Monday, March 12, 2012

30'th Birthday Partay- The Epic Gift!

We're going to start this post with the cute gift that Emboz gave to me and work our way down to Tyler's Epid Find..

She had this super cute card made with pics of the girls! Adorbs!
I look slightly like a hyena when I laugh
30 Sucks!!!

This is me slightly terrified to open Tyler's present
Getting more terrified by the minute. But liking my pink bow!

I peeked inside of it, like there was an animal about to jump out at me. Slammed it shut, Tyler! That had better NOT be what I think it is!!!!!!
It was. The face says it all. Notice Tyler now laughing like his own Hyena.
I'd like to apologize to the 80 year old Great Grandma who Tyler stole this toilet seat from.
Family. And a toilet seat. If he wasn't my little brother I might have killed him.

 Yes, Tyler bought me a toilet seat. Because in his words "IT'S PINK!!!" It also comes with free installation which Is more than I can say more most!

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