Friday, March 30, 2012

Brain Dump

I like makeup. I buy makeup. Too much of it at times. However I do not really know HOW to put on makeup. This is worsened by the fact that I don't like spending time getting ready. If makeup can't be applied in 5 minutes or less I want no part of it.

I am a sucker for products. I bought Smart Lash from the Derm Store in hopes that it will grow me some eyelashes. I have very sparse lashes and they tend to have falling out issues. Every month and a half it seems like, they start hurting, I rub them, they fall out and I look like I've been thru Chemo or something equally horrific on the eyes. I tried Latisse a year or so ago and it was really expensive, and seemed to give my lashes really thick roots that HURT! So Smart Lash it is. The box says I can see results in 7 days, and full results by 30 so I'm really hoping!

I made the BEST Tomato Pizza the other night! And it's super simple. I got a pizza crust from the grocery store, and the put a light coating of Philadelphia's Cooking Cream cheese on it-Italian Herb. Covered that with a light coating of Italian Blend Cheese, sprinkled some cut up ham on top of that, and the covered the entire top of the pizza with slices of tomatoes. mmmm.... And then sprinkled some more Italian Cheese on top of that, throw in the oven for 10 mins and voila!! 

My Mom makes her own Wheat pizza dough, and then actually grills all of this on their grill. I have no grill, and my bread machine is packed up. :) She also puts onion on, and sprinkles some basil as well. I forgot to buy either so again, yeah.. Anyways It is SO tasty, and I feel like it's pretty healthy too! I put three huge tomatoes on it. In retrospect I should have used Roma tomatoes because the smaller slices are much easier to eat, less mess, and cutting issues. But when I saw those big, beautiful, apple sized tomatoes I just couldn't handle myself.

I didn't clean out or get rid of anything in my apt this week. Apparently the cleaning bug has calmed down for a bit. Still trying to get rid of my bookshelf and old entertainment center. 

Excited for this weekend, Bryna is de-fluffing my hair Friday night. Badly needed, I am resembling Simba yet again. And then Sunday after church Holly and I are meeting for lunch and then watching a movie at my place! I picked the movie and it has the potential to either be really good, or epic egregious. Knowing our taste and our luck it's going to be the latter.

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