can't tan I got my package transferred to a spray tan package but I am scared! namely because of the few weeks i looked like an oompa-loompa in college...